Scrabble Cheat

Binding letters to a position

Binding helps you find a word quicker when you know part of the word. Only words that meet your binding criteria are retrieved. Binding is a two step process. You select the checkbox or checkboxes required and next you enter your letters in the right order needed for binding to work. You can also view an example of binding by clicking the 'solve crossword puzzles' link.

An easy example first. Lets say you want all words that have an 'e' as the second letter. You can have any letters you want, but lets say we have the letters a,b,c,d,e,n,m
Since you are concerned with the second letter you must check the second checkbox. Now you must enter your letters in the textbox and make sure 'e' is the second letter, enter all other letters any way you choose.
aebcdnm - correct
nedbcma - correct
ned*cma - correct, you can use wild cards in the non bound spots
*e**cma - correct again, you can use wild cards in the non bound spots
abcdnme - incorrect as 'e' is not the second letter

Another example, you have the letters AEDUTHJ. Lets say you must fit your word between two words already on the board. You want to fit your word between the word 'bath' and the word 'great'. As it turns out you must use the letter 'b' from bath and the letter 'a' from great. Since b is on the board and not in your hand you can still use it of course. Same with the letter a in great. It turns out bath and great are separated by two squares so 'b' will be our first letter and 'a' will be our fourth. So check the first and fourth checkboxes which tells scrabble cheat we are binding letters to these spots. Now enter your letters into the textbox with 'b' first and 'a' as the fourth. Notice we have two 'a' letters since we have one in our hand and one already on the board we get to use.
BAEADUTHJ - correct
BHAADUTEJ - correct
BAEDAUTHJ - incorrect as D is in the fourth spot not A.
AEDAUTHJB - incorrect as B is not in the first spot.

**If you enter your letters in the wrong position you will not get accurate results.

A current problem exists. Smaller length words will still show without the right letters in the right positions. We will fix this as it is the #1 priority for us.