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[ˈmɒd(ə)rət], (Adjective)

- average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree
(e.g: we walked at a moderate pace)


late Middle English: from Latin moderat- ‘reduced, controlled’, from the verb moderare; related to modest

[ˈmɒd(ə)rət], (Noun)

- a person who holds moderate views, especially in politics
(e.g: an unlikely alliance of radicals and moderates)



[ˈmɒdəreɪt], (Verb)

- make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent
(e.g: I shall not moderate my criticism)

- review (examination papers, results, or candidates) in relation to an agreed standard so as to ensure consistency of marking
(e.g: the dependability of an examining system rests on those who set, moderate, and mark the papers)

- (in academic and ecclesiastical contexts) preside over (a deliberative body) or at (a debate)
(e.g: a panel moderated by a Harvard University law professor)

- monitor (an internet forum or online discussion) for inappropriate or offensive content.

- retard (neutrons) with a moderator
(e.g: the neutrons causing fission are not moderated but react at high energies)



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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