SCRABBLE ® cheat


Definitions by Oxford

[rɪˈzəːv], (Verb)

- retain for future use
(e.g: roll out half the dough and reserve the other half)

- arrange for (a room, seat, ticket, etc.) to be kept for the use of a particular person
(e.g: a place was reserved for her in the front row)

- refrain from delivering (a judgement or decision) without due consideration or evidence
(e.g: I'll reserve my views on his ability until he's played again)

- in reserve

Middle English: from Old French reserver, from Latin reservare ‘keep back’, from re- ‘back’ + servare ‘to keep’

[rɪˈzəːv], (Noun)

- a supply of a commodity not needed for immediate use but available if required
(e.g: Australia has major coal, gas, and uranium reserves)

- a body of troops withheld from action to reinforce or protect others, or additional to the regular forces and available in an emergency
(e.g: the men were stationed as a central reserve ready to be transported wherever necessary)

- an extra player who is a possible substitute in a team
(e.g: he was reserve hooker for the World Cup team)

- a place set aside for special use.

- a lack of warmth or openness in manner or expression
(e.g: she smiled and some of her natural reserve melted)

- (in the decoration of ceramics or textiles) an area in which the original material or background colour remains visible.

- in reserve


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