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[dʒɔɪnt], (Noun)

- a point at which parts of an artificial structure are joined
(e.g: seal the joint between the roof and the house wall)

- a structure in the human or animal body at which two parts of the skeleton are fitted together
(e.g: she suffers from stiff joints and finds bending difficult)

- an establishment of a specified kind, especially one where people meet for eating, drinking, or entertainment
(e.g: a burger joint)

- a cannabis cigarette
(e.g: he rolled a joint)

- a piece of creative work, especially a musical recording
(e.g: listen to one of his joints nowadays and you don't even need to see the production credit)

- out of joint

Middle English: from Old French, past participle of joindre ‘to join’ (see join)

[dʒɔɪnt], (Adjective)

- shared, held, or made by two or more people together
(e.g: a joint statement)

- out of joint


[dʒɔɪnt], (Verb)

- provide or fasten (something) with joints.

- cut (the body of an animal) into joints for cooking
(e.g: use a sharp knife to joint the bird)

- out of joint


definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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