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[ˈnakə], (Noun)

- a person whose business is the disposal of dead or unwanted animals, especially those whose flesh is not fit for human consumption.

- testicles.

- an uncouth or loutish person.


late 16th century (originally denoting a harness-maker, then a slaughterer of horses): possibly from obsolete knack ‘trinket’. The word also had the sense ‘old worn-out horse’ (late 18th century). knacker (sense 2 of the noun) may be from dialect knacker ‘castanet’, from obsolete knack ‘make a sharp abrupt noise’, of imitative origin. It is unclear whether the verb represents a figurative use of ‘slaughter’, from knacker (sense 1 of the noun), or of ‘castrate’, from knacker (sense 2 of the noun)

[ˈnakə], (Verb)

- tire (someone) out
(e.g: this weekend has really knackered me)

- damage (something) severely
(e.g: I knackered my ankle playing on Sunday)



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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