SCRABBLE ® cheat


Definitions by Oxford

[kriːm], (Noun)

- the thick white or pale yellow fatty liquid which rises to the top when milk is left to stand and which can be eaten as an accompaniment to desserts or used as a cooking ingredient
(e.g: strawberries and cream)

- a thick liquid or semi-solid cosmetic or medical preparation applied to the skin
(e.g: shaving cream)

- the very best of a group of people or things
(e.g: the paper's readership is the cream of American society)

- a very pale yellow or off-white colour
(e.g: the dress is available in white or cream)

- the cream of the crop

Middle English: from Old French cresme, from a blend of late Latin cramum (probably of Gaulish origin) and ecclesiastical Latin chrisma (see chrism)

[kriːm], (Verb)

- work (two or more ingredients, typically butter and sugar) together to form a creamy paste
(e.g: you cream the butter first and then add the egg yolks)

- rub a cosmetic cream into (the skin)
(e.g: Madge was creaming her face in front of the mirror)

- defeat (someone) heavily in a sporting contest
(e.g: on paper, England should have creamed Scotland)

- (of a person) be sexually aroused to the point of producing sexual secretions.

- the cream of the crop


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