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Taking the word world by storm, Wordle! I am a beginner so I got stuck quick and created Wordle Solver to figure out the Wordle. I can solve Wordle in 4 tries by first trying SLATE and then PRIMO and then narrow down the Wordle word from those two. The holy grail of figuring out Wordle in 3 tries constantly is very hard. Millions of users share strategies on Twitter and other social media.

How does Wordle Work

Wordle has only 2500 words currently. So choose obvious words that you know as that is probably the answer. Say the word choices are TEAKS and SKATE. The answer is probably SKATE. Now we are writing AI software to help figure out the best way to win wordle. With a mixture of statistics and math we see the humand mind vs the computer.
The Artifical Intelligence, AI, programs show many words are equally good to start out as the first guess. Luck has a lot to do with it regardless of human or computer.
A linguistics expert is the best human to go up against the computer. You must think like Sherlock Holmes and just as he did crack the code with letter frequency. So we need letter frequency which is easy to get.
So do you attack vowels or consonants? Right now linguistics are attacking common letters to rule out words. Based on the results of your first word you can plan out the best second word to guess. Each letter has a frequency for letter 1 through letter 5 in the word. The letter Y is 20 times more likely to be the last letter, letter 5, than any other spot in the word. The more you study where letters are likely to appear the faster you solve the Wordle. If S is the First letter than the odds go up that a T is the second letter compared to R. The more you think it through and the more knowledge you gain the better you will do.

I am constantly thinking of how to use linguistics to solve the Wordle faster. Some first words are ADIEU and LOUIE and for consonant attackers CRANE and SLATE are popular. I find the second word much more important.
One thing I try not to do is use the same letter in the second word because I want to gain maximum information for my third guess. As I play I will learn more. So far my AI bot solves the word in 4 tries and my linguistic strategy solves the Wordle in 4 attempts as well. The computer is much faster. Definitely try your own strategy and see if you can't best us all!

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