SCRABBLE ® cheat


Definitions by Oxford

[daʃ], (Verb)

- run or travel somewhere in a great hurry
(e.g: I dashed into the garden)

- strike or fling (something) somewhere with great force, especially so as to have a destructive effect; hurl
(e.g: the ship was dashed upon the rocks)


Middle English (in the sense ‘strike forcibly against’): probably symbolic of forceful movement and related to Swedish and Danish daska

[daʃ], (Interjection)

- used to express mild annoyance
(e.g: dash it all, I am in charge)



[daʃ], (Noun)

- an act of running somewhere suddenly and hastily
(e.g: she made a dash for the door)

- a small quantity of a liquid added to something else
(e.g: whisky with a dash of soda)

- a horizontal stroke in writing or printing to mark a pause or break in sense or to represent omitted letters or words.

- impetuous or flamboyant vigour and confidence; panache
(e.g: he has youthful energy, dash, and charisma)



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