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[ɪt], (Pronoun)

- used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified
(e.g: a room with two beds in it)

- used to identify a person
(e.g: it's me)

- used in the normal subject position in statements about time, distance, or weather
(e.g: it's half past five)

- used in the normal subject or object position when a more specific subject or object is given later in the sentence
(e.g: it is impossible to assess the problem)

- used to emphasize a following part of a sentence
(e.g: it is the child who is the victim)

- the situation or circumstances; things in general
(e.g: no one can stay here—it's too dangerous now)

- exactly what is needed or desired
(e.g: they thought they were it)

- sex appeal
(e.g: he's still got ‘it.’)

- denoting a person or thing that is exceptionally fashionable, popular, or successful at a particular time
(e.g: they were Hollywood's It couple)

- (in children's games) the player who has to catch the others.

- that's it
- this is it

Old English hit, neuter of he, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch het

[ɪt], (Noun)

- Italian vermouth
(e.g: he poured a gin and it)


1930s: abbreviation

[ʌɪˈtiː], (Noun)




definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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