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[ˈnarəʊ], (Adjective)

- of small width in relation to length
(e.g: he made his way down the narrow road)

- limited in extent, amount, or scope
(e.g: they ate a narrow range of foods)

- denoting or relating to a contest that is won or lost by only a very small margin
(e.g: the home team just hung on for a narrow victory)

- denoting a vowel pronounced with the root of the tongue drawn back so as to narrow the pharynx.


Old English nearu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch naar ‘dismal, unpleasant’ and German Narbe ‘scar’. Early senses in English included ‘constricted’ and ‘mean’

[ˈnarəʊ], (Verb)

- become or make less wide
(e.g: the road narrowed and crossed an old bridge)

- become or make more limited in extent or scope
(e.g: the gap between the sexes is narrowing)



[ˈnarəʊ], (Noun)

- a narrow channel connecting two larger areas of water
(e.g: there was a car ferry across the narrows of Loch Long)



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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