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[lɪv], (Verb)

- remain alive
(e.g: I'll never forget it as long as I live)

- make one's home in a particular place or with a particular person
(e.g: I've lived in the East End all my life)

- as I live and breathe
- live and breathe something
- live and let live
- live dangerously
- live in hope
- live in the past
- live it up
- live one's best life
- live one's own life
- live out of a suitcase
- live rough
- live to fight another day
- live to regret something
- live to tell the tale
- live under a rock
- live with oneself
- long live —!
- where one lives
- you haven't lived!
- you live and learn

Old English libban, lifian, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch leven and German leben, also to life and leave

[lʌɪv], (Adjective)

- not dead or inanimate; living
(e.g: live animals)

- relating to a musical performance given in concert, not on a recording
(e.g: there is traditional live music played most nights)

- (of a wire or device) connected to a source of electric current.

- (of a question or subject) of current or continuing interest and importance
(e.g: the future organization of Europe has become a live issue)

- go live

mid 16th century: shortening of alive

[lʌɪv], (Adverb)

- as or at an actual event or performance
(e.g: the match will be televised live)

- go live


definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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