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[kʌɪnd], (Noun)

- a group of people or things having similar characteristics
(e.g: all kinds of music)

- each of the elements (bread and wine) of the Eucharist
(e.g: communion in both kinds)

- a kind of
- in kind
- kind of
- nothing of the kind
- of a kind
- of its kind
- one of a kind
- one's kind
- someone's kind
- something of the kind
- two of a kind

Old English cynd(e), gecynd(e), of Germanic origin; related to kin. The original sense was ‘nature, the natural order’, also ‘innate character, form, or condition’ (compare with kind); hence ‘a class or race distinguished by innate characteristics’

[kʌɪnd], (Adjective)

- having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature
(e.g: she was a good, kind woman)


Old English gecynde ‘natural, native’; in Middle English the earliest sense is ‘well born or well bred’, whence ‘well disposed by nature, courteous, gentle, benevolent’

definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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