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[siː], (Verb)

- perceive with the eyes; discern visually
(e.g: in the distance she could see the blue sea)

- discern or deduce after reflection or from information; understand
(e.g: I can't see any other way to treat it)

- experience or witness (an event or situation)
(e.g: I shall not live to see it)

- meet (someone one knows) socially or by chance
(e.g: I saw Colin last night)

- escort or conduct (someone) to a specified place
(e.g: don't bother seeing me out)

- ensure
(e.g: Lucy saw to it that everyone got enough to eat)

- (in poker or brag) equal the bet of (an opponent) and require them to reveal their cards in order to determine who has won the hand

- I'll be seeing you
- as I see it
- as far as I can see
- have seen better days
- have seen it all before
- see a man about a dog
- see here!
- see in the New Year
- see one's way to
- see sense
- see someone coming
- see someone damned first
- see someone right
- see something coming
- see the back of
- see you
- seeing that
- we'll see about that

Old English sēon, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zien and German sehen, perhaps from an Indo-European root shared by Latin sequi ‘follow’

[siː], (Noun)

- the place in which a cathedral church stands, identified as the seat of authority of a bishop or archbishop
(e.g: he was elected to fill the vacant see)


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French sed, from Latin sedes ‘seat’, from sedere ‘sit’

definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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