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[fɑːst], (Adjective)

- moving or capable of moving at high speed
(e.g: a fast and powerful car)

- (of a clock or watch) showing a time ahead of the correct time
(e.g: I keep my watch fifteen minutes fast)

- firmly fixed or attached
(e.g: he made a rope fast to each corner)

- (of a film) needing only a short exposure
(e.g: a 35-mm colour film which is ten times faster than Kodacolor II)

- (of a dye) not fading in light or when washed
(e.g: the dyes are boiled with the yarn to produce a fast colour)

- engaging in or involving activities characterized by excitement, extravagance, and risk-taking
(e.g: the fast life she led in London)

- (of a person) prone to act in an unacceptably familiar way
(e.g: Mammy said, ‘Stop asking questions, you too damn farse.’)

- fast worker
- pull a fast one

Old English fæst ‘firmly fixed, steadfast’ and fæste ‘firmly’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vast and German fest ‘firm, solid’ and fast ‘almost’. In Middle English the adverb developed the senses ‘strongly, vigorously’ (compare with run hard), and ‘close, immediate’ (just surviving in the archaic fast by; compare with hard by), hence ‘closely, immediately’ and ‘quickly’; the idea of rapid movement was then reflected in adjectival use

[fɑːst], (Adverb)

- at high speed
(e.g: he was driving too fast)

- so as to be hard to move; securely
(e.g: the ship was held fast by the anchor chain)

- so as to be hard to wake
(e.g: they were too fast asleep to reply)

- fast worker
- pull a fast one


[fɑːst], (Verb)

- abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance
(e.g: the ministry instructed people to fast)


Old English fæstan (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vasten and German fasten, also to Old Norse fasta, the source of the noun

[fɑːst], (Noun)

- an act or period of fasting
(e.g: a five-day fast)



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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