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Definitions by Oxford

[jɑːd], (Noun)

- a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet (0.9144 metre)
(e.g: a full skirt that took twenty yards of cloth)

- a cylindrical spar, tapering to each end, slung across a ship's mast for a sail to hang from.

- 100 dollars; a 100 dollar bill
(e.g: it cost two hundred up front—one yard for Maurice, one for the girl)

- by the yard

Old English gerd (in yard (sense 2)), of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch gard ‘twig, rod’ and German Gerte

[jɑːd], (Noun)

- a piece of uncultivated ground adjoining a building, typically one enclosed by walls or other buildings
(e.g: tiny houses with the lavatory in the yard)

- an area of land used for a particular purpose or business
(e.g: a builder's yard)

- a house and the land attached.

- (especially among expatriate Jamaicans) home; Jamaica
(e.g: life in Yard is no Caribbean holiday)


Old English geard ‘building, home, region’, from a Germanic base related to Russian gorod ‘town’. Compare with garden and orchard

[jɑːd], (Verb)

- store or transport (wood) in or to a timber yard
(e.g: he is the last logger to be using a sled for yarding logs)

- put (farm animals) into an enclosure
(e.g: sheep should be yarded even in the spring)

- (of moose) gather as a herd for the winter
(e.g: they note changes in the numbers of moose yarding together)



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