Free Virus Checkers

Free Virus Checkers - Viruses can destroy your hard drive and cost you weeks in downtime and loss of valuable data.

Our security code shows 1 out of 15 users have no virus checker on their computer. Ouch.
Have you run your virus checker lately? Before you run it be sure to update it so it has the latest files.


Microsoft Security Essentials





What do I run? Well first I downlaoded a unique tool, CCleaner and ran it. CCleaner cleans up your system and deletes junk files and it has never caused me a problem. It does delete cookies and you lose any stored passwords unless you tell CCleaner not to. So make sure you uncheck any boxes/options you don't want CCleaner to do.

2012 Update: I've added Ad-Aware to the list and it did a good job finding viruses. Now that 2012 is here there are new winners and losers. AVG seems to have gotten better so if you have a fast system opt for AVG over Microsoft Security Essentials. But always make sure your virus checker scan emails also. So I would recommend AVG and then once a week run Ad-Aware and Superantispyware. For those that want to know which paid version won best virus checker, Norton won it this year.

2011 review is below:

Then I downloaded Superantispyware and ran it because you can then shut it off and close it. I then downloaded Avira but the free version doesn't check email so I own and will use Zone Alarm until it expires. Then I will choose Microsoft Security Essentials over AVG because people complain AVG slows their computer. If I had a really fast computer I might opt for AVG. Avira is the best virus checker but since it doesn't check email unless you buy the full version I have stopped using it. Remember you can only run ONE virus checker on your system. So get Security Essesentials, Superantispyware and Malwarebytes then Superantispyware and Malwarebytes once a week.

Some people claim you can install Avira with Microsoft Security Essentials. This would be optimal to have both running together. Talk about total protection. I did this on one of my machines and so far has worked perfectly.