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[miːn], (Verb)

- intend to convey or refer to (a particular thing); signify
(e.g: I don't know what you mean)

- intend (something) to occur or be the case
(e.g: they mean no harm)

- have as a consequence or result
(e.g: the proposals are likely to mean another hundred closures)

- I mean
- if you know what I mean
- mean to say
- mean well

Old English mænan, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch meenen and German meinen, from an Indo-European root shared by mind

[miːn], (Adjective)

- unwilling to give or share things, especially money; not generous
(e.g: she felt mean not giving a tip)

- unkind, spiteful, or unfair
(e.g: I was mean to them over the festive season)

- (especially of a place) poor in quality and appearance; shabby
(e.g: her home was mean and small)

- very skilful or effective; excellent
(e.g: he's a mean cook)

- no mean —

Old English mæne, shortening of gemǣne, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin communis ‘common’. The original sense was ‘common to two or more people’, later ‘inferior in rank’, leading to mean (sense 3) and a sense ‘ignoble, small-minded’, from which mean (sense 1 and mean sense 2) (which became common in the 19th century) arose

[miːn], (Noun)

- the value obtained by dividing the sum of several quantities by their number; an average
(e.g: acid output was calculated by taking the mean of all three samples)

- a condition, quality, or course of action equally removed from two opposite extremes
(e.g: the measure expresses a mean between saving and splashing out)


Middle English: from Old French meien, from Latin medianus ‘middle’ (see median)

[miːn], (Adjective)

- (of a quantity) calculated as a mean; average
(e.g: participants in the study had a mean age of 35 years)

- equally far from two extremes
(e.g: hope is the mean virtue between despair and presumption)



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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