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We have found lemma(root) word of sunk : sink.


[sɪŋk], (Verb)

- go down below the surface of something, especially of a liquid; become submerged
(e.g: he saw the coffin sink below the surface of the waves)

- descend from a higher to a lower position; drop downwards
(e.g: you can relax on the veranda as the sun sinks low)

- gradually decrease or decline in value, amount, quality, or intensity
(e.g: their output sank to a third of the pre-war figure)

- insert beneath a surface
(e.g: rails fixed in place with screws sunk below the surface of the wood)

- rapidly consume (an alcoholic drink)
(e.g: they must have sunk a bit of booze yesterday)

- a sinking feeling
- sink or swim

Old English sincan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zinken and German sinken

[sɪŋk], (Noun)

- a fixed basin with a water supply and outflow pipe
(e.g: I stood at the kitchen sink)

- a pool or marsh in which a river's water disappears by evaporation or percolation

- a place of vice or corruption
(e.g: a sink of unnatural vice, pride, and luxury)


Middle English: from sink

definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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