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[ˈnjuːtr(ə)l], (Adjective)

- not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial
(e.g: neutral and non-aligned European nations)

- having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features
(e.g: her tone was neutral, devoid of sentiment)

- neither acid nor alkaline; having a pH of about 7
(e.g: a neutral solution)

- having neither a positive nor negative electrical charge
(e.g: live and neutral contacts on plugs)


late Middle English (as a noun): from Latin neutralis ‘of neuter gender’, from Latin neuter (see neuter)

[ˈnjuːtr(ə)l], (Noun)

- an impartial or unbiased state or person
(e.g: Sweden and its fellow neutrals)

- pale grey, cream, or beige
(e.g: classic shades of navy, white, and neutral)

- a disengaged position of gears in which the engine is disconnected from the driven parts
(e.g: she slipped the gear into neutral)

- an electrically neutral point, terminal, conductor, or wire.



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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