SCRABBLE ® cheat


Definitions by Oxford

[ɒf], (Adverb)

- away from the place in question; to or at a distance
(e.g: the man ran off)

- so as to be removed or separated
(e.g: he whipped off his coat)

- starting a journey or race; leaving
(e.g: we're off on holiday tomorrow)

- so as to bring to an end or be discontinued
(e.g: the Christmas party rounded off a hugely successful year)

- (of an electrical appliance or power supply) not functioning or so as to cease to function
(e.g: switch the TV off)

- having access to or possession of material goods or wealth to the extent specified
(e.g: we'd been rather badly off for books)

- (with preceding numeral) denoting a quantity produced at one time.

- off and on

Old English, originally a variant of of (which combined the senses of ‘of’ and ‘off’)

[ɒf], (Preposition)

- moving away and often down from
(e.g: he rolled off the bed)

- situated or leading in a direction away from (a main route or intersection)
(e.g: single wires leading off the main lines)

- so as to be removed or separated from
(e.g: threatening to tear the door off its hinges)

- having a temporary dislike of
(e.g: he's running a temperature and he's off his food)

- off and on


[ɒf], (Adjective)

- characterized by performing or feeling worse than usual; unsatisfactory or inadequate
(e.g: even the greatest athletes have off days)

- (of food) no longer fresh
(e.g: the fish was a bit off)

- located on the side of a vehicle that is normally furthest from the kerb; offside.

- annoying or unfair
(e.g: His boss deducted the money from his pay. That was a bit off)

- unfriendly or hostile
(e.g: there's no one there except the barmaid, and she's a bit off)

- off and on


[ɒf], (Noun)

- the half of the field (as divided lengthways through the pitch) towards which the batsman's feet are pointed when standing to receive the ball.

- the start of a race, journey, or experience
(e.g: now Ian is ready for the off)

- off and on


[ɒf], (Verb)

- leave
(e.g: supposedly loyal workers suddenly upped and offed to the new firms)

- kill; murder
(e.g: I finally snapped and offed the guy)

- off and on


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