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Current stock rotation is stocks with a lot of cash on hand and good earnings.

2-3-2023 - Article slams Jim Cramer
As I was thinking how Cramer said 'It is not where a stock is it is where the stock is going' and most like Matterport (That he said Buy Buy Buy) went into the garbage. But the real problem is not spotting the pivot point which was the FED lying about inflation when inflation was spiraling out of control. You can say they were wrong but I say they were lying. Cramer was also denying inflation and sixe months later he is acting like he never said that. He always said call me I love to talk and when I call I get 'No comment' and he hangs the phone up. This latest article just finishes him off in my opinion and they only list some of the stuff as I could add to the list. I will let the article speak for itself.
Read article here

2-3-2023 - Veru and the FDA
The FDA adcom voted against Veru's drug Sabizabulin by 8 to 5. Even though they were only supposes to consider morbidity they talked about many other issues that the FDA said they were already good with. I can't help but think Pfizer is once again involved in killing a drug off because it could compete with their drug they make 5 billion on. If Sabizabulin passed Veru would probably start making a drug that competed with Pfizers. I have seen to much corruption and this smacks of it. I would have given Veru's Sabizabulin a restricted approval as it had no side effects and if the results were the same as the phase 3 trial then millions of people would be saved. Even more bothersome is the FDA hasn't issued a decision yet after the adcom and I have never seen that. I think the FDA wanted to approve Sabizabulin and was shocked the adcom voted against it. I am not because I know Pfizer has bribed people in the past as this article shows. . This is just my opinion but I stand by it.

2-3-2023 - Door Dash and Prescription drugs
I know a lot of poor people but I call them friends. They are very nice but I noticed they wait in the cold for a bus to the pharmacy. I can see a day when a law is passed allowed companies like Door Dash to deliver prescription drugs that they pick up for the person at the pharmacy. Elderly who have a hard time getting to the pharmacy would definitely use this service.

2-3-2023 - Oil companies huge profit a red flag
When oil companies make huge profits it almost always signals a recession. Oil is used in almost every product and not just gas. With refineries closing it won't matter how much oil is pumped as the refineries are maxed out and can't produce any more oil. More refineries are set to close this year. High priced oil leads to huge inflation which crushes the economy.
Now I saw the movie Deepwater Horizon and I am glad I sold my oil stocks. If I had to buy an oil stock I would find one that never had an accident like this. I can't invest in any company involved in Deepwater Horizon which are BP, Halliburton and Transocean. They killed 11 people so I will never own their stocks.

12-19-2022 - Did they lie to Jim Cramer?
Thinking for hours this morning. I've had a semi change on Jim Cramer. Complex it is. But Cramer was able to get the top analysts on his show. People with a track record so good it put them in the top 1% of analysts. So who wouldn't want to listen to them. Unfortunately they were all wrong except the phd from Wharton. I am sure they will all have the same excuse about inflation, covid, the war in Russia. These experts proved one thing. As Jim's favorite quote, 'They know nothing!' .

12-19-2022 - Don't forget when an economy gets hit with 20% or more loss it is considered 'Damaged'. This means it takes much more time to recover. So this ralley that ended over a week ago will probably be the last ralley for a while. At least after all the reading I've done. The analyst from KPMG who is still bearish and predicting a hard landing has been more accurate than all the others to. I wonder why no one listened to her. They don't believe her data? Because she is femaile? Who cares I say as I will listen to her. She predicts a hard landing. So I stay in cash.

12-16-2022 - This market is now to rough for me. Staying cash for now. Don't see anything worth investing in. Not even Walmart looks good to me.
It is time to let others figure out this market.

10-12-2022 I see women complain a lot about not being listened to, hired, promoted etc... Wow. For me I will listen to anyone. I remember Suze Orman had a show where she would talk about finances and had a funny part where she would tell you if you could afford the item you want to buy. Many times she would say no you can not afford it. So when my mom asked about annuities I remember Suze saying to a caller NO. And I googled and sure enough Suze says no to annuities.
Suze says no to annuities

10-12-2022 The one thing Jim Cramer got right was saying NO to bonds. As interest rates go up people are less willing to buy your bonds so the value goes down. If you hold the bond for the entire time then you will make what the bond says but there are better investments. In the 1970s when interest were high it was probably a good time to buy bonds. I am no professional at bonds and I prefer dividend stocks.

9-26-2022 Sitting in cash. Time to turn lights out as recession comes in. Watching Meta, aka Facebook tumbling as I calculate Jim Cramers average on his stock picks. You would be down 20% if you listened to Jim Cramer. 9/10 analysts on CNBC are down over 20% and some alot more. And the market is still headed down.
Jim Cramer was pumping Facebook when it was $330 and here is pumping as it falls.

9-26-2022 People shorting the stock market made a killing. Now most of the selling is done so a slow drift downward is expected. I am on the sidelines watching having gone all cash except bought some VERU, but only a small amount using RISK money.

9-1-2022 Nathans expression is exactly how I feel on the stock market. Nothing makes sense.


9-1-2022 NVDA is the best time ever now to buy it or it falls more. Energy have moved so much but they could move more if Russia cuts off gas. Liquid natural gas that goes to Europe is in mass demand but Cheniere Energy stock is up huge so that is risky to buy. You really have to know your stocks at this point in time. Rotations come fast and furios.

If I sell my oil stocks I will be mostly in cash.

8-31-2022 I do agree with Cramer on one stock, Costco.
Yes Costco looks good because everyone goes there. I see their parking lot full. I liked Amazon and many people like Walmart. Don't forget in this hard times people will want to save money and Costco is a great company that saves people money. Yes Cramer is probably right in saying buy Costco.

8-30-2022 Still waiting for the FED to start unloading 3 trillion. It must cause the stocks to go lower. Even oil stocks might fall. I can see a 10% and even 30% fall in the stock market. This last ralley was nice and I hope people got out. The best chartist alive just said Septermber will be good and then the market will tank. I think the ralley just happened and big funds will use this strength to sell into September
My risky stock Veru crahsed to $13.99 so I remember selling half my VERU at $24 and now I am buying it back at $13.99. Yes I am buying options again as if the drug fails the stock is basically dead anyways. So a rare time I buy options. And I am only, yes ONLY using my RISK money. Only use money you can afford to lose on VERU. I could have just walked away with a nice profit but I really think VERU will get approved now that FAUCI who only likes vaccines is retiring. VERU has a 4 leaf clover for sure.

8-23-2022 All I can do is wait for the FED to start unloading its 10 trillion in bonds. I don't see how this can be good for the economy. The day for finding the best stocks by searching is over. Now you need to study a stock for a week before you can decide if you can buy it. That just points to the economy going down imo.

8-23-2022 The stock market is falling as investors rush out the door. Freight will drop because of excess inventory. Target and Walmart and Amazon will have it tough because of the supply chain and the ships stuck at sea with winter goods. You can just keep adding more and more problems to the market. The bonds are inverted which is a horrible sign. Inversion means the 2 year bond now pays more than the 5 year and even the 10 year and this signals a recession every time this happens. 8-23-2022 Jim Cramer is probably the worst stock picker that became clear when last November when inflation hit and it became so important to sell almost every stock and go defensive. You have to tell people when you see Jim Cramer bragging he is lying. He had a buy on Coinbase at its all time high of $315 and it fell to $47. Jim Cramer gave 4 REITS and it did not make sense in rising interest rates and three of the four lost big money. Now I find another person tracking Jim Cramer and his conclusion is the same. Jim Cramer's horrible stock picks
John Oliver said thanks for the Jim Cramer story he ran with and roasted him on his show. All I said I wanted was a comment from Jim Cramer. But when John Oliver contacted Jim Cramer he had no comment. The guy with the biggest mouth in history saying how great he is has no comment. So please DO NOT listen to Jim Cramer. If he has an expert on the show Carolyn Boroden feel free to listen to what she says. But please don't even listen to Jim Cramer's stock picks.

8-18-2022 These 2 are out of Bidens control. War in Ukraine which will also keep inflation high. The FED will start shrinking its 9 trillion debt. I don't even want to try to pick stocks in this market. The Buffett Indicator says the market is overvalued.
Aggregate US Market Value: $46.0T
Annualized GDP: $25.0T
Buffett Indicator: $46.0T ÷ $25.0T = 184%
I was in Devon at $50 and sold at $65. When these stable stocks soar that scares me.
I am expecting a poor stock market in September.
Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) is very stable and a nice 6% dividend. But other energy stocks have risen to high which usually spells bad news for the economy. Look at DEVON , Kinder Morgan , Cheniere Energy, Inc. (LNG), EQT Corporation (EQT)

8-18-2022 Jim Cramer said sell Walmart so I bought Walmart and it has gone up 6%. I like Amazon and Target to but they have hit the top bar for now. Target has a great CEO and these companies are defensive. I sold them for now because September should be bad but I know Walmart did good during the last recession. But in the next months I wonder if everything will sell off.

8-8-2022 Jim Cramer got one right yesterday but I was laughing so hard I forgot what it was. He then actually said the market was over valued and to take profits. For once we agree.
Then I saw a Wall Street better put up this funny video.

8-18-2022 I have one stock left I own. It is my risk stock for money I can afford to lose and I put it in a stock I think will soar. Yes I can lose big on this and know it but so far it is looking good. I had all my RISK money in VERU at 12 and in options. Yes I know crazy. Sold much of it at 24 and now because a director sold some stock it fell back to 18. The same exact thing happened to Moderna and it soared later so I am not that worried. I've watched this stock like a hawk. The FDA has to visit sites in Brazil before any approval. But as one smart guy posted that is a good sign because the FDA won't waste resources so this means the FDA is gearing up for approval. I think he makes a great point. So look for approval sometime in September. But this is a very risky stock and anyone in this stock is saying they know this is a risky bet. But like my other post on VERU said the FDA is giving them a wink like they are going to be approved. The range of this stock is 12 to 24 and it is at 18. I want to rebuy after selling and I can either wait for it to fall more and risk it running or buy here at 18. My gut says it will run to 50 if approved and at 18 that would be a good return even though I think it might hit 16 or 15. This is just for Risk money. My main money is in oil/energy, healthcare. The problem is the amount of time you have to put into a stock to really know it is huge like 60 to 100 hours of research sometimes. And you have to watch it everyday. This is a weird stock where I know I can just buy at the price I like and it will either hit 50 or 2. Thus only RISK money you can afford to lose.

8-5-2022 - The Warren Buffet Indicator
Who can you listen to in the stock market. Warren Buffet is one. Warren is 1000x better than Jim Cramer and anyone on CNBC. So a great tool is the Warren Buffet indicator. It shows the market is over valued. So you have to be careful what stocks you buy. This would explain why there are so many people shorting the market. So this market is for pros. Defensive stocks are the ones to research. Coca cola has done good and General Mills and their cereals. This current pivot into tech stocks will be short lived as most professionals think the selling went to far and this is a rebound. But in September and later this year the FED will raise rates and inflation might still be to high and this is where I look at the Warren Buffet indicator. It is scary as you can see we can fall another 50% potentially.
Yes I to am using this rebound in the market to sell my stocks and sit in cash. I don't want to time the market and have the FED unload the 6 trillion US bonds on the market causing a sell off.
I listened to another pro who described what happens to 'damaged' stocks. Stocks that fall more than 20% become damaged and they can take years to recover. The bad news here just keeps piling up and their isn't enough good news to offset it. I still see a recession coming.

As you can see from the Buffed indicator chart.
Warren Buffet Indicator

7-27-2022 We are headed for a recession. This mini bull run will end and oil prices and inflation will lead us into a recession. Is this already priced into the stock market. Does it even matter since I can't see stocks moving higher by much. Dividend stocks in companies with good earnings and low PE and lots of cash to withstand a recession are the stocks I want. Coca Cola and oil stocks like Chevron come to mind.
Reasons for a recession.
1) Oil prices are sky high
2) Russian war.
3) Inflation will last for many months
4) Harder to get a job and salaries will fall.
5) Most of all the Housing crash will hurt many people. Yes housing prices are falling.

7-27-2022 Jim Cramer isn't worth listening to
The experts Jim Cramer has on his show were also wrong. But Jim Cramer keeps lying about his stock picks. He gives horrible advice and I have said since I started tracking him he was wrong last November. Now I found this video proving my words are true. I do like his comment 'A lot of smart people and Jim Cramer.'

All of CNBC is a circus that you avoid. Bloomberg is better to watch. Stock websites that show the current bond rates, yields and news are 1000x better.

7-26-2022 **If you have RISK money** then Veru in the buy zone at $12.75. Veru makes a pill to help Covid patients who are very sick. It is not a vaccine! It was a cancer drug that they happened by chance to find out works against Covid.
I put my risk money into Veru as $12 to $13 is a good risk to reward according to Jeffries.
As Veru is days or a few weeks from hearing from the FDA and nothing has changes. Jeffries still has a $55 price target on Veru. Veru's drug It is a pill not a vaccine.
Jeffries Analyst Predicts FDA Emergency Use Nod For Veru's New COVID-19 Therapy In August.
Sabizabulin was well tolerated with a more favorable safety profile compared to placebo.
Sabizabulin published in the New England Journal of Medicine "addressed most concerns," Jefferies writes.
The analyst sees the data as "further derisking" Veru's COVID opportunity and reiterates a Buy rating on the shares with a $55 price target.
The data likely signals an FDA Emergency Use Authorization in 30 days, Howerton contends.

7-26-2022 I watched Jim Cramer. He said buy Walmart so I shorted it. He said sell 3m so I bought it. Then CNBC had analyts pumping Snap all day with a price target of $26 so I shorted that. So Walmart went down and I made money. Snap went down 40% and I made great money. And 3m went up 10% and I made money. I am thinking of starting a fund called Jimbo where we do the opposite of a what Jim Cramer recommends.

7-15-2022 Veru with stock symbol Veru and price of $15.50 might have a block buster pill on their hands. By sheer luck their cancer drug hits the exact thing lung area that Covid hits and upon trying it out they found it works.
Veru makes sabizabulin which has proven to lower risk of death from Covid by from 45% to 20%. They filed for Emergency Use Authorization and the FDA has already looked at the data and offered advice and said they can file for the EUA. So its been 34 days since Veru filed and anytime in the next three weeks the FDA may approve Veru's sabizabulin drug.
Yes I figured at $12 the stock will either go to the moon or $0. Jeffries has an analyst following Veru and upped his target to $58 and says it could hit $98. So I bought $2000 worth of options set to expire in 2023 so if any delay hits I am safe. If the drug gets approval I win big and if it gets denied than I just lose $2000. The stock will go to $4 if the drug is rejected so why not go with options in this case. This is the one case options work but only use money you can afford to lose. The FDA can issue their notice in the next 30 days so I just got in now in case the FDA decision comes tomorrow. I bought another $1000 in option at $15 after doing more research. They have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Amazing they develop a cancer drug that when they just happened to try it on Covid it worked. People who were about to die from Covid took Veru's sabizabulin and many lived. The committee of experts stopped the phase 3 trial early because of the success. When you see the pressure the FDA is under to find a therapeutic and not just more vaccines you can understand why the FDA's eyes lit up when they say Veru. There are many people who will not take the vaccine and this pill is the one life saver they can take if they get Covid. Let's hope the FDA determines the data really is solid and good and approves Veru's drug.
Veru trial stopped due to success

7-14-2022 ONLY HEALTH stock are worth looking at imo. Cyber security has done ok but being tech stocks scares me. Like Crowd Strike and Palo Alto and Fortinet. Companies need cyber security but can they make a profit in this market?
Even healthcare just like oil stocks has been over loaded with money. UnitedHealth Group Inc is now pretty bought up. I personally sit in cash now.
It is a game of wait for the next rotation.
The economy is bad. Oil prices are sky high. The Russian war. The supply chain problems. Inflation is sky high. So I am in cash right now.

When the FED says rate hikes are over that may be a signal that inflation is under control and the supply chain is back to normal. Then the stock market will ralley but how much? That is what I am waiting for. Until then I expect more down days and selling.

I know Jim Cramer's picks were horrible. Coinbase??? Matterport??? Paypal??? Snowflake??? and many more that were disasters. But the reason I don't like him is because he is a liar. And not just stocks but even cryptos. He said he told people to get out of Ethereum and then I find this.
Jim Cramer the liar
It is useless to post it on youtube as CNBC has an army running around getting all videos deleted from youtube.
I only watch CNBC for the experts they have on that actually contribute great advice. I just put the dvr on pause and when it kicks on in an hour I can shoot through to see if there are any experts on. But CNBC is full of hot air other wise.

------------below are all older posts-----------------

My SAFE stock list. My dividend / Value stock list updated daily. These stocks I own I will post here. I call these my SAFE stocks. I read Barrons, other news channels, and of course Jim Cramer. But in the end I have my own research. This is my money I want in the stock market with little risk of it going down.
****I update this list often
Bought on 10-27-2021 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY) $56.49 for good earnings and good future and 3.39% dividend.
Chevron I already own and will hold until oil prices drop into fifties. Great Dividend.
Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) I already owned and 4% dividend its still good.
Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc. (COKE) I already owned and will keep owning. Great safe stock.
Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU) I own and is run good and many people I know have Prudential products/services.
Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) I have owned and has good dividend and great value
Just bought Intel (INTC) . Institutions are buying it. Great stock to own in inflation period. New cpu is great. Intel is on the comeback trail.
Kinder Morgan, Inc. (KMI) Honeywell International Inc. (HON) I am a buyer again here. Good products and management.
Invesco S&P Global Water ETF (CGW) Added more because of infrastructure bill passing
Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF (PAVE)Added more because of infrastructure bill passing
Bank of America Corporation (BAC) I owned at $40 and an buying more.
American Electric Power Company, Inc. (AEP) good strong dividend stock
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UNH) good strong stock for Covid environment and good dividend
12-6-2021 Added Ameren Corporation (AEE) $85.90. Good inflation stock.
12-8-2021 Ford (F) $19.91 as they are going electric and the Ford 150 electric will be the biggest winner.
12-9-2021 I forgot to post weeks ago here that I bought more Apple. But I posted down below.
12-23-2021 Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) $271 - two blockbuster drugs next year and 7 potential drugs in addition. 12-8-2021 Sold have my Ford (F) and put it into Volkswagen AG (VWAGY) $29.15 to own both car makers.

End of my SAFE stock list

5-25-2022 Target, Amazon, Walmart over bought and have excess inventory. Every company has massively misplayed this supply chain crisis. Biden messed up just as big as Trump if you look at the big picture. Then the FED misplayed because they read Trump and Biden wrong. Companies had their legs cut out from under them. Only oil is doing good. From the strongest economy ever to the worst. 5 trillion dollars wiped out already. I look at Biden and I don't know if he gets it. You won't have any good news until July according to the experts. I know plenty of people who are starting to accumlate some stocks and will buy more in the coming months. I hope the market doesn't keep going down on them. I know they bought NVDA at 192 and its now 161. Every stock Jim Cramer picked is down at least 10% this week. I track him to see much worse he can get. His show is a three ring circus which does have the occasional expert on that is worth listening to.

5-21-2022 CNBC needs to go off the air. It has become a circus. The latest victim is Deere stock they propped up. Cramer loved Deere so I of course watch it to see if its another victim of his horrible calls and yes it is. Bloomberg is more of a stock news channel. The entertainment of watching Cramer ends when he starts costing people half their money and he won't stop. I wonder how many people watched his blurb on Deere and bought in big to lose big. Now he is doing the same with CAT. Oil stocks are the only winners and they can only go so high. Well cyber security like Palo Alto, Fortinet, and Crowdstrike but they can only go so high

5-20-2022 CNBC has hit a new low. Jim Cramer's last 5 stock picks have been horrible. Instead of saying go cash or just own oil or even bet against the stock market he chooses Walmart. I could list all his horrible picks but he pumped Walmart so much it takes the cake. Walmart is down 25. His horrible Paypal, Matterport and on and on. He is entertaining but very dangerous. He has some very good guests on his show but I don't even listen to his stock picks anymore. Plus we are headed for a recession so the market will keep going down especially with oil at $110 a barrel! Chevron, Devon, Pioneer Natural Resources, Diamond and almost any oil stock pays good dividends. Once oil prices fall I just sell the stocks but there is no sign of oil prices going lower into the peak oil season of summer travel. Inflation hell is here. This market is bad. Cash is king.

3-30-2022 Until oil gets under control inflation will roar. I listen to CNBC analysts and do the opposite. Now you can see inflation will outpace consumers. Cramer said get out of Bitcoin yet Bitcoin has held up better than any stock. I look back at my notes when he said buy Paysafe which is down 80% sitting at $3. Yet he keeps running his mouth. CNBC is useless having analysts spell the doom for Apple as it went into the 140's and then turned around and hit $179. You hear on CNBC as they say wait until everyone gives up and then you buy. When that happened weeks ago they all were saying sell. Sure enough that marked the bottom.
The problem now is the economy is staying super weak. It won't take much more to push the stocks back down. All I want to say is oil is still safe but I can see oil going down and the market staying weak. The last weeks were great and I can see people just selling again and sitting. I can't see an end to the supply chain crisis.
Even worse you have to watch the market every day because things are changing that fast. I've never seen a stock market like this. I actually prefer Alibaba(BABA) right now over the usa stocks. Biden, the FED, everyone will blame each other. Bitcoin won't be safe in a downturn either.

3-25-2022 I remember this headline 'Cramer’s lightning round: Buy and hold Alibaba' and now Cramer says its your fault for buying stocks in a communist country. Such a hypocrit and dumbass. Now actually isn't a bad time to use risk money in Alibaba (BABA) because China says it will leave the stock market alone. Every time it hits $110 people buy it knowing it will hit $130 next and then anywhere up to $200. CNBC is just horrible station now and Cramer a total liar.

3-25-2022 Biden needed to keep oil under $100 a barrel. Everyone poured money into the oil stocks so they aren't that good of a buy right now. But it is hard to find better stocks. This is why you are seeing UpStart go up $10 and down $10. The new term is called oil trap. This happened before the Russian war.

3-25-2022 Cleveland Cliffs stock even hit $132 and I sold all of my shares in it today as I've seen this stock nose dive but he can easily go higher. I just don't know how to play it since it has hit my price target of $132.

3-16-2022 Today Jim Cramer goes off calling everyone stupid. He called people to sell their china stocks yesterday when these same China stocks moved higher than any stock market in the history of the world. Talk about the one you should say you can buy these stocks and Cramer says your stupid and sell. Then I see the first caller asks about Qualcomm and Cramer has been saying buy buy buy as this stock goes down down down and he tells the caller everything is fine because in five years you will be happy. Wait isn't this how he went off of Cathy Woods who said the exact same thing. The last 20 stocks Cramer has said buy and the three is gave his super buy to are down 50%. Only oil stocks are up. Do no listen to this guy. I am stopping tracking him now since he has gone so bad.
Only listen to the experts he brings on the show and never to Cramer himself.

3-15-2022 Oil is falling. When the Russian war ends with Ukraine the stocks will pop and then you can sell for a quick profit. But with oil falling it was time to sell oil stocks 2 days ago. Maybe banks and health care are where the money will rotate. But after Trump and Biden and a horrible FED policy and the Russian war the stock market is basically dead.
My bet is Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon will make comebacks. Google and Amazon are splitting their stocks so they should do fine. Apple can't be stopped unless the government files anti trust as they are just that good.

3-9-2022 I think oil for $150 barrel is almost built in. I am selling more Chevron to take profits. I will keep some but I need to take some profits and not get to greedy.

3-8-2022 Oil should pause soon as more small players start to pump as much oil as they can. But there is smuch a huge demand can these small players fill the gap. I bet they can come close because of the amount of money involved.

3-8-2022 CNBC is the worst news channel. They are wrong about everything. I just walked in the door and flipping through saw them bad mouthing the market and saying today would be horrible. Literally as they are saying this, all 6 of them, the market starts to head up. It went from 100 points in the red to over 300 in the black. A 400 point swing. CNBC has the biggest idiots in the world on tv. You can not listen to a single one of them. They are absolutely the worst I have seen. How can these people show their faces on tv after all the bad calls they made. Not just these six women today but the guys to and especially Cramer.

3-7-2022 Horrible leadership from Trump, Biden, the FED and Congress has $150 oil. This can only lead to recession.....

3-3-2022 I told people to sell any stock Cramer recommended. Snowflake is the latest victim dropping 20%. Avoid Cramer at all costs. In fact I went back and examined analysts that did good in the first half of 2021 and also Barrons. All of them have done horrible from June 2021 until now. I will probably end up with all my money in oil stocks like Chevron. Oil has to top sometime but I swear it seems like it will hit 150 a barrel, omg

3-1-2022 CNBC needs to shut down. Cramers last 5 picks were horrible. The 4 analysts they have on the show are horrible and half are still pumping Facebook. It is a pathetic network that knows nothing about stocks. The more I watch the more I cringe now. Cramer had a pick yesterday, GoodRx Holdings, Inc. (GDRX) and he said buy it and I sighed and hoped people did not listen to him. Today Good RX is down 40%. Can he pick any worse stocks? Is it possible? As he likes to say, He knows nothing.

3-1-2022 Sibanye gold miners to strike over pay until wage demands met. So with Russia problems and these guys striking. I just sold my Sibanye Stillwater Limited (SBSW) after 12% gain. It is unreal as where will the palladium come from now? I hope they solve the strike so I can maybe buy it again. How can they not afford to pay the miners more with metals at all time high?

2-28-2022 Might sell some of my oil which I own to much of now and buy Enphase and Generac with the small percentage I sell. Oil is still doing great.

2-24-2022 Big institutions are buying growth stocks as well. The recovery is underway as most inflation is now priced into the stock market.
I bought NVDA, APPLE, Upstart, and there are many strong stocks out there. Make sure you buy ones with earnings and and strong guidance like Apple. Google and Amazon should do good to.

2-21-2022 if Ukraine war breaks out rare earth like Sibanye Stillwater Limited (SBSW) and agri funds CORN and WEAT will do good. Sad but true.

2-21-2022 With war looming in Ukraine its sell tech stocks and buy Chevron. Same old story. Many elements to make chips come from Russia/Ukraine. The ETFs called WEAT and CORN should do good as food prices will spike. Market just keeps getting worse and worse.

2-16-2022 Outside of oil I see nothing but flatness. I did tune into cnbc junk shows this morning to see the usual amount of lying. Stocks they pushed months ago they are saying they warned about. Even their retail expert who said retail was stronger than he had ever seen last year now was in denial. Cramer is doomed after his moronic Paypal call and facebook call. Biden and Congress have to find a way to end the supply chain problems or this year will be bad.
All research has to start over from scratch on all stocks. Oil would be the only exception as it is clear their will be a lack of supply in oil and the dividends in oil stocks are safe.

2-14-2022 The supply chain further hurt by the trucker strike.
Key metric now is the 2 year bond and 2 year bond. As the 2 year bond approaches the 10 year price the FED must take action. If the 10 year rises then the government pays a lot more for its debt. So all these supply chain issues, trucker strikes, Ukraine was threats, etc etc are causing bonds to rise. Biden not getting oil under control. You got oil dividend stocks or cash to choose from. Even Bitcoin went up as people fled to it from other weaker countries with huge inflation. I called Trump a failure for not paying down the debt, closing tax loopholes that he promised to and now Biden is a failure for letting oil get to $100. The biggest economy we ever had has been ruined........

2-11-2022 Only oil is holding up. This market will be flat all year. Hard to believe a super strong economy has come to a grinding halt and crash in just months.
Now Cnbc does it again. I gave up even watching this channel at all. Now some friends are saying it was Cnbc that reported Affirm had another big earnings after the company made a huge blunder and tweeted this before the markets closed. Cnbc doesn't bother to call the company about this tweet to see if its official and let them know about this illegal tweet since the market hasn't closed. Cnbc reported on this so called breaking news and Affirm's stock rose from $60 to $88 in minutes. People were pouring money into this obviously from Cnbc's news alert. Then Affirm takes down the tweet and puts up its earnings early because of this leak. The earnings showed a miss and not a big increase like Cnbc reported. Now the stock sits at $52 and all the millions people poured in up to the $88 mark is all gone. So these people thinking they had the scoop of a lifetime are now down 30% to 50%. And I see Cnbc going on as normal now and no mention of this.
I have monitored Jim Cramers pick for the last 3 months and he picked 3 right and 11 very wrong. Cnbc analysts favorite growth stocks were Paypal and Facebook which are the 2 worst stocks to own with each down over 30%. And now Cnbc failing to verify a source before going live on their channel is just unprofessional and that station is now a three ring circus of clowns.
I went to the stock forums and see many people lost $100,000 or more. Yet Cnbc won't even talk about Affirm or their actions. The lawyers will probably sue Affirm and Cnbc over this.
I still just sit in oil stocks until the FED is done ruining the economy.

2-3-2022 Cramer is turning out to be the worst stock picker of the year. Proof you can and do pick better stocks than the pros. Good old Jim Cramer saying "Buy FB right before 4 PM the day of the earnings" and while a friend told me he said this I believe him. To be fair all of CNBC was pumping Facebook as a great awesome company you should invest in. It was probably the most pumped stock on that channel. It had a low price to book and they went on and on. To bad they weren't pumping Google. Remember pick solid earnings stocks that have strong cash balances on hand. The big leadership stocks. Healthcare should do good this year so companies like MetLife and even Prudential should do good. Real estate should hold up. Use Google and search for 'best inflation stocks' and 'what stocks do good during inflation' and start there. Warren Buffet has his favorite inflation stocks like Coca Cola.

2-2-2022 Lady being interviewed today had a nice idea. All those boats stuck off the ports hold tons of stuff. That stuff will arrive way late and could end up faster at discount stores like Ross, TJ Maxx and Burlington. These type of stores could end up the winners if she is right.

2-2-2022 Big money is stilling sitting out. It will be important to see how today ends. Only 33% chance this ralley continues.

2-3-2022 Google looks great. If this horrible stock market makes Google stock fall I will buy some. The stock split always makes more people buy. But the big one could be that this stock split might allow Google to join Dow Industrials. That will raise the stock price as well.

2-3-2022 If you watch Cramer or CNBC or any stock analyst on tv then spend a week doing proper research yourself. If you see the stock reporting earnings or news hits you should know how to cram your research into 1 day and its alot of work at that speed but I've done it.
Don't waste your time on Paypal. Don't buy it period. This fall was because it missed earnings and as a growth stock that is terrible.
Still 50-50 on the stock market retesting lows. It is a big plus in the market going green for 3 days now. But another selloff could happen just not as probable as it was. Maybe the big money will come back in if they see its safe.
I have no idea why Cramer wasn't saying buy Google and not Paypal.

2-1-2022 We did finish in the green for the 3rd day in a row forming a slight candle. The bottom may be in or another dip which would be the bottom. Anyway we are close to the bottom. People who bought should just hold and save money to buy more after any other dip. I wouldn't be buying anymore right now until the Fed raises rates in March. All the buying came at the end of the day here which is a great sign. I quickly jumped on NVDA, TSM, ASML and did buy some AMD who had great earnings. Most people are working and can't watch the market. Bottom fishing on strong companies that have lost 40% in price. I hope others were able to spot the end of day ralley and jump on board. I will be looking for other good stocks if the economy improves

2-1-2022 To slam Jim Cramer and his balony worthless chatter as well as his lies over the last month. Just yesterday on his investing club he says ''We like PayPal as much for payments as its wider fintech roadmap''.
Now Paypal is down 17% on horrible earnings. Now will Cramer say he warned people on stocks like Paypal.

2-1-2022 Careful. Oil stocks are starting to weaken. But I find it hard to see only dropping below $70 so dividends should be ok in oil.

2-1-2022 Can Intel get these EUV machines in time to catch AMD? Doing more research I see Intel doesn’t expect to ship EUV chips until 2023. I look more at Apple as winning and the ONLY maker of EUV machines ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) as having a lock on the market. Might be a good buy there! And Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSM) has these EUV machines from ASML and this is why I like TSM. They will make 2 nm and 3nm chips when Intel can't. Intel can catch up and their CEO is great but they can't have any mistakes. If Intel does catch up they will make a lot of money.

2-1-2022 3rd day of the bottom and the stock market must end in green or more weakness will come. I think more weakness will come and we will retest a bottom. The inflation and supply chain will make people take profits they made in the last 2 days. Today already looks choppy and makes me write off this rebound. To many companies started putting out only the good data like Sentinelone where looking at it now you see Crowdstrike crushes earnings and Sentinelone is far behind. Crowdstrike and Fortinet and Palo Alto are the leaders and if Sentinelone can't get its earning up it will fall behind. Sentinelone misled on how well they were doing and they didn't get many new customers so I write them off for misleading.
Buy only top earnings companies with big money to buy smaller companies and gain.

1-31-2022 Cyclical stocks will do well up until the first rate hike if history repeats. Experts picks are Disney which should do good but because of Covid who knows. Nucor should do ok making steel for companies. Caterpiller should do good but China is weak. Expdia should do good but Covid holds it down. So why would I want to buy these over Coca Cola which is defensive and pays a dividend? Yes I will buy Coca Cola and watch these cyclicals.
I want Disney but not while Covid is raging. Will these experts be right and big money goes into these stocks? It is amazing how risky the stock market is when you can't recommend Disney but I have no problem with anyone buying it at this price either because Disney is a super strong company.

1-31-2022 Yes Cramer says he only had 4 losers. He is a liar. I bring you today Lam Research Corporation (LRCX) he said buy at $730 and is now at $580. Lam Research fell hard after horrible earnings. Cramer by my count has more losers than winners. If he can't tell the truth I am done even watching his show.

. 1-28-2022 When Chevron hits $135 feel free to sell and take the profits. Everyone is jumping into oil that I feel its saturated even though oil price is going up up up. Then you have to find a better dividend stock.
Already sold my Lucid put as it fell the very next day. I rarely use puts and made 30% but should have had a shorter date to cut costs even more seeing it was short term play on this horrible market.
I watched Cnbc and all the hosts trounce Apple because the stock market is bad and they are doing their job. Pointing out all the bad head winds Apple faces and helping keep Apple stock at $161 until big funds moved in and soared it to $170. Apple was/is the best tech stock and in the 150's I hope everyone bought it.
Cramer still pumping AMD. The problem is AMD is limited by TSM in how many chips it can make. This is why Intel always catches back up to them. This new Intel CEO will find a way. So the winner looks to be Apple who has no competition like this. Intel is getting into Gpu's as well so all gpu makers might see prices slashed and profits.

1-28-2022 Margin wash outs have happened but the usual candle formation I see broke down thanks to the FED's hawkish statements. So we need to see many consecutive days of the market closing in the green. At least for me.

1-28-2022 Buffer is 70 basis points according to analyst on Cnbc. So the bottom could be near if this means the FED now has the fear of God into the markets. Gives the Fed some room to move. First real sign to and end of the selling. That is just one signal. Apple had a super blowout quarter and good guidance the market didn't even care. Not a good sign there. Stick to big stocks with good earnings and dividends.
Cramer is still pounding the table on AMD and NVDA which are both down 30%. He is choosing to go all in and refusing to admit he was wrong.
Also Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSM) is down to $116 and that is not good as they make the chips for AMD and NVDA.

1-25-2022 I am buying a bit ahead of the FED meeting after just getting in touch with the smartest man I know. He thinks the FED put the fear of God into the Big Tech Giants and the FED meeting will be a relief to these stocks. Nvidia, Microsoft, Amazon, and maybe Google and Snowflake. This is because this is the industry I know best. I have no idea about other industries right now. I am still 78% in value dividend stocks. I won't touch Union Pacific Railroad as I keep reading they are getting their train cars robbed while they sit in the station.

1-25-2022 Kimberly-Clark just said inflation is real. Dividend value stocks will remain the best way to preserve my money in inflation. Sitting money in the bank is the same as losing money. With inflation at 7% you need to make 7% on your money just to preserve your current net worth.
With this huge market selloff you might pick up the best of the best. Moderately risky here but not as super risky as weeks ago. Everything depends on what the FED says today. That is why I am waiting for the FED to announce their economy rate plans at 1:30 pm today.
I am calling for Jim Cramer to come clean and stop lying. He needs to explain his Matterport all in call when it was at $30 and now is at $10. I refused to buy Matterport after my research and he won't even talk about it when you call him on the phone directly. He also has to explain he buy calls on AMD and Nvidia when I bought Intel. Both AMD and Nvidia fell over 20% easy since he said buy. Now he said he had 13 winners and 4 losers and this is a lie. He had many more losers and they lost 20% to 70% of their value and his winners only went up 10%.
If the market does bottome the strongest growth stocks will move first. Microsoft, Snowflake maybe, Amazon, Apple. Buy companies with low P/E and yes that means they have to have earnings and be profitable with no debt. This is why I like Intel. The new CEO is great and I like the idea Intel can gear up and fit its own factories to its own specifications for its own chips. Intel is very profitable with no debt and its new cpu's and gpu's are looking very promising. Intel is on the comeback.

1-25-2022 I just noticed a super flat stock, Lucid Group, Inc. (LCID). I bet hedge funds notice this to and short it. The stock is so flat it forms a bad pattern that often leads to a sell off. I actually will put my risky stock in a put on Lucid. NOT a short where your losses are unlimited but a put. Most people don't know how to buy puts and this is where i missed the boat on this last selloff. But Lucid just doesn't look strong at all. I got a put at strike price of $30 on it by June. I never do this but I have seen this chart before and Lucid is facing alot of pressure so a selloff is likely considering the economy is bad. Remember it has no earnings so don't expect institutions to but this stock. There are some good points to Lucid but without earnings I see it stalling out.
This is a very sad indicator of Trump and Biden and the FED when people start making Puts and betting against companies. But I go where I can make the money.

1-14-2022 Humans are better than AI. AI just missed SentinalOne doesn't have the money to compete with Crowd Strike or Palo Alto. Disney can't turn ESPN into a gambling site as it will ruin their image. So you think hard and you find out these stocks have problems. Disney needs to sell ESPN to a gambling company.
Cramer on AMD. Intel is going to come back and AMD will lose share in all reason. TSM which is Taiwan Semi makes the chips for all of them and they will be the winner. Back to the basics and my own thoughts as listening to the experts has proven bad.

1-10-2022 Why don't we just say oil oil oil stocks are the way to go until oil prices drop. Banks like Signature Bank and Bank of America and Morgan Stanley are good. I have a list I am looking over but I won't buy any in this market. I noticed some like Latch are way down but will they ever come back? People keep talking up Matterport but is this the economy where they can make any money? I keep watching Rodu go down as Cnbc experts scream Roku is a buy. We have supply chain problems, covid, inflation, and the FED getting ready to tighten. Be very careful of what you buy. Biden is going to go down as one of the worst presidents since Carter and the reason is because of what Trump did as president. He didn't close the loopholes and had a huge tax cut for businesses that we can't pay for. The FED buying 9 trillion in debt didn't help either. So Biden has made very unwise decisions because of the old 'well the other side spent 5 trillion so I will to'. Very bad for our future. The best economy we ever had is griding to a halt from all these morons. I am stunned. One guy I listened to said he was in cash and that is not a bad idea. Chevron gets you a nice dividend though.

1-10-2022 Intel first mover ready to launch L4 Electric cars in 2024. Very impressive. Intel also making leaps in cpu's to catch AMD. Intel also releasing a full featured GPU to compete with Nvidia.

1-10-2022 Zynga is up 40$ on a buyout from Take Two. But they are guaranteed $8.50 and the stock is right around there. The buyout offer was for $9.86 in cash and stock. Worth looking into. There seems to be no downside if you will get your money back at the worst. And if the price goes up before the buyout you will make money. But they could pull out of the buyout which is unlikely. This is a decent risk to make 10% if the buyout turns out like it should if you buy at the $8.50 mark. If my math is right.

1-7-2022 I just won't buy stores now. Theft is to big nowadays. Amazon wins again. Look at the statements being made like 'Walgreens executives say the drugstore chain is losing about 50% more money due to loss and theft than it did prior to 2020' and I won't touch these stocks. This information makes me avoid the stock altogether.

1-7-2022 Right now I like oil, oil and oil and banks. That is it. Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Signature Bank (SBNY) and Chevron, and maybe Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) and Pioneer Natural Resources Company (PXD) as they are in the Permian basin. Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) is also a big oil producer in the Permian.
Sofi on my research won't do good so the pattern won't hold. It is more of a double top and Cramer was wrong. Cramer pounded the desk saying Salesforce, Wynn, and Matterport and Paysafe. If you listened to him you lost a lot of money. Cramer goes in the trash heap. These stocks are very good but not at this time and he shouldn't have been pushing them.

1-5-2022 How many experts said they love Shopify and its down 250 points this week. It is so clear only the big companies with earnings have a chance in this market.

1-5-2022 For those that like risky stocks, Crown ElectroKinetics Corp. (CRKN) looks interesting. They help make glass green friendly and it is a new technology so very risky. But getting in now could make you alot but invest a small amount is my advice.

1-4-2022 - I tried watching Jim Cramer and more same clap trap. I am in Caterpiller and Ford and they did good. Cramer seems to like all stocks so he can always say he is right. The tech stocks will get hammered when the FED tightens. My safe stock list above should do good this year.

12-30-2021 A lot of small players still talking Roku and now Lucid. Why didn't they buy Tesla in the 800's and skip Lucid. Roku I have no idea on but these people really like it. With more people back on home they probably think Roku will reignite.

12-30-2021 Razer had a good chance to be a real company and the founders are trying to take it private and screw over the shareholders. They will never be a Logitech type company. Shame since they had a chance and blew it because of greed.

12-30-2021 Now you have crooks putting out fake news. This time was Samgsun to buyout Biogen and the stock soars 20%. I've learned to stay the steady course. Now Samsung says the story is a lie and Biogen stock falls 20%. Shame on the news for even reporting this and again I no longer waste much time on Cnbc as they have lost my trust.

12-30-2021 The need to take wise risks is here. I notice Novavas at $153 is trading at the bottom of its range and is about to seek FDA approval for its vaccine which is the best vaccine and all natural and they can make billions of doses. Its a buy at this bottom range here.
And Sofi trades in a range from 14 to 24 and is at the low end of this range. 3 times Sofi has gone from 14 to 24 and back to 14. It truly is well run and a great company that could get a buyout offer at this low price.
These are stocks I am using risk money on. The rest of my money is in safe stocks.

12-30-2021 As I watch this horrible economy roll into 2022 I do see crypto making huge advances. But the economy will hold down crypto as well from just observing patterns. I didn't think the market get get half this bad.

12-30-2021 The economy is grinding to a stall. Money is going to companies who can pass inflation costs on and have earnings. Cnbc, Cramer, all got it wrong and and now deny and just move on. One lady on Cnbc who was calling these analysts out and she was awesome and probably got fired for doing it.
Why don't they just say inflation and the FED will start pulling money out of the market and 2022 will be a horrible year. Yes TSM should be having a great year and and a bright future but big money is rotating into safer stocks with big earnings. And TSM is a great company so imagine what is in store for the smaller companies this next year.
More and more analysts and industry experts are saying go into cash. That to me is unbelievable. You can thank the combination of Trump and Biden for it being this bad. Neither were prepared and Congress has no idea what to do. I don't think 2022 will be good.

12-28-2021 Sorrento analyst sees good chances for Sorrento covid test called Covistix. This detects the Omicron variant and while Sorrento has been accused of lying and driven this stock to $5 this would be a huge deal if they get FDA approval.
Article is here

12-28-2021 Small market pros are betting heavy on Docusign and Roku. I don't know what they see that I don't. Both good stocks but they should stay flat for a while as rotation is going into value. Maybe just because they have sold off so much.

12-28-2021 Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) $148 has rolled over. Should see institutions buying this stock again. It might go softer to $140 which will probably spur even more buying. This is a good risky stock at this price for younger investors.

12-28-2021 Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) is in the buy range. Traders love this stock as they buy here and sell into the 170's. Now Novavax is going to submit to the FDA and this could cause a huge buy. Risky stock but younger investors could make a killing here.

12-28-2021 - Caterpillar is doing great and so is AMD. But AMD has Intel hot on it heels. This has happened before. AMD has a great cpu but a supply shortage out of its control kills it. AMD won't be able to make as many cpu's as it would like. It always comes back to hurt them in the end. AMD is smoking hot right now but it can't get away from the supply crunch where Intel who makes their own cpu's can and does make all they need and they sell them all. Intel has the talent to catch up so AMD is in trouble in the long haul with this high valuation. AMD can't make alot of cpu's and will be forced to lower prices.
So who is the winner. Apple. Apple seems to win even when they aren't in the picture.

12-23-2021 My current stocks I am buying. Caterpillar Inc. (CAT), Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) and Chevron Corporation (CVX) as oil remains high and will sell if oil goes to low 60's.
Every time Apple dips, sells off, I buy more Apple. In the 160's was a great buying chance.

12-23-2021 TuSimple Holdings Inc. (TSP) never go noticed until this week when Cathie Woods bought it. When Rivian and Lucid are making more EV's , electric vehicles, than GM and Ford it is time to sell Ford. Volkswagon is better than Ford for EV as they can make more. Tesla proves why it is #1. I'd rather own the chip makers like On Semi and NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NXPI) and lithium miners like Piedmont Lithium Inc. (PLL) and LAC. But take a look at TSP even though it moved this week.

12-23-2021 Buying the best for this market. Eli Lilly has blockbuster drugs coming and will do fine. With higher oil Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) is the winner like Chevron.
The rest of the stocks I hesitate to buy are AMAT, LRCX, ON, NXPI, TJX, WSM, RH are best of breed but facing a supply chain and inflation. I don't know why people are pushing these over dividend stocks in this bad and slow moving stock market. They brought the strongest economy in 50 years to a grinding halt and they are all blaming each other and Covid.

12-21-2021 The big sell off hasn't stopped. Even Warren Buffet says he can't make sense of this market. Watching the market and if it stays bad people will sit in safe dividend stocks.

12-15-2021 The big sell off has stopped or it is over. People came out to day buying chip makers and of course Apple and other big stocks. People will flock back to Nvidia and Broadcom but others have a good buying opportunity for their favorite stocks, Adobe or Cloudflare. I would say most people will go Microsoft and Google myself. Buy stocks with solid earnings like Proctor and Gamble. Avoid stocks that can't pass on costs. Sometimes you don't know if they can pass on costs. Maybe the car chip makers already have contracts and can't pass on costs.

12-15-2021 Worst CEO of the year has to be Zillow's CEO Rich Barton. Bar non he should be fired

12-14-2021 Apple losing its strength shows how weak the market is. There are so many reasons from profit taking due to tax changes to inflation and interest rate hikes. Everyone is in cash sitting on sidelines waiting for capitulation, the bottom of the selling to get back in. Timing that is just as hard as timing when to sell. I even saw Jim Cramer throw in the towel and say I don't know what to buy. So no buyers means the market slowly sinks until buyers come back. They will come back fast to. Probably the best tech and electric car stocks like Roblox , Tesla, Nvidia, Google, and I still like Ford with F150 lightning being backordered forever.

12-8-2021 Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) is doign good and Piedmont Lithium Inc. (PLL) are great white gold, aka Lithium mining stocks. Barrons rates Piedmont the best but I buy both to diversify. I don't buy the car stocks unless they fall to under valued like Fisker did a couple days ago. But Rivian and Lucid are to high priced. I will stick with Lithium as it is white gold to me. These companies have protesters trying to stop them from polluting the water and they counter saying they are safe and won't pollute. So there is risk but I find it acceptable risk for all that lithium that is going up in price. Then there is Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) who has a process to mine lithium much safer. It is just unproven still and therefore I am watching it like a hawk to see if it works out because Standard Lithium Ltd. will license that technology to everyone if it works. Failure would drive SLI stock to pennies. So I am long just LAC and PLL
I got Ford stock at $19 that I will hold because if they are smart they will make electric F150's at 90% of their plants. Orders show a backlog for years. Ford will sell every F150 lightning as they call them and they also own 12%?? or so of Rivian so yes Ford is looking good to me. Because I would love an electric F150 but to long of a back order.

12-8-2021 SentinelOne missed the experts predictions so it will be in stock jail for a while. Inflation and Covid is going to keep driving stocks down and and like a wavy ocean. Not even inflation stocks are escaping Covid fears. Even stay at home stocks won't go up. So the back to work stocks are going down to. People are just pulling money from the market. Biden stimulus checks did nothing and they have to be paid for just like Trump's debt. You have all this stuff that needs to be paid for on the national debt now and Bidens new bills coming that will further kill the market. This was a very strong market that has been killed off. I see nothing I want to buy today. Nothing. Three of four months at least where inflation will hold everything down.

12-7-2021 SentinelOne, Inc. (S) $49.75 REPORTS after close today so decide fast! Huge drop created buying opportunity here. As with other tech stocks this week. Barrons did not change its price target of $75 so my research shows its dealings with Cloudflare and Z Scaler are great partners. They report today so you must get in by 4 pm today or you miss out on earnings.

12-1-2021 Tweaked my software with inflation variables set to high and I get two good stocks Jim Cramer picked a week ago. I agree these are good stocks for todays Covid inflation and supply chain problems.
UnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UNH) $452 and American Electric Power Company, Inc. (AEP) $81.

People will run into strong stocks like Microsoft and Google and Amazon so these are the stocks I also am buying.
Pros I watch are looking at PUBMATIC (Pubm) , Palo Alto Networks $542, Honeywell International Inc. (HON) $204, Okta, Inc. (OKTA) $210, PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) $187, Universal Display Corporation (OLED) $146.
My personal picks are risky. Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) $10.74 and Razer Inc. (RAZFF) .35 which is rumored to have a new handheld gaming console for XBox games. And Jim Cramer for loves Ford because of the F150 lightning electric pickup and they will sell like wildfire and the Rivian stock they own will cover their pensions so I give Jim a thumbs up on Ford.

11-30-2021 Inflation is here. My take is my software can't work in inflation..Impossible to pick stocks here. People will sell off stocks now to get write offs for taxes and avoid inflation. Major selling will happen when all the pros are picking strong end of year. On Cnbc they yelling at each other, something I have never seen. Even the host was getting angry with them. Inflation is now here! There is no one I know that can pick stocks in this environment. Coca cola would be the first one that comes to mind for anti inflation.

11-24-2021 Barrons picks for the Metaverse, they choose a weird one, Universal Media Group Inc. (UMGP) $1.85 and yes Barrons chooses a penny stock that they think has a chance to do great in the Metaverse.
They also chose a high fashion stock Kering SA (KER.PA) $710 that goes into the Metaverse to sell Gucci bags as NFT's you can redeem for the real thing. Very interesting. Also Farfetch might be doing that and the other high fashion companies.

11-24-2021 American Eagle has the best management in fashion. The TJX Companies, Inc. (TJX) $71 and Ross Stores, Inc. (ROST) $114 and those dollar stores might do good here as inflation hits.

11-24-2021 Inflation is here. Stocks sold off and rotated to the inflation safe stocks. Banks are the first that come to mind. Coca Cola and Chevron come to mind. Simon Property and Prudential also. Companies that can pass on the higher costs are good. That is why real estate is good here.

11-21-2021 stocks showing how high priced they are by the disparity between moving average and the stock price. Any inflation scare can send these stocks into a selloff even for Nvidia whose 50 day moving average is pictured here.
nvda 50 day moving average

11-19-2021 Watching Cramer I agree that every covid scare selloff turns out to be a good time to buy. But buy the best. A big uh oh as Cramer said to sell Snowflake. I made good money off Cramer and I find his sell calls are 90% accurate but his buy calls 50%. So because I respect his sell calling so much I am ditching my Snowflake.

11-19-2021 Gotta sell some Nvidia $229 because once everyone owns it there is nobody left to buy it. I need to have a balanced portfolio and Nvidia has more than doubled in price.

11-19-2021 Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) is a great tech stock getting upgrades today. Game changer if they get into the metaverse with their new memory chips. Good to research this stock.
Rivian is still overheating and this pattern shows up alot. In two days I predict Rivian will selloff if it follows the other superhot stocks when they finally cool off.

11-18-2021 Expedia Group, Inc. (EXPE) is rated buy now after selloff. Good fundamentals.

11-18-2021 Apple and Amazon are strongest right now according to all indicators. iSun, Inc. (ISUN) $8 someone bought millions of shares of this today.

11-18-2021 My AI software says buy Apple. One it just pulled into the database is iSun, Inc. (ISUN) $8 which actually might be a good infrastructure play even though its a small cap. It might do good under Biden.
Lastly it lowered Rivian Automotive, Inc. (RIVN) to a sell. The double top head and shoulders that could form truly is scary if you own this stock. I don't own it but I would sell it here.

11-11-2021 The huge selloff gives a chance to buy Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) $237.
Razer Inc. (RAZFF) .36 is up 12% again as talk about a takeover continues. A great company with great products and the buyout could be and should be around .50 cents. Sell now or see if it goes higher is a tough choice being up 25% already.

11-11-2021 My AI tool pick is PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) $211. I agree after the selloff.

11-11-2021 Doximity, Inc. (DOCS) $73 good buy point with insiders selling.

11-11-2021 I would try to buy these at close of the market around 3:58 or 3:59 if you can as day traders will probably dump their lot before close. Airbnb, Inc. (ABNB) $207 and SentinelOne, Inc. (S) $77. Airbnb is a nice long term stock but imo SentinelOne might fall after this breakout it is on ends and it has earnings release soon. These are not value stocks , but risk growth stocks the AI picked.

11-11-2021 Serious buyer, but will they sell?

11-11-2021 Doximity Lock-up Expiry on November 12, 2021 . That means alot of insiders can sell tomorrow. Will they? They will probably sell right at opening which means the stock should drop and give us a good dip to buy on. Doximity is where the big pharmas buy ads because of all the doctors on the site.

11-11-2021 I am now using AI, Artificial intelligence , to give me tips on stocks that are headed up. Years of work have gone into this and now its time to use it. My testing has shown its predicting stocks 30% better than I am. You probably don't have the programming experience to do the AI yourself or pay someone for a year and spend $100,000. So hopefully mine saves you the time and money and helps you find stocks. I have an AI programmer friend who helps me put the core into it so I saved money to and will use it and share the data with you guys here.

11-11-2021 A stock on the dip is Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd. (BHVN) $123 and could make you 5% or more. Looks like the sell off is over and if it goes up 10% you can sell or hold if you think its Nurtec drug will be a blockbuster.

11-11-2021 Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) should keep selling off as margin calls hit it hard. It had poor guidance and dropped big time where margin calls will come into play here. So around Nov. 16 the stock will be safe to buy. The institutions might come in before that but that is the game. Buying now is fine after the huge drop but I would like to make sure the margin calls are out of the way before I buy as it could drop alot more if there were a lot of people using margin to buy this stock. They will be forced to sell in 3 to 4 days and I am guessing here but I plan to play it safe.
On Nov 16 I will buy as this stock will have a good future.

11-9-2021 Hertz seems like a great buy because insiders are selling during this IPO. You have insiders selling and Hertz itself is buying stock back. So a huge plus and huge con. Never seen this before. Once the insiders are done selling this stock should go up. If you think rental cars will double again. It is like a free gift of 10% off discount to me.

11-9-2021 Had to help my mom yesterday and I missed Roblox, uhg.
Today Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) $93 and Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) $316 are reporting today. The experts I talk to love these 2 and tell me you can take a chance on these with your risk money. I asked them if they are and they said yes!
Risk money only!

11-8-2021 Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) hit low $322 and people now buy it going into earnings tomorrow. I bet many sell right at 3.59 pm est because its a huge momentum stock and they know people will bet big on its earnings and they see this as easy money. They won't even hold to hear the earnings as they just want a quick 4% gain. It works because Upstart is super hot like Peloton once was. Now Peloton is at $50 , wow. Now it is Upstart Holdings time to shine and hopefully they have better management.

11-8-2021 Intel dumped its CEO. People were leaving the company they hated him so much. Now Intel seems to be employee friendly and the cpu engineers are coming back. Now Intel has released a new cpu that is actually good! Their Alder Lake cpu is very fast according to Toms Hardware website. They priced it below AMD's cpu so they will cut into AMD's profits. Intel just had capitulation where a huge number of shares are sold. So we are fairly safe in saying a bottom is hit. I've seen Intel do this before and they will hire the best engineers now and get to 7 nm cpus fast. They are also building more fabs and they are still a profit making machine. A great value stock with their new CEO.

11-8-2021 NVDA has its conference this week. Should be interesting and might help boost its stock.
Nucor could make good money off infrastructure bill at get back to $127.

11-8-2021 AMD is sky high so again you have to think of taking profits. Sell half of AMD to lock in profits and let the rest run. Tesla has also topped out imo. Hard to see Tesla going higher for a while with so much competition coming.

Infrastructure stocks won't make as much money as people think but they will make money. I see people already taking profits on Nucor and Cleveland Cliffs.
I suggest the ETF funds for water Invesco Water Resources ETF (PHO) and Invesco S&P Global Water ETF (CGW) are worth a look.
Nucor was at $127 so I think anything aroun $119 is a buy for Nucor.

11-8-2021 Rivian upped its IPO price to 74 from 57, 8% more. They might up it more. But the play for me is Ford who owns 10% of Rivian and Amazon who owns 20%. They just gained 8% ! So I bought them in after hours.

11-5-2021 I told you imo Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (HTZZW) was the way to go. Up 8% today. Sell if you want to but I think it can hit 22. Another 8%? I think Hertz is back and they will get back on the Nasdaq and these warrants will be worrh even more. At $19 I had to say buy! Management is solid so far.

11-5-2021 Zillow Group, Inc. (Z) $66 , Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) and Teladoc Health, Inc. (TDOC) are worth looking into. I have to research more on them but Zillow has had a huge selloff and if they get new leadership that understands the internet they will rise back up. Lot of ifs with these stocks but worth looking into

11-5-2021 Carnival Corporation & plc (CCL) if you believe Covid will end. Then you want to go crazy risk then I see 2023, yes 2023 options for Carnival to hit $40 priced at just $1.55 and I can see Carnival taking off with the end of covid. It is to late to try Expedia or Airbnb
I just saw 2023 Carnival Corporation & plc (CCL) with a strike price of just $30 for $3 and I am thinking with end of covid these are a great risk bet. I can see Carnival filling its ships up and hitting $60. I only take bets in options I feel real good about and if they fail then that is ok with me. This was to good to pass up seeing travel stock options all going up fast.

11-5-2021 U.S. Global Jets ETF (JETS) is a great play with interconintental travel from country to country back on! This stock could still hit $30 a share.

Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) with its movie deals is a great re-opening play.
Casinos I am buying a few to diversify. But just starter positions. Golden Entertainment, Inc. (GDEN) $51, Boyd Gaming Corporation (BYD) $67, Vail Resorts, Inc. (MTN) $371 , Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (CZR) $107, Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) , Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) $97. With $0 commission trading I can do this.

11-5-2021 I was looking at expedia and AirBnB as the alternative to cruise lines for the reopening. Then saw they were both reporting yesterday. Now today Pfizer comes out with a covid pill. So the immediate rotation to re-opening stocks will probably occur.
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH) $28.50 and aesars Entertainment, Inc. (CZR) $106.54 are the ones that come mind. Retailers like American Eagle and abercrombie and fitch are my favorite retailers. Beauty cosmetic stocks will do good now. People will start going out again.

The first Metaverse stock seems to be named, NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) $310. It has created a system that Facebook will use in its Metaverse. But it is hard to buy at these steep levels. I can see people saying its the Tesla of the Metaverse and will hit 1 trillion. Maybe...I was already in big last month so for me its all profit.

11-5-2021 I still got my eyes on Doximity who sell high priced ads in thier software system to pharmas who spend alot to get doctors attention. Upstart Holdings who use AI to help banks become more efficient in loans and not rely on just the plain FICO score.

11-4-2021 No idea on how Apple will effect Roblox because they can't track people as good now.

Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (HTZZW) is the best way to play Hertz. It is the warrants which is like an option but is actually stock. To me it is better than owning the normal stock. Hertz will list on the Nasdaq soon and that should life the price and they report earnings and seeing Avis did great I think Hertz will do fine.

11-4-2021 Jim Cramer put Zillows CEO Rich Barton on his Wall of Shame for many reasons. But basically called him stupid and wants him fired, ouch. Cramer basically lost it but he is right that Barton needs to be fired. In my opinion he is a liar and his ego is to big and I would fire him.

11-4-2021 Activision announced huge problems at their company right before they are to release Call of Duty and they are delaying other games. I am trying to figure out AppLovin and I also notice Roblox Corporation (RBLX) in the 70's. Sell Activision and buy Roblox but I will wait until tomorrow when Activision releases Call of Duty. I will pick up some Roblox for the Metaverse play. I already own Unity, symbol U

11-4-2021 Cathy Woods bought Twilio and Teledoc and she always causes other people to buy and run the stock up 5%. I wonder if these stocks will fall back after a few weeks. She really finds some unique stocks like PagerDuty, Inc. (PD) and UiPath Inc. (PATH) which I have no idea or comments on. They sound great but will they make money and are they run by good leaders. This is why everyone jumped on Snowflake, great leader. She bought facebook and Velo3D, Inc. (VLD) which is a 3d printing company that has Elon Must as a client. She still likes Zoom video even with every big company like Microsoft gunning for Zoom.

11-1-2021 Jim Cramers annointed list for the rest of the year. I guess this means he is saying these will go up for the next 2 months. ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON) , NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NXPI) , Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) , Ford Motor Company (F) , Chevron Corporation (CVX) , Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) , Meta Platforms, Inc. (FB) , Snowflake Inc. (SNOW) , Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) , NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) , Enphase Energy, Inc. (ENPH) , Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)

Everything is hot right now. Cars and Hi tech chip stocks but many people want to bail right now before the supply shortage ends. I don't know what to tell these people. I will get out when the time says to get out.
Many people see a stock go up 10% and want 20% and if the stock goes up 20% they want 30%. I've watched institutions and traders sell at 10% and just take profits since they invest so much money. There are just a few Tesla's out there the rest of the stocks will come back down. They follow the 50 day moving average for the most part. You have to have a balanced train of thought and look at all the numbers and take your research into account. Everyone I know like Razer mice but what about the other stuff Razer makes. I have no idea if they sell just as good as their mice. But I notice it is not listed on the Nasdaq but an OTC stock so if I compare it to Logitech I see Razer is a nice value worth betting on.
If you take your profits at the right time and don't get greedy you will do fine. I sold half my upstart holdings at 160 and now its 355 but I still make money. Novavax I bought at 280 and it fell to 130 and I bought more. Now it is back to 200 and those that swore and sold are now swearing again for selling. I have made more off the dips in Novavax to cover my losses but I am still holding those losses and if Novavax hits 280 I will break even on my losses with huge profit on the shares I bought at $130.
What is next. Well I noticed Chegg, Inc. (CHGG) at $32 and it was just at $110. So is this a bad stock or just oversold. I do not know this industry.
I notice Avis up big. Avis Budget Group, Inc. (CAR) at $360 but this was due to Hertz going bankrupt. I don't thik Avis can repeat this and yes I didn't even think about this and missed an easy triple here. In fact I could see people buying some options plus the stock since Hertz was in trouble but, yes but that is over now. Hertz is back and should even out the playing field in the auto rental sector. Now they will duke it out and when the supply chain shortage ends so will their profits. Now remember that and read the news and sell when the time says to sell.

I sure was wrong about Twilio. But I still believe this company has a great future helping tech companies move into the future. As anyone who bought at the low on this huge dip is gladly smiling proving this company is far from done.
Novavax has moved up from 135 to 155 and soon I believe 200. So this should offset Twilio but I expect Twilio to rebound and I end up big.

11-1-2021 I've watched American Eagle AEO go from 25 to 33 so many times. Will it do it again. I think it might. Options traders have made a killing in this stock doing this trade over and over again. I can't believe it is back at 25. I will buy options this time even though it is high risk. I can't believe I can get 2024 calls at the target price of 40 for $2.50. This is a pure bet based on my research and quality of American Eagle. The stock is better for investors here but for crazy option traders this is a great bet for 2024 at this price.

11-1-2021 Yes I sold half my Razor stock since it popped 12%. In this market everything seems to go up and down so I took half the stock as profit and will let the other half run.

11-1-2021 People that want to play 3d stocks and don't have time to do the research can buy The 3D Printing ETF (PRNT) $38.41 . I think this is a good fund. It owns the top 3D companies so the risk is spread out.

11-1-2021 Microvast Holdings, Inc. (MVST) $9 and Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) $12 are hot new lithium stocks that are small and their technology proves out will make them soar.

11-1-2021 Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI) $79.50 may be a buy with Call of Duty releasing a new version in days.

11-1-2021 ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON) up 12% at $55. I own it and now I am looking at Axcelis Technologies, Inc. (ACLS) at $56.61 going into next weeks earnings. But this stock is already up a lot for the month. Car manufacturers need their tech so I figure good shot they hit 60 or 64 and then I can sell. The momentum is there to buy for a short term trade. Everyone is figuring their earnings will be similar to ON Semi and it reports on the 3rd in two days. ACLS is for traders only as its risky.

11-1-2021 Hertz was a great buy. Tesla deal has really made it a contender again. Hertz should list in Nasdaq soon further helping it. No use chasing it now since it rose so much. The new management team seems very smart. Making a deal with Tesla and now maybe a deal with Uber. Hertz will be great again if cars stay hot.

10-31-2021 The Metaverse! Facebook wants to be a major player. A whole new world will open up with the Metaverse. Facebook is a value stock at these levels but I don't know who will show the creativity to take the lead in the Metaverse. Facebook is a good bet and I still own my shares from last year.

10-31-2021 Cramer is all over the place. He likes Etsy still and I like oil stocks. He does like Devon and Diamondback Energy and I like Chevron. So when Cramer said Chevron we both agreed. These little stocks can tank fast when oil prices drop so you have to watch the news every day and be ready to bail.

10-27-2021 Bought Razer Inc. (RAZFF) at 0.2387 because I use their products and I feel this stock is under valued and not noticed and has a good future. They remind me of a young Logitech. It is risky so I used my risk money.

10-27-2021 Bought more Sunrun Inc. (RUN) $54 as a top ranked solar stock that Biden really likes. I see people buying

10-27-2021 When you are scared to buy that is the best time to say do I like this stock. If your research backs up your liking the stock that usually is a good time to buy. I bought Twilio Inc. (TWLO) $355 which reports today as I just noticed so tomorrow the price will be way up or way down. And I bought Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) $320 as the best AI of the year in helping banks lower loan costs. Why now. The moving average is coming down to the point I like to buy at which is right on the moving average. This is the sweet spot that money managers buy at. They watch these stocks and buy them at these key points as do I. I also really like these businesses and I use them. Here is the picture of the 50 day moving averages.
Scrabble cheat pick based on moving average for Twilio and Upstart

Yes I sold 70% of my Microsoft, Google and AMD as they have risen so much and I just don't like this economy. The moving average on these stocks scare me.

10-25-2021 Probably time to sell a chunk of Tesla if you haven't. This spike and quick sell back down tells me the interest is over. Great profit made.
Now Microsoft and AMD are firing on all cylinders to. Microsoft is stealing users from IBM, Google, Amazon, everyone it seems. I am glad I sold IBM that the experts who charge $500 a month said buy buy buy when I said no way and switched to Microsoft and I am happy today. AMD is just better than Intel right now. I don't see Intel with an answer.

10-24-2021 I watch Upstart Holdings go up 30 and then fall and go up 30 and fall. I guess people are waiting on earnings. But I love the fact they may replace Fica scores with younger people and are going into the auto sector to help banks make loans for autos. This has to be another leg up and I can't wait to see their earnings. This game is Upstarts to lose. If they are run good they may be like zoom and hit 600 and cause a frenzy.

10-10-2021 Tesla nearing $1000 wow and Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (HTZZW) warrants and the regular stock Hertz Global Holdings, Inc. (HTZZ) up 12% !
This is pure Peter Lynch. Buying the stocks you like. Tesla is a software company and they are the best. Hertz is out of bankruptcy and renting cars in a very hot market. The experts had it all wrong.

10-10-2021 (Safe stocks) I don't like much at these high prices. Every good news in already built into the price. Covid and the supply chain shortage still exist. Maybe the railroads like Union Pacific will be the first to profit by this but they are at an all time high. I'm more happy with value and dividend stocks more and more. 60% of my portfolio is heading towards dividend stocks.
These were my old posts on dividend stocks. Most are probably Reits
They are very safe compared to growth stocks.
This was in Setember. This old post of mine had these stocks so I will mark them again. Good dividend stocks that Barons gives buy ratings to. I believe they pay over 7% dividend but they have 0 growth. Safe stock compared to growth stocks out there and will hedge inflation that is running 3% to 4%. NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. (NREF) and Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) and AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) and Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) and Kimco Realty Corporation (KIM) and STORE Capital Corporation (STOR)
Here are the ones Cramer likes. American Tower Corporation (REIT) (AMT) $293.75 , Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT) (CCI) $188.54 , Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) $131.36 , Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. (SKT) $17.50 , Prologis, Inc. (PLD) $13.20 , Equinix, Inc. (REIT) (EQIX) $872.57 , Ventas, Inc. (VTR) $57.55 , Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR) $235.50 , Iron Mountain Incorporated (IRM) $45 , Starwood Property Trust, Inc. (STWD) $24.91
Now you can view charts and maybe find a few you like.

If Nvidia does it right all these car companies will be at their mercy to help them catch up to Tesla if they even can. Tesla already has tons of data and the only big question left is does Tesla camera system perform as good or better as Lidar technology.

10-21-2021 (Safe dividend value stock) Cramer likes Unilever PLC (UL) with 3.85 dividend.
Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU) is another of my favorites.
I sold Verizon and bought Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU)

10-20-2121 Car full autonomy the play is NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) $226. Yes Nvidia supplies the system to Toyota and others for self driving!
10-20-2121 Morgan Stanley like self driving trucks and they go with a new company, TuSimple. TuSimple Holdings Inc. (TSP) $36.44
Morgan Stanley says a second demo run of TuSimple Holdings' (NASDAQ:TSP) autonomous truck demonstrated tangible progress the company has made in the last 18 months. The firm thinks the management team and the technology appear confident and ready for the Driver Out test. Looking ahead, analyst Ravi Shanker and team see positive catalysts in the near term, including Q3 results which should present another opportunity to measure TSP’s progress, the Driver Out test which remains on track for the end of this year and (3) resolution of the CFIUS process which is expected to occur before the Q3 earnings call. Morgan Stanley keeps an Overweight rating on TuSimple (TSP) and price target of $75.

I have to agree with Cramer. Nvidia and AMD are probably the two best chip stocks. But TSM , Taiwan Semi is awesome.

10-20-2021 Barrons likes Hertz and especially the warrants, HTZZW symbol and they don't expire for 30 years.
Selling IBM which just fell flat proving their tech needs work. Buying Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) which is cruising along and the most solid value tech stock I see.
I don't want to chase Tesla here even though it nailed earnings. Tesla still priced to hit $1000 to $1200. But this is so expensive that if the other car companies get their act together they will steal market share. Why not buy lithium stocks, or car rentals like Hertz warrants that give a good price and car rental is hot right now.

10-20-2021 (Risky) Pins buyout offer of $70. If they agree a quick profit can be made but if they reject the offer what will the stock do...Paypal offers $70.

10-20-2021 (High Risk) Boom Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) gets crushed as usual. $133 but their screw ups always happen. Being the only pure natural Covid Vaccine it will be a winner if they can solve manufacturing issues. I bought Novavax but option trades can get some very cheap, almost 50% off very good striks prices. I was waiting for this to happen as I made huge money the last time Novavax collapsed like this. Good news will pop it back to 180 to 220. Decent risk for the people with risk money.

10-20-2021 ASML shows huge weakness which can't be good for the car sector or chip sector. It means shortages from what was expected and hoped for. This is not good for any tech stock.

10-18-2021 Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (ADMP) $1.31 got drug approval for its opioid overdose treatment that received FDA approval today. This is great news for a very small company. I am shocked the stock didn't move that much. I think there is a big market for this drug seeing how many people are on opioids. I smack a buy on it.

I am also buying ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) $784.24 as it is the only maker of machines all tech fabs/manufacturers need.

10-18-2021 Over weekend I see 50% say market downturn this week and 50% once again say the market will do ok. Nobody is saying the market will skyrocket. Only the best stocks will win and oil is still winning. But I assume if I buy now oil will get a glut from new pumping oil fields and drop. It always happens. So I hope these people can ride it to the top and know when to sell before oil falls.

10-14-2021 This is a tough one to report. Brian Goldner, CEO of Hasbro, passed away. Watching Jim Cramer who knew him called him a great guy and one of the best CEO's. I saw this on tv yesterday but it was to hard to write about. A great man

10-14-2021 yes, these are risky stocks. Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) $350 and Doximity, Inc. (DOCS) $79.25 they all knocked and they keep coming back and going higher. Now these are very high and you are chasing them if you buy them now.
I am now looking at SoFi Technologies, Inc. (SOFI) $19.25 and Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) $9.61 as the new guys coming to shake up the industry. And Paypal and Square are still shaking up the banking sector.

10-14-2021 I agree finally with Jim Cramer. AVOID restaurant stocks, Hospitality stocks, retail stocks, and healthcare stocks as they are having trouble finding employees and the salaries are also going up which is great for employees and bad for stock prices. For example think of two favorites in the last month that are now horrible buys, Fed Ex and John Deere as they are both hit with employee problems

10-14-2021 Medium Safe stocks. Jim Cramer who changes like the wind on stock picks agrees with me. I already made my choices but here are Jim's picks. Salesforce, Paychex, UiPath, Costco, Williams Sonoma, Intuit, Star Bucks, Chipotle, Cintas. I think I would take Apple, Google, and Facebook over these but I also hate this stock market due to all the unforseen and unknowns in the supply chain breakdown.

10-14-2021 Risky stocks. Every pro I watched has been wrong. They are all full of hot air and they trashed the semi stocks. Now look ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) is moving up 5% to $768 and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSM) to $114. This is why I don't listen to them. So NVDA and AMD should still be on track as well. And probably Square, Inc. (SQ) $247 and PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) $260.50

10-13-2021 A pretty safe stock. Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (DLR) is on a dip and a nice safer high yielding stock. They own buildings, specifically data centers where companies put their servers and routers and other equipment in. So I assume they will be in demand and on this dip its a good entry point maybe. Have a look.
Cramer likes AMD and NVDA here and says oil will top out so maybe Chevron will be ok and start taking some profits on other oil stocks.
Cramer may be right Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) which is around $9.30 here. It is a risky stock but if they succeed they will do good as Lithium is need for electric cars and trucks.

Cramer said if his growth stocks were up at 11 pm today its the all clear to buy them. Lets see if he proves right.

Don't forget the good dividend stocks I listed down below, about 10 of them I posted on 9-17-2021

10-11-2021 All I like right now is Upstart Holdings, Doximity, Unity, and the others I call best in class. For example, the Lithium stocks that electric car batteries need so bad. Chevron is a great value/dividend safe stock! I worry that the energy stocks are going to top out soon. But for now they keep going up. I should have owned more Chevron, Devon, and Occidental Petroleum. But I fear I am chasing now so I pass on buying. If you like gambling stocks go with Caesars as they have nothing to do with China. Solar stocks Sunrun and First Solar will do good if Bidens bill passes. LITHIUM AMERS CORP is a nice lithium stock and below I list the others I own. I still have my risky stocks INTELLIA THERAPEUTICS and Novavax as they seem to do good even in down markets. Novavax can be the first natural covid vaccine if they can actually figure out how to make it because their partner was having trouble with quality control. But this vaccine is the safest and would be my preferred choice for covic booster and that is why I like it. These are the stocks I want to own right now and I will rotate fast when another sector heats up. It is all about rotating as fast as you can when the market shifts.

10-5-2021 You have congress coming to a deal for temporary budget and Russia setting up oil deal with Europe. They still have to solve the supply chain shortage brough about by covid and some bad policies by Biden. But Biden never cared about stocks.
I want to own the best stocks and Congress finally seems serious about solving these issues. In just 24 hours how it all changed.
This is why I can trade and stay up all night and buy in pre market but I am just spreading my money out in the best stocks I know. From the CEO to my research to the analysts I follow and I even take into account Jim Cramer. My stock list will be different from yours as we all know great stocks. I am just going to spend 50% of my money and buy and sit and next year I will adjust. Or when the Fed actually raises interest rates I will sell. Tapering is not raising interest rates as it just means the Fed is buying less bonds every month.
Disney, Hasbro, Google , IBM , Salesforce, Microsfot, Snowflake, Qualcomm, Lithium Americas( LAC ) , Biohaven Pharmaceutical, On Semiconductor, Upstart Holdings, Doximity, Unity Software, Nvidia, Livent Corporation ( LTHM )
I plan to buy Novavax to as it has dropped so much buy I am weary about it. They have a good shot with the booster as they are a natural vaccine just like the flu shot. I know I will want Novavax booster and that makes me want the stock.
Sitting here I think Apple and Twilio will still be winners in the coming years as well.
10-5-2021 Big chinese company that could collapse. The FED is going to raide interest rates soon and they hold a sword to our necks. And margin money is at an all time high in that people are borrowing money to put into stocks and Bitcoin. So it won't take much to cause a crash. Huge trade deficit, huge national debt, and who gets hurt the most if the Fed raises interest rates? The USA government. As Jim Cramer said Biden can't do anything right.
So my hunch was right. Energy stocks and banks will go up and everything else will go sideways or fall. It is sad because the economy was so strong. And Biden giving out money to keep people from working has caused a shortage or truck drivers and workers in general which is causing a horrible supply shortage.
So yes this supply shortage is what has me sitting out for sure. Biden has to give tax breaks to workers! That is what will motivate people back to work. Pure and simple money in tax breaks and credits. You could give people who make under $30,000 a year a free tollbooth pass etc. Paying people money makes companies raise prices because they have to pay the employees more. This is how Biden gets the minimum wage raised? No this is not good. They should raise the minimum wage for workers and not do this giveaway as now this supply shortage could cause the dreaded , gulp, Stagflation !!

10-4-2021 3 strikes and I am out. Congress also fails to pass infrastructure bill. China going crazy attacking their businesses and the 300 billion realty company might go under. Inflation and stagflation coming to take a chunk out of our wallets. Three times I've tried this market and it just keeps getting worse. Horrible government policies. This is just not a market I want to bet in. Time to give up and take my cash and go. Odds have grown so high for a market sell off.

9-29-2021 Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) $201.20 dropped from 260 and will be the best Covid vaccine if they can get manufacturing done and approved in the coming months. Now is a good time to get into Novavax if you have risk money. This stock can double or alot more if they get approved which looks likely.

9-29-2021 I also forgot to add Twilio Inc. (TWLO) $314.81 and Unity Software Inc. (U) $126 which is big in the metaverse. I love Upstart Holdings and Cramer loves and found it to.
I want to only own the best of the best right now. Cramer actually nailed some great stocks. I feel he left out a few. First I am letting Facebook sell off as much as it can but I how much more will it sell off at $340. And he left of, inc. (CRM) which is a good buy on dip at $270.73. Cramer left out Dollar Tree which already ran so thanks for screwing us on that on Jim. But I want to add some more you can buy right now. Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) $9.08 and Doximity, Inc. (DOCS) $84.40 and Zillow Group, Inc. (Z) $87.50 and Redfin Corporation (RDFN) $50.40.
First Solar, FSLR 93.63 and Sunrun Inc. (RUN) $42 if the infrastructure bill passes.
If the FED hikes rates then even the best stocks will sell off so buy a starter position and have cash ready for dips. If your going to hold for 5 years feel free to buy your best stocks and just don't use margin.
Let me add Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL) to my list to.

9-28-2021 Cramers best growth stock picks. Affirm Holdings, Inc. (AFRM) $117 , Asana, Inc. (ASAN) $104 , Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) $316 , InMode Ltd. (INMD) $155

Yes I am selling in pre market. That is how much I think this market will fall. Bank of America and other bank stocks will love this. Bank of America Corporation (BAC) $43.30

9-24-2021 With congress playing games I will sit it out hold gold stocks, oil stocks like Diamondback Energy, Inc. (FANG) , Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) , Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) and Pioneer Natural Resources Company (PXD) as the rotation into oil looks real. Watching the news and reacting to these idiots who might shut down our economy.

9-23-2021 SunFun and First Solar up 5%.

My risk play of this year is Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) .1465 cents. I would say a FDA decsion is do any day. It has 2 billion shares outstanding but if their two drugs get approval from the FDA the stock price could hit $2 or $3. The drugs are zysami and aviptdadil and its super yes SUPER risky so only use your *risk* money here. They are partnered with NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NRXP) $10 so you can split your money between the two but the patent is with Relief but NRx has alot going for it in terms of research. And you can see a video Dr. Joey did on it even, wow,
Again if you don't have risk money that you can afford to lose to plays these 2 stocks.

It feels like everyone is still in high growth stocks while the stock market is in ralley mode. People don't even care about the infrasture bill when the other day you got a big dip on Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (CLF) at $19 and now its at $21 already in just days. Nucor Corporation (NUE) is up to $100.50 so people are buying the top infrastructure stocks waiting for the Congressional vote on the 28th, 5 days from now.

9-23-2021 American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO) bounces alot and is down. $28 and will have a goo chance to get into the 30's again. I like it.

(SAFER) 9-23-2021 Biden bill will be good for the funds PAVE and CGW , PHO , FIW and those wanting to buy best infrastructure think Vulcan Materials Company (VMC) $179.87 and Deere & Company (DE) $351 and Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) $197 and Carrier Global Corporation (CARR) $54 and Cummins Inc. (CMI) $228. You probably will think of more good infrastructure stocks on your own. Ok I will add a few more, solar stocks fund Invesco Solar ETF (TAN) $83 and Sunrun Inc. (RUN) $45 and First Solar, Inc. (FSLR) $93.80 and CSX Corporation (CSX) $30 Union Pacific Corporation (UNP) $202

I also like the shipping container stocks ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (ZIM) $59 and Danaos Corporation (DAC) $81 and Navios Maritime Partners L.P. (NMM) $29. They make money just sitting in the ports that are backlogged. I like that.

(SAFER) 9-23-2021 I like Johnson Controls International plc (JCI) $74.35 for growth and divident and safety. But Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) $504.88 is better. I own them both.

9-23-2021 No one ever mentions Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (ISRG) $1044 which seems to just go up and up.

9-23-2021 Cramer mentions a new company with a new way to mine Lithium and its stock surges yet again. Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) $8.11 and he notes it is very risky.

9-22-2021 Cramer likes International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) $134.64 and its not a bad cloud turn around play. He also likes Unity Software Inc. (U) as do I for this new metaverse which Facebook, Inc. (FB) $345 is trying to break into as well. All these are good stocks to own.

9-22-2021 Zillow Group, Inc. (Z) $95. Zillows stock has fallen big. This company is positioned great for the future. Everything is going online and their website will get more and more users. People go to Zillow to just check out houses for fun. They should be able to capitalize in many ways. The 3d models and videos will have people buying houses online without even seeing the house in person. This stock has fallen so much its now one I am buying. I suspect options traders will buy the 2023 options super cheap with their risk money.

(SAFER) 9-22-2021 3M Company (MMM) $180.33 is down and nice dividend. Good time to look at this safe stock.

9-21-2021 This market is good for risk takers and people buying good solid stocks. The people in the middle that will be left holding the bag. Upstart Holdings bounced back like Doximity but will it hold or will the market start a second wave of selling. Me, I am waiting to see what the FED says tomorrow.

9-21-2021 Cramers picks
Adobe Inc. (ADBE) $622 , DoorDash, Inc. (DASH) $221.24 , Uber Technologies, Inc. (UBER) $44.30 , Airbnb, Inc. (ABNB) $168.60

9-20-2021 I'm pretty much in gold stocks only now. Waiting the inflation selloff out. Safest play as of today is to be in cash or gold.

Jim Cramer still hates stocks and the stock environment.

Again I have sold all my stocks as the market looks to be heading for a selloff. Below I post what inflation plays I am considering this week. Gold is tops.

9-17-2021 Jim Cramer likes REITs to. They are good inflation hedge.
American Tower Corporation (REIT) (AMT) $293.75 , Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT) (CCI) $188.54 , Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) $131.36 , Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. (SKT) $17.50 , Prologis, Inc. (PLD) $13.20 , Equinix, Inc. (REIT) (EQIX) $872.57 , Ventas, Inc. (VTR) $57.55 , Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR) $235.50 , Iron Mountain Incorporated (IRM) $45 , Starwood Property Trust, Inc. (STWD) $24.91

9-15-2021 (SAFE stock) Invesco S&P MidCap Low Volatility ETF (XMLV) $53.90 which I plan to buy once this market volatility ends. This next week is notorious for being the worst week of the year so why buy now....

9-15-2021 I also think the global container ships will make money still. EuroDry Ltd. (EDRY) $32.21 , Danaos Corporation (DAC) $83.14, and Globus Maritime Limited (GLBS) $3.07. EuroDry seems to be doing the best.

September 16 2021
Biden bill helps PHO FIW PAVE CGW . Waiting for them to vote on infrastructure bill

9-15-2021 Victoria Gold Corp. (VITFF) $12.96 is now $13.25. That is why I buy 3 gold stocks and Victoria is my risky gold stock.
I am looking for safe stocks and I tend you look at ETF which are funds that hold many stocks in one basket so it cuts down on risk. 9-14-2021 Any good gold stock. Barrick Gold Corporation (GOLD) $19.71 is the best gold stock. Victoria Gold Corp. (VITFF) $12.96 as a small buyout chance plus they struck some new mines. Jim Cramer also likes Agnico Eagle Mines Limited (AEM) $56.27.
I am reading that real estate is good investment during inflation as well.
Quoted from Bank of America analyst, Real estate and real assets such as farmland or timberland have historically risen in value along with inflation, Kozy says. Another option to consider, depending upon your risk tolerance, is commodities—raw materials such as metals, energy or agricultural products.
I guess that means REITS. I also like the lithium stocks as they a key to EV, Electric car batteries. Be smart and don't listen to lying fools. Be in charge of your money!!!!

9-14-2021 Any stock that is growth you need to sell. Anyone in a growth 401k should go cash and all 401k's should go cash for 2 few weeks. Jim Cramer has a great history of choosing the time to sell even though his buys are not so accurate. And when he says sell I sell. He even reports the best chartest he knows shows we are setup for a sell off. September is a bad month for stocks in general and the market topping out doesn't help.
I am keeping my apple related stocks like Marvell and Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (SWKS) until after Apple Event ends today since they could get a boost. Then I will dump them tomorrow sometime probably.

9-10-2021 Speculators with money to spare can risk this gamble. Yes this one is a gamble.
Arbutus Biopharma Corporation (ABUS) $4.57 may go sky high if they win their patent case vs Moderna next month. I wouldn't be surprised if people rush into this stock and send it way up before the court results.
According to a recent regulatory filing, Moderna indicated there was a possibility it was not the first company to make "inventions claimed" in its patent applications, including those for its experimental coronavirus vaccine mRNA-1273, as reported in This is Money.
"For this and other reasons, we may be unable to secure desired patent rights, thereby losing exclusivity," the company stated.
The statement was made in a quarterly filing on August 6 under mandatory disclosures of risks to its business, whereas prior quarterly filings with US regulators did not have the disclosure, the news source said.
In July, it lost a bid to invalidate a US patent owned by Arbutus Biopharma that poses a potential obstacle to Moderna's efforts to develop next-generation

9-9-2021 Jim Cramers picks were UiPath Inc. (PATH) $55.25 , CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) $266.40, Ulta Beauty, Inc. (ULTA) $381.95 , Affirm Holdings, Inc. (AFRM) $113 , Lululemon Athletica Inc. (LULU) $420.71
But these have all run so how much more can they run up. Only UiPath Inc. (PATH) is down and this would be the one I looked at to buy on the dip if I indeed liked it.

9-9-2021 Note - I am letting Novavax selloff and then I will buy it again.

9-9-2021 Apple announced its using 9-9-2021 (Safe stocks imo) Johnson Controls International plc (JCI) is one my favorites as it pays a dividend and it grows. Don't forget to look at Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU) with a 4% dividend. And Dominion Energy, Inc. (D) at 3% dividend. These are safe great stocks in comparison to the growth stocks I usually write about.

9-9-2021 Look back. I am looking into the future when I will go into dividend stocks and this old post of mine had these stocks so I will mark them again. Good dividend stocks that Barons gives buy ratings to. I believe they pay over 7% dividend but they have 0 growth. Safe stock compared to growth stocks out there and will hedge inflation that is running 3% to 4%. NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. (NREF) and Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) and AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) and Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) and Kimco Realty Corporation (KIM) and STORE Capital Corporation (STOR)
As I find good dividend stocks I will add them to this page as next year will probably be the time to go dividends.

9-9-2021 Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) took profits even though this stock has so much going for it. The chart looks like a double bottom ready to take off. But the fact covid is raging and Wynn makes 70% of their money in China which is cracking down on every company makes me nervous. So I have 10% profits in Wynn and at $105.18 I am taking it. See its now 104.33 after I sold..I say sell and move onto Apple or another great stock.

9-8-2021 The whole market starting to look weak. Roku especially looks weak and is down again at $339.19. Any weak saucer stocks as I call them get dumped. Trimming stocks here might be a wise choice.

9-4-2021 I don't know when the next selloff is coming but this markets getting hot but the earnings were great to.
Just noticed 3 companies joining the S&P and I will be buying them Monday just because in this market I've seen these stocks go up as they enter the S&P and flip them fast with little downside but there is a risk there. The companies being added are: Ceridian HCM Holding , Brown & Brown , and Match Group

Pretty Safe stocks 9-2-2021
MasTec, Inc. (MTZ) $92.96 and Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (J) $136.07 should do fine with an infrastructure law. They are showing strength, especially Mastec.
Also the funds PHO , FIW , PAVE , CGW which I see PAVE mentioned alot and I also like CGW alot.
My personal favorite none seem to mention is Vulcan Materials Company (VMC) $182.44 and also Nucor Corporation (NUE) $115.08

My Peter Lynch copy cat model has me up 64% this year. Still 4 months to go!
Stock Market Gains September 2021

9-2-2021 Safe stock with 6% dividend Chevron Corporation $98.29 . They are in the huge oil field Permian Basin just like Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) which is more of a growth stock. So if you like SAFE dividend go with Chevron. Under Biden oil prices will stay high which means big profits.

9-2-2021 Quanta Services, Inc. (PWR) $112 as its up 10%. When a stock jumps this much and in this market I just take profits. Banks pay 1% to hold my money and bonds 2% so 10% is huge to me. I have had so many fall and lose my profits I just refuse to risk that anymore. I am happy with 10%.

9-1-2021 New interest in digital currencey called MANA used in Decentraland. I discuss it on my Bitcoin page.

9-1-2021 - Lucid Group, Inc. (LCID) $18.15 down after lockup period expired letting insiders finally sell and giving buyers a great dip to buy.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSM) $120.43 best semi next to Nvidia and it makes all the chips especially for cars and they have raised prices 20%.
NXP Semiconductor (NXPI) $214.83 the world's biggest auto chipmaker and ON Semiconductor (ON) $44.87 make car chips to. Why not look at these chip stock as they are supplying a scarce product.

(high risk) 8-31-2021 PubMatic, Inc. (PUBM) $29.15 has double bottomed, just see the chart. Could be a good investment if internet TV keeps growing. Videos streamed through over-the-top (OTT) services, like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Peacock TV and other video streaming platforms, account for 25% of the collective time consumers spend using their TVs, according to a recent Nielsen survey.

8-31-2021 PubMatic, Inc. (PUBM) $29.15 has double bottomed, just see the chart. Could be a good investment if internet TV keeps growing. Videos streamed through over-the-top (OTT) services, like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Peacock TV and other video streaming platforms, account for 25% of the collective time consumers spend using their TVs, according to a recent Nielsen survey.

8-30-2021 The chart for Snap Inc. (SNAP) $74.97 is looking like a rocket ready to blast off. But I look at the company and the users are growing and the company is run by a good visionary. This replaces stock ON as my favorite company and I like it right now more than Apple to.

8-30-2021 NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NXPI) $211.57 is down 7% just because some execs sold shares. I remember Qualcom trying to buy NXP and failing. This is a strong comany that Jim Cramer regulary says is a strong buy. Execs sell because they don't care about the stock price and good for them to cash out. I've seen this before and in a strong stock it means nothing except here the stock is down 7% and for me a great buy on the dip.

8-30-2021 Apple Inc. (AAPL) $153.22 is starting to move . PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) $286.65 and my favorite Snap Inc. (SNAP) $74.66 . Apple is fast becoming my favorite but Snap can take off if it continues to gain users.

Prices are changing so much every day. This is why I am putting the spot price on now. One thing I don't do is chase. The one thing I need to learn when to sell a bad stock. I don't use stop losses and it paid off with Novavax where I bought more. But you can lose a lot in this market so most people need to buy safe stocks. Bank stocks are safe. The infrastructure ETF 's will be safe if the bill is passed. Dividends are usually a good way to spot a safer stock but you have to like the company. Make sure you understand the company and look at the debt and statistics like cashflow and EPS etc. The more you do it the easier it gets.

8-27-2021 NOV Inc. (NOV) Chart is awful. 50 day crossed the 200 day known as the death cross. Strong sell signal if I am right plus I am up almost 7% so I am taking profits right now in this stock. If I am wrong so be it.

8-27-2021 If you don't have Barrons I will tell you Apple's secret weapon. Search!!!! They say its worth $20 billion to apple as they control it and can put ads on pages that will pay off big. This is why I am buying Apple in addition to stock price is low and most pros admit Apple will move from $150 to $200. I can see the options players now setting in option buys because Apples options are very well priced at the low range.

8-27-2021 FED won't make a Taper move until end of year, excellent news. Now I want stocks with low PEG ratio and stocks I think have a great future. I also like stocks that have dipped or hitting new highs and running. Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd. (BHVN) $131.38, Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. (NTLA) $164.38 which is almost chasing right now , American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO) $32.67 , Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (ANF) $37.70 , Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (CZR) $104.13 as its online app and run so good its my favorit Vegas Casino stock , Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) $101.51 is good risky bet as the price is low and bottoming and turning back up which is usually a sign a strength. Datadog, Inc. (DDOG) $134.22 is a good cyber security stock with strength ahead , Livent Corporation (LTHM) $24.54 cars need lithium for batteries, and AMD at $110 seems good. You might look at Paypal $277.49 to

8-25-2021 When the FED meetings come and talk about raising interest rates abounds I head for the sidelines. Selling half or more of everything except the infrastructure stocks. Infrastructure bill is headed to the floor and vote and this could mean big ganes foe NUE, CAT, and all the other infrastructure stocks I've listed in the posts below. Give me an I ! ( that is for infrastructure). You can tell I like infrastructure stocks.

8-25-2021 Jim Cramers pick; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) $108 , NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) $222 , QUALCOMM Incorporated (QCOM) $143.65 , Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL) $63.20 , NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NXPI) $217.79 , Lennar Corporation (LEN) $108.23 , Toll Brothers, Inc. (TOL) $63.66 , JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) $160.92. , Morgan Stanley (MS) $104.09 , Bank of America Corporation (BAC) $42.15
So many. He also liked AGCO Corporation (AGCO) $138.93 , Deere & Company (DE) $276.37 , Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) $29.24 , Denbury Inc. (DEN) $69.97, Pioneer Natural Resources Company (PXD) $149.15, Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY) $121.89 , Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY) $28.75 , DICK'S Sporting Goods, Inc. (DKS) $129.60

8-24-2021 Pelosi looks like she is passing the 650 billion bill and then probably the bigger 3 trillion one. Buying infrastructure stocks now is wise. Search this page for the word infrastructure to get some stock ideas.

8-24-2021 Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (CZR) $93.51 and Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) $99.61 are heading back up. Good re-opening plays.

8-24-2021 Match Group Inc (MTCH) is bouncing up again. I love these stocks that go up and down and once they start up again its a good bet they are bouncing higher. Current price: $141.02 and I think its a good short term play.

8-24-2021 Interesting to see how many more days Crowdstrike runs. Barons headline CrowdStrike Stock Is Getting Added to the Nasdaq-100 Index. So I missed this or I would have jumped on it earlier. Many funds have to buy and everyone knows this is an easy way to make money. People that read it this morning made easy money. I still expect to make 3% or more from the funds buying it and the fact rival Palo Alto crushed their earnings. Talk about good tailwinds.
Price $268.87

8-24-2021 Chewy, Inc. (CHWY) is showing strength, price $91.14 and should go near $100 if this bounce is real with low risk here.

8-24-2021 Cramer likes Honeywell still. Of course he likes Palo Alto but they had blowout earnings and the stock is already running and I won't chase it.

8-24-2021 If anyone knows about shipping. Seems the Bulk Container Shipping will do good this year with the huge backlog. I don't know much and took me to long to find the companies that own these ships and rent them out at $27,000 a day! But I just don't know this market. Companies like Danaos Corporation (DAC) $87.39 , EuroDry Ltd. (EDRY) $28.41 and Globus Maritime Limited (GLBS) $2.92. If you look into the future will the backlog end and these stocks drop like a rock or will they have super management that locks in multi year contracts now so they keep making great profit for 5 or more years..

8-23-2021 NIO Inc. (NIO) $38.03 is on another bounce up it looks like. People buy going into its report of car sales and 65% chance it hits $45. Very little downside for a quick flip if you hold it for a few weeks. People panic and sell off a good stock and yes I will buy it.

8-23-2021 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSM) $110.90 is a nice buy on dip from the China scare. Best semi stock next to Nvidia and its on a discount/dip.

8-23-2021 GXO Logistics, Inc. (GXO) 78.53 is heading up with momentum. They are the robots that move packages in a warehouse. Looks strong to me.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) $106.85 looks strong to me to. They will buy Xilinx and start to really catch up to Intel. They will gain more market share and that is why the stock at 104 was a big buy and still a nice buy now.

8-23-2021 ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON) $41.97 is probably my favorite this week. It makes chips for 5g and for charging stations for electric cars and sensors and other chips for electric cars.

8-23-2021 Hmm, Barons likes Jefferies Financial Group Inc. (JEF) $35.63 . It does look strong.

8-23-2021 Stocks that should do good this week are ON Semiconductor Corporation (ON) $41.97 , Snap Inc. (SNAP) $75.21, Roku, Inc. (ROKU) at $353.40 , Ulta Beauty, Inc. (ULTA) $371.10 , Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) $106.42 ,
There is Nvidia still running strong. I wonder if Farfetch Limited (FTCH) will keep doing good as I meet people that order from their website.

8-20-2021 Better than Nikola... Hyzon Motors does real fuel cells and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles. This is the future. The strength in the stock buying gives confidence that they are for real. Risky stock but in a good industry and strong leadership.

8-20-2021 Best 5g play right now, Qorvo imo. Qorvo, Inc. (QRVO) at $180.75 and it fell 15 points for no reason I can find. I expect Qorvo to have 2 to 3 solid years of growth in the 5g market. Most Pros I've listened to agree including Cramer. I like it alot at this price.

This market is good for finding down and outs that will come back. Like Luminar that now expects 2021 sales to be about $32 million, up from prior guidance of $28 million. Luminar also doubled its “major commercialization win” target to six from three. A major win for the company reflects a contract with an auto maker for a product that will go on a car that is coming off an assembly line. But this won't bring results until 2023. Thus the low entry point if your willing to wait. Price is $15.79

8-20-2021 Twilio Inc. (TWLO) is in my buy range now. Time to pick some up. This company is the best AI company I know. Competition is picking up but they are the leader still.

8-20-2021 Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU) pays a good dividend to and while more volatile you get more growth. Current price $104.

8-20-2021 Forecasts for higher gaming chips. Think AMD and NVDA. I prefer AMD for value and bought at $104 yesterday. Still time to buy at $105 today.

8-20-2021 Applied Materials (AMAT) with blowout earnings falls. This semi stock will be strong for years. Just makes me think I know this stock and like it alot and this is my entry point.
Doximity, Inc. (DOCS) with this great stock that just looks like a winner winner winner. There is a lockup expiration coming for DOCS soon though. Docs are linkedin for doctors. Pharmas pay big money to advertise here and they may have struck a goldmine here.
AMAT $128 and Docs is $74.75

Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) is looking a lot like zoom before it went up 400% more at this point. Forget where it came from and try to find out where its going. Upstart is a winner but how high will it go. I am trimming my losers and sure if I knew Upstart would hit 400 I would go all in. I am trying to figure out if it will zoom up, pun intendeded. Risky but its a proven winner. It refuses to go down.
UPST is $200 as of today

8-20-2021 Some dips to buy into maybe. CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) is $235.57 and Qorvo, Inc. (QRVO) is $181.19

8-20-2021 Cramer stocks picks Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Costco

8-19-2021 Marijuana Insurance Companies can make alot of money if Congress makes it legal. The Progressive Corporation (PGR) is $98 and a good insurance company and they offer insurance for marijuana. There will be a lot of competition. One idea to keep in mind.

8-19-2021 If Cloudflare drops I will buy it. This one is on my list to watch. It is up 300% so I don't want to chase it. But a scare could hit Wall St. and this might sell off and then I will be ready. Just like I missed buying Microsoft yesterday on the dip. I don't chase these stocks.

8-19-2021 For the sane investor I would look at Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU) with good growth and a 4.3% divident. On tv the guy is pushing Skillz and that made me laugh. No I want Facebook and AMD. AMD trades in the 105 to 111 range and AMD is 104 now so buy AMD and Facebook here.
Another great stock is Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) who had a Blowout! quarter, great management, but gets caught in the Delta covid scare. Hasbro has 2.7% dividend also!
So the sane investor is looking at Prudential and Hasbro. Then he is taking some Facebook and AMD for the good value risk trade if she has risk money.
This is the Peter Lynch theory at work. Facebook is heading into the Meta Universe as they call it and Facebook is a money making machine.
8-19-2021 - Time to think hard about hedging inflation. That means buying banks. Signature Bank (SBNY) , Bank of America Corporation (BAC) , Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) , JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Jim Cramer likes the Spanish bank Banco Santander S.A. (SAN). Two best CEO's are Wells Fargo and Banco Santander so it will be interesting to see if they do the best. If you think inflation is here to stay and the fed tapering will start then you must believe interest rates will rise and that means buying banks. I can't Biden would be so stupid to let this happen as the US has 28 TRILLION in debt. I am thinking on should I buy bank stocks now or not.

8-19-2021 Nvidia proved its a better stock than Robin Hood. The conference call by Robin Hood made me sell it already. The conference call by Nvidia made me decide to hold NVDA stock. That really is the best computer semi stock and AMD is really getting better to.

8-19-2021 Nvidia is up and US Steel collapsed. So did Cleveland Cliffs. Seems China is slowing down steel shipments and this is the reason of the selloff. China is making it hard to buy stocks. Institutions could see this as a buying opportunity for steel. Nobody saw China cutting so will these companies make up the losses by selling to others. On TV the pro is saying its the best time to buy Cleveland Cliffs. I find them 50-50 on their advice.

8-18-2021 - Cramer likes Disney and Walmart and interested in Cummins Inc. (CMI) which you should buy now if you plan to as Cummins issues its dividend of 2.5% in 3 days so its worth researching it now in the next 3 days.

8-18-2021 - I am ready to bail as the Dow is in a box. It has to start moving up or risks a big fall. So I like to buy some deals, dips, and I am ready to sell at a moments notice if the Dow starts to tank.

8-18-2021 Robin hood HOOD and Nvidia NVDA didn't blow out so I will just sell tomorrow at open and see if they drop. 70% chance they start out and then drop from doing this so long. Robin Hood will have steep competition and their numbers were good but not good enough to keep me interested at the 40 billion market cap they have.
I got safer buys like Ford , Salesforce, or just infrastructure builds. All stocks sold off at the end of the day so tomorrow would be a good time to buy. Companies are guiding hire so a selloff seems unlikely to me but I am ready for it if some shock hits the market.

8-18-2021 - stocks of the day that I find buyable. I put the dollar amount so people know what I got in so they don't buy later at a higher and possibly bad price. I should have rebought the lithium stocks after I sold and the fell. They seem to be volatile to play in this range if you understand ranges. The simple key is to not get greedy and take profits, especially in this market. MasTec, Inc. (MTZ) $90
TJX $73 Right now TJs is one of the best retailers
LAC $17 Lithium buying back after dip
PLL $52 Lithium buying back after dip
LTHM $24 Lithium buying back after dip
WHR $221 I think Whirlpool sells as many as they can make
OLED $202 Leader in oled screens
MMM $197 3m on a dip
GXO $77 Could be a leader in robotic distribution
MTZ $90 EV cars need a big electric grid
PWR $96 EV cars need a big electric grid
NVDA $192 risky as it reports today
HOOD $49 risky as it reports today
NOV $12.49
AMD $104 Great leadership and buying Xilinx
x $29 Breakout, steel infrastructure
Sofi $14.28 buy on dip, fintech stock
I sold Farfetch as it seems like a loser now. It is one I had a profit on and watched it fall 28%, uhg.

8-17-2021 A hidden health care play I just found is Sonova Holding AG (SONVY) who make the best hearing aids and fits in the healthcare plays. I saw the headline 'Sonova to buy Sennheiser consumer unit to gain younger clients' and I know Sennheiser makes the best headphones so this is a good buy. I just bought some.
Current price is $78.70 so this post is relevant to todays date and price.

8-17-2021 I would think most picks would be around Bidens infrastructure. There is always the risk this much spending causes inflation. Barrons pick of the day is Aptiv PLC (APTV) as they help design electric cars. They can buy alot of it now as its already down 5% today. Stock is down 7% this last week so you are getting a nice discount. One to look into for sure.
Prices change day to day so do your own research according to the current time/date.
Current price is $157

8-17-2021 Pros on tv are saying industrials are the way to go, Honeywell International Inc. (HON) and 3M Company (MMM) are my favorite industrials. As for me I say Roku, Inc. (ROKU) has sold off and is a buy. This market is being nailed buy the inflation caused by the delta covid virus and the China/Afgan scare. So people sitting on the sidelines have it right. I just see Roku showing the selloff as over and I am taking a start position in it.

Water stocks in infrastrucute bill becomes law. Xylem Inc. (XYL) , American Water Works Company, Inc. (AWK) , American States Water Company (AWR) , Itron, Inc. (ITRI) , and Evoqua Water Technologies Corp. (AQUA).
Evoqua Water Technologies Corp. (AQUA) has the highest ratings on Barrons and others sites I checked.

Safe dividend stocks most people over look energy stocks. The one in my area is Dominion Energy, Inc. (D) and it pays a nice dividend. The hardest part for me is in knowing when to sell. That is why I never tell people when they should sell. I sold my Lithium stocks as in 2 days they ran 10 to 14% so I took that great profit. I know this market is to choppy so I locked in the profits. But then I sold 85% of Upstart as it moved near 180 and now its over 200. So while I want my Upstart stock back they won't give it to me of course. But I am happy as I made some great profits and I still own a decent chunk of Upstart. What I hate is when I buy and watch the stock go up 20% and then fall 20% and then I sell for no gain.

In this market everyone will run to Target Corporation (TGT) , Walmart Inc. (WMT) and, Inc. (AMZN) are the basics everyone owns because they are safe good core holdings.

Also Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT) (CCI) and Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (SWKS) and Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL) cover my tech/manufacturing plays.

Do you know Porsche Automobil Holding SE (POAHY) owns 50% of Volkswagen. Yup go read about it. Its why suggest buying Porsche stock if you like Volkswagen. GM and Ford are finally back in the game but can they catch Tesla whose market cap is more than all 3 of these combined.

Buying safer growth stocks like Apple, Facebook and Google is what I am looking at. But the hot sectors are real estate, manufacturing and the infrastructure plays. Manufacturing seems to be the hottest out of all of these.

I read about real estate being good for this market. I read Boston is where people are moving. Why not look at Boston Properties, Inc. (BXP) . The stock is holding up and fewer shares are being traded. The chart looks good as it crosses the 50 day moving average. The chart shows if BXP crosses the 50 day it has a high chance to run. Of course I will then sell it.
But it also a good value play for those that want to buy and hold with a 3.3% dividend. I suggest you research this one. Barrons has long term outlook as bad so that means the dividend is holding it up. They own office buildings in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.
Should do good as a re-opening play and the question is will the Delta virus slow this stock and the economy down.

PAVE could be a good stock if Congress passes the infrastructure bill which now is 50-50.

Cramer like, nay he loves, Danaher Corporation (DHR) , Doximity, Inc. (DOCS) , and Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST)

--------------------------------------------- OLDER POSTS are below and should be considered as out of date in this market. ---------------------------------------------

Yup Hulu helped Disney pop 5% after hours. I already sold since I don't like this market as it over heats.

I don't want to scream BUY DISNEY!!!!! I do like the fact Disney owns HULU and is smart. They always find a way to make money. It is one of those 60-40 risks. They report earnings today so I will buy before market closes in 30 minutes.

This 7.8 Producer price number Trumps everything. Research the 1970s and see how it went then and we could be returning that that. Biden just gave a wink to the FED that they could raise interest rates. I am selling stocks because I will play it safe and not risk my stocks crashing on me. The key is not to ever lose money! So I can sit and if I am wrong I lose nothing. But my gut also says get out so I am out for now.

PLAY it safe I say. I have SOLD and sitting the sidelines.
Producer prices rose 7.8% in July year over year, above the consensus forecasts for 7.3%, while increasing 1% month over month, above expectations for 0.6%. Instead of colling off, inflation for producers remains hot, hot, hot.
Now look how much Biden plans to spend and I get scared enough to sell stocks and Bitcoin. Yes I think Trump and Biden are horrible presidents, for me and my stock plans. Barrons thinks inflation could be here to stay. If so there will be a market CRASH.

I still prefer to buy solo stocks like right now Materials for infrastructure. Nucor Corporation (NUE) , Vulcan Materials (ticker: VMC), Martin Marietta Materials (MLM), Eagle Materials (EXP), and Summit Materials (SUM) and the other infrastructure stocks I have mentioned.
I also like one other, Lennar Corporation (LEN) as a home builder and they are getting into the build to rent houses which I love. Or you can play the whole sector with SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF (XHB) which is a fund that owns all the top home stocks.

Safe way to play the infrastructure is iShares Trust - iShares U.S. Infrastructure ETF (IFRA) which is a fund comprimised of many stocks in this industry.

Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) is another great stock that pays a dividend and should have a good year with the passed infrastructure bill.

Companies that should make money off infrasture spending; The ones supplying the materials; Vulcan Materials (ticker: VMC), Martin Marietta Materials (MLM), Eagle Materials (EXP), and Summit Materials (SUM)
Caterpillar (CAT) Deere (DE), Terex (TEX), Oshkosh (OSK), and Manitowoc (MTW) that provide equipment.
The water infrasture plays like Xylem (XYL) , Evoqua Water Technologies ( AQUA ), Emerson Electric (EMR), Eaton (ETN), and Hubbell (HUBB).
The ones that help design at the start; Jacobs Engineering Group (J), Tetra Tech (TTEK), Parsons (PSN), Montrose Environmental Group (MEG), and Atlas Technical Consultants (ATCX).
But none of these expect to be huge amount of profits but 5% to 15% is good enough for me.

Splunk Inc. (SPLK) could be a buy on the big dip. The chart is showing the selling is over but will the buying start. With small risk of another big selloff I have to look at the stock. The biggest compeitor is Microsoft and Splunk does a useful product. Splunk is a data analytics tool that lets users search data for valuable business insights. So it can also be a takeover target by the bigger companies. I rate Splunk as a high risk and so does Barrons with a 16.1 rating. I would only buy now to take advantage of the current chart pointing to a possible breakout and only with risk money. I think its 50-50 it makes a comeback as it has good tech and had a big selloff. Did I buy Splunk today, yup.

Can Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) beat the earnings number again? So far I love this stock. Helps banks cut down on bad loans. That is a big market. It is fair priced so it can run to 170 on good earnings Scheduled Aug 10. I still own this stock so I won't be buying anymore right now. I will watch eagerly to see if they blowout earnings again. Friday is dropped to 134 and left the window open to get a nice discount before bouncing back today. Over 2 to 5 years if they manage the company good I can see 300 to 400 stock price.

I am watching Hasbro fall from 103 when it had blowout earnings. Now its sinking. Yes I sold most when it shot up to 103 because as Jim Cramer says bears make money, bulls make money, and pigs get, well killed. So I've learned the art of selling. Now Hasbro keeps falling and its within buying space. Barrons rates it a 70.4 so yes its a safe stock.

Update to REITS. Barrons has these listed as the best / safest REITS NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. (NREF) and Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) and AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) and the Safest of them all are probably Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) with Simon Property Group the best with a score of 81 and the rest around 71.

Everyone needs Electric vehicle batteries. So the price of Lithium should be a winner. Stocks that mine Lithium are Albemarle Corporation (ALB) , Livent Corporation (LTHM) , Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC) , Piedmont Lithium Inc. (PLL) .

One of my favorite yet Risky stocks, Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) reports August 10 and I like it. Its had to great quarters and is in a sweet spot with banks and AI. This company has a lot of room to run if they don't screw it up. Banks will be looking hard to use their tech seeing it helps them save money on loans. This is the risk stock and its time to bet but the odds are good. Not for the feint of heart. Look at Novavax that is down huge as like I said this stock went on the garbage can and I hope Novavax falls to 150 where I can buy some knowing Novavax is very risky. But Novavax has gone from 150 to 220 so many times that I have learned to sell and wait for it to drop again.

Already sold NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. (NREF) for 4% gain. Guess I'm greedy. This stock should hold with inflation but not if a market crash comes so I figure 4% is good enough for me at this stage.

Good dividend stocks that Barons gives buy ratings to. I believe they pay over 7% dividend but they have 0 growth. Safe stock compared to growth stocks out there and will hedge inflation that is running 3% to 4%. NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. (NREF) and Ares Capital Corporation (ARCC) and AGNC Investment Corp. (AGNC) and the Safest of them all are probably Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) and Kimco Realty Corporation (KIM) and STORE Capital Corporation (STOR)
Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) and Kimco Realty Corporation (KIM) and STORE Capital Corporation (STOR) are for the people looking for the safest dividends.

DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. (DOCN) earnings was inline and a let down considering all the potential that was built up because they are a cloud stock. It confirms my first research in that it is nothing special and not even close to the same league as Amazon or Microsoft. I sold this stock and now move on to researching and finding more stocks. A top is coming according to my gut...Infrastructure bill will help some companies and cause more inflation at the same time.

It feels like a top with 2 top technical analysts saying were at a top. I suggest going cash for a while to see how this market plays out. Panic will grip as everyone runs for the door on nothing more than panic. YES ITS TIME TO SELL STOCKS AND GO TO CASH. What I do is keep 1 share of each stock so I can buy it back fast. My patented fast way to buy what I previously owned.

Everyone is probably buying Amazon on the dip as I see it moving up. Most competition Amazon has ever had but they will survive.

Barrons has article on DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. (DOCN) but I got this post out to late. Its already up another 9% so everyone would be chasing it now. They say its a possible 4 bagger. It does cloud hosting but not in the same league as Amazon or Microsoft. But its much much cheaper and I can see a market for them. This is where you buy in and run the stock and watch it!!! When the run stops you sell fast. I meant to get this post out sooner but there may be a big play here still as not many people know about the stock. Its for those that want a high risk/reward and can stand to lose some money if it drops. This could hit 80 or 100 or more seeing the pumping going on. And if its earnings which come out soon are Blowout it will run. I rarely see Barrons mentioning such a risky stock.....It is in the right market to hit a home run. Cloud computing is huge.

Do you want safe boring Yum! Brands, Inc. (YUM) or risky stocks like Roblox Corporation (RBLX) as one example. Well one way to know is if you buy say Novavax and it drops from 220 to 160 and you sell then you want safe boring. I held as Novavax (who makes a great vaccine but is not approved yet) went to 140 and then back to 220 and I got my money back. Determine your risk level and buy those kind of stocks.

Ralph Lauren was a boring stock that just took off. If you read the news and most don't have the time to read stock news every day you would have seen they have new water saving research as I posted and that was so impressive I bought alot. People go to the mall so watch what stores are the most crowded and then check on that stock, its debt, cash flow and start to learn the basics. The only reason I like Nucor more than Cleveland Cliffs is Jim Cramer said Nucor had better management.

Ralph Lauren Corporation (RL) was my pick last week and its doing great up 7% for me. Peter Lynch theory works if you put your time into it. Same reason I bought Hasbro and in this market I sold half after the price shot up because I keep seeing these sell offs that occur for no reason but it keeps happening so I learn to take profits. In a normal market you buy and hold but not in this crazy market.

Cramer likes Paypal and Facebook as do I and both are great stocks. Barrons likes the infrastructure plays, and I quote them "So how to play it? Four companies that stand to benefit are Jacobs Engineering Group (ticker: J), Hubbell (HUBB), Insteel Industries (IIIN), and Union Pacific (UNP), according to Andrew Little, research analyst at exchange-traded-fund sponsor Global X".
They left out Caterpillar, Nucor, Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) , Vulcan Materials Company (NYSE: VMC) and Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT) (CCI) , Deere & Co. (DE)
For Safe stock pickers the ETF's which are a collection of stocks to reduce risk you have GRID, ERTH, FAN and IFRA (These are the stock symbols) and they left out my picks CGW and PAVE.
Which do you buy...That is a hard choice to make. With stock commissions at $0 meaning no cost to trade you can split your money up amongst these and let it ride. These are the stock poised to win with Biden and I know them all so they fit my Peter Lynch theory of buy the stocks you know and leave out the rest. Either split your money on the stocks listed or just buy the ETFs listed are the two choices I see. The SAFER are the ETF's as they are funds that invest in a group of stocks in a particular area so you are buying many stocks and letting the fund run it for you.

Selling Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (CLF) and taking my profits into Nucor Corporation (NUE) which I like better. Facebook and Paypal are dipping and could be a good time to buy some more of these two.

Buying Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (SWKS) on the dip. Its just the best 5g company out there with Marvell. Might consider Qorvo, Inc. (QRVO) or Qualcomm to.

The infrastructure bill on the table now has nothing in it for lead water pipes. Now I sell every infrastructure stock I own and will reexamine everything now about this bill. Welcome to being in the stock market and yes its a 9 to 4 job basically. Infuriating yes on days like these. At least I made 10% on these stocks and I lock in my profits selling them. Most of them are ETF's like Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF (CGW) and you can find my posts here talking about these. Now I say sell them until we know more about this infrastructure bill that may not even become law.

I looked at my home builders and the new Built to Rent model and I might buy some Lennar Corporation (LEN) and dump my other house stock, Taylor Morrison Home Corporation (TMHC).
The expert on Jim Cramer thinks stocks are headed up and blam stocks get hit. This could be a small shakeout if she is right. This is why I watch the market all day as much as I can to spot the breakdown if it comes. So far this is just people taking profits in my view.

Hasbro rocked earnings and is up big time as we predicted. Hasbro was a quiete stock and then reports double what the earning was predicted to be. This is a pure study in the Peter Lynch method. You find a great stock that for some reason is valued way to low and you just buy it because you know how great the company is from the CEO to the people running the website and those doing research. I am shocked it didn't hit 120 a share with these blowout earnings. Good to those that bought it in the low 90's.

The pros say 1 thing matters about Tesla. That they turn a profit. Wrong I am looking at what they say about their battery and the driverless software they are coding and are they ahead of everyone else in this software / AI for driverless. And news about the semi trucks they are making as well as their pickup. There is so much to Tesla and this is why if they nail the bullseye nobody will catch them. They also have no pension fund to fund. Definitely how is their camara system holding up verse Lidar in driverless battle.

Cramer liked Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) and Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd. (BHVN)

Safe good strong stock. Honeywell International Inc. (HON). Now that earnings are out and the stock is dipping as most do on the news its a good time to buy this good stock. Much less risky than other stocks I usually mention and it has a 1.6% dividend

Selling half of my Nvidia (NVDA) and probably more because crytpo and anything else will make this stock fall from its highs. I want to lock in my profits. Once I sell then I will hope it crashes so I can buy it again.

Ralph Lauren Corporation (RL) now gives me a reason to perk up. They told Cramer today that they are using less water and nobody knows that this industry uses a lot of water. Going green is huge in todays world and this stock is down from 135 to 109. I wanted a reason to buy this stock and now I got it. Here is the quote below
Team USA’s 2020 Opening Ceremony Parade Uniform is a classic all-American look that incorporates sustainable materials within each piece. The look includes a navy blazer made from US-grown wool; a striped T-shirt powered by ECOFAST™ Pure, an advanced pre-treatment solution by Dow that enables cotton to be dyed with less water, chemicals and energy; a printed scarf , shoes and a mask made from verified US-grown cotton; a striped belt made from Repreve® recycled polyester derived from plastic water bottles; and a slim denim pant with a back patch made from MIRUM®, an innovative leather-alternative material made from renewable resources that is free of synthetic plastics. Each item in the uniform is proudly manufactured in the United States.

Cramer said Doximity, Inc. (DOCS) was good **But wait for the insider sales lockup to end at the end of this year when the stock will be probably be down and selling lower. Use of calendar needed here. He also liked Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) over Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) but I think you can own them both and I like Nvidia (NVDA) to but NVDA has run alot since I said buy it around 600 pre split. The key to buying these RISKY stocks is to watch them every day and know the stocks technology inside and out and if bad news comes out then bail and be ready for the FED and the econnomy to crash because of interest rates rising etc.

I see on TV the free advertising all news gives Tesla. They have a huge network of charging stations and trucks, the big semi trucks, coming. I think Tesla is the winner. I like Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV) and its car but Tesla and its technology should keep it winning. So Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) for the win and it reports earnings sometime in the next week. Risky stocks at these prices but the more I see the more I can't see anyone catching Tesla.

I started reading stories this morning and now 4 hours later I have to go to work but I barely touched the surface of gene editing and lidar. For those taking huge risks the 2 gene editing stocks I think are in the lead are Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. (NTLA) and CRISPR Therapeutics AG (CRSP) and I know they have been in the dog house of late but this could mean they are ready to run. These two biotechs I have invested in and know how risky they are.
Then I read about Lidar. I see two competing technologies in Lidar, ToF and FMCW. ToF “time of flight” is like sonar and based on the time a laser light beam takes to bounce back from an object to a sensor. The second type is FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) is more complex and uses different wavelengths of light and measures the interference between the waves. FMCW has advantages when measuring the speed and distance of objects. Intel Corporation (INTC) uses FMCW and Aeva Technologies, Inc. (AEVA) , Aeva could get bought out if they succeed and some analysts predict a doubling in stock price. Very risky stocks because competition is high. Barrons can't even spell Aeva correctly. Barrons called it "Avea is an FMCW based lidar provider" in their article so even spelling their name right is hard. So which Lidar will win out nobody knows as the cost will matter and this is why the stocks aren't moving. It will take years to find out who the winner is. I have no idea how to play the Lidar stocks anymore. Four hours of research and all I got is gene editing might be good and Lidar is so complex I am lost.

Tesla just seems to be moving ahead with their latest software , trucks coming, and they just seem to be the best. Now may be the time to buy.

Stocks today that are on my mind are Facebook and Shopify. Both seem to have a good future but can Shopify create a massive amount of businesses and coordinate that against Amazon? Facebook should do good because of its size of lack of competition. For me Shopify is a pass because its just to expensive even though its future could be bright. Facebook is a much better buy.

Hasbro should reach 99 again as I see don't see why its stuck in this range. I will happily buy Hasbro at 92 to 94 range and sell at 99. It is caught in the market turnovers but its a much safer stock than high P/E and even priced to sales stocks. Every market selloff I will look to buy Hasbro for strength. It is a gift of a 6% discount as I see it.

5g stocks should be fine to buy still. 5g appears to be winning and all mobile phones will be 5g in the coming years. Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL) and Crown Castle International Corp. (REIT) (CCI) are still my favorites.

Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) is making ram for artifial intelligence? That would make them a lot of money. A focus on higher-order memory chips in areas like data centers, smartphones, and advanced driver assist systems in cars will use their AI chips. I like this.

Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) also is showing its a new contender. Helping banks improve efficiency in loans with its AI software shows this new comer is risky but proving its worth.

Stocks I saw show strength today were CHEWY , Poshmark, Pinterest, Etsy, Refin, Zillow, Roku, UPSTART HLDGS INC , MARVELL TECH, Roblox, Okta, AMD, TWILIO, FireEye. So the work at home stocks is what I see from the new Pandemic scare. Once the scare is over these stocks will drop. These are all good strong stocks worth holding but I know they will drop. Money keeps rotating from sector to sector. These are not stocks like Verizon. These stocks you want to make money on and sell and wait for them to drop. When the economy settles and is normal you can buy and hold. But I won't get stuck with these stocks when inflation causes a panic sell. These might have a good 1 or 2 month run as the Delta corona virus issue is being dealt with and everyone is staying home once again. So why can't the best vaccine come to market, Novavax. Novavax has bad management which makes me not recommend the stock and those crazy enough to try to play this stock I wish good luck. If you bought Novavax at 160 or 180 you should sell half.

Dollar will drop according to experts. Throw in inflation and I can't see why anyone would not be sitting on the sidelines with cash. Multi national stocks are probably the best best. Abbott Laboratories (ABT) , Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI) , Lam Research Corporation (LRCX) , NIKE, Inc. (NKE) , PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) and Nvidia (NVDA) is on a dip from people selling their options leaves a chance monday to buy but Nvidia is risky even with the 4 for 1 split coming.

7-14-2021 - Cramers stocks today were RH (RH) , American Express Company (AXP) , Poshmark, Inc. (POSH) , Apple Inc. (AAPL) , Brunswick Corporation (BC) , Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY) , Williams-Sonoma, Inc. (WSM) , Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL) , Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST) . He then mentioned a speculative stock, Arlo Technologies, Inc. (ARLO) and it shot up 30% in after hours already, sheesh.

My thoughts are inflation will rule in the coming months. So its time to research anti inflation stocks and not just gold, or go into cash and wait out the inflation scare that is coming. I've gone over the horrible Biden policies and I can label him anti business now. And the Republicans want him to fail so they will be anti business just so he fails. This is just how I see it playing out in the politics. The FED is sitting it out so inflation is here and I am going cash until I figure out what to buy. I will hold Nvidia for the 4 for 1 stock split then sell it to.

Cramers likes today Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc. (CLF) , Apple Inc. (AAPL) , Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) , PepsiCo, Inc. (PEP) , Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)
Then he has stocks that will make money from the stimulus checks; Levi Strauss & Co. (LEVI) , American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO) , DICK'S Sporting Goods, Inc. (DKS) , Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG)
As always do your own research and if a stock runs alot sell some and let the rest run.

Computer trouble kept me down for a few days. As stocks go up and it gets harder to make money we do have to worry about the top but if you look at the FED they don't seem to be worried about a top yet. Those that saw the market dive today and bought Disney and American Express made out great. Most people sell and buy back in later at the high and keep losing over and over.

Equinix, Inc. (REIT) (EQIX) is a good REIT in my opinion worth looking at. I did some research the other day and this was the one I liked but Im sure others hate it.

American Water Works Company, Inc. (AWK) was perfectly nailed until the republicans decided to stall or kill Bidens bill. Now I can sell it and keep my eye on it for the future infrastructure bill if it looks like it will pass. I still made 3%.

This stock market feels like a fools errand. Only now do I get the feel that stocks will stabilize and they could correct even. This is not an easy task. I saw the sell off and I pick up stocks on the dip like Disney and American Express. I sold some that I had big profits in. I see Chevron and the nice safe dividend of 5% and go wow that is nice.
One reason I avoid DELL when every expert on TV is saying buy buy buy. Because I hate the shippers. I watch them throw around the computers and the computer I just got didn't work. DELL will have a huge problem handling returns. Do they have this handled and get 90% or more computers safely delivered, who knows. But I don't want anything to do with it. I will take American Express and even Paypal right now.

A safe stock with a dividend that fits in Bidens infrastructure plan, American Water Works Company, Inc. (AWK)

Less risky stocks post. I still like my Biden stocks. The fit into Bidens infrastructure bill. Symbols are PHO , FIW , PAVE , CGW and I think they can go higher as his bill turns into a law. I will add Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) has dipped to 95 and I will pick up some shares of Hasbro at 95, good dividend to.

Good value stock, American Express Company (AXP). It is about business and they really push tie in with airplane miles and restaurants for business people and travelers. They should clean up.

Trying to find who will make money off nuclear infrastructure part of Bidens bill. Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. (HII) as quoted Huntington Ingalls Industries designs, builds and maintains nuclear and non-nuclear ships for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. It already has delivered 28 DDG 51 destroyers to the Navy, and two more are under construction.
General Dynamics Corporation (GD) has a good position since they are in submarines, General Dynamics Electric Boat has been designing and building submarines since 1899.
So will they get good profits from updating these nuclear sumbarines. Its worth considering and I am buying these two stocks seeing they are in great position to make money off Biden.

Time to watch gene editing stocks for dips. Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. (NTLA) and CRISPR Therapeutics AG (CRSP). You can buy these both if you have a long term hold position as gene editing is going to be huge.

Value stock. XPO Logistics, Inc. (XPO) has dipped and this is a good entry point for a good value stock. Small to medium risk. XPO should have a brigt 6 months ahead.

The stock market usually has a decent pop after July 4. Institutions are now moving money around since quarter 3 just began. So pick good stocks and you should make money.

A safer strong value stock with good growth and dividend, look at STORE Capital Corporation (STOR)

Jim Cramer did stocks that help small business. He chose Shopify, Esty, American Express, Wix , Adobe, Apple, Square, Facebook. Decent list but how can he leave off Paypal?.

Watching news, tv, everything today and checking charts my gut has me looking at GAP (GPS) with the Kanye partnership proving productive and Nucor Corporation (NUE) on the dip and its a Biden play because its rated #1 by Cramer and other analysts and the infrastructure bill will require lots of steel. Bit more due diligence required unless your a gut investor and feel this is the low. Nvidia is one that would have paid off with going with your gut but that is a medium risky stock.

I sold my Microsoft (MSFT) at 270 after a big run. Microsoft has gotten ahead of itself and with the low volume it shows lack of interest. Usually this means a sell off is coming in a stock that behaves like this so I will play it safe and bail for now.

Pet lovers are giving Chewy, Inc. (CHWY) and so are analysts. Many more pets and a post pandemic play. Very worth looking at

If you don't have any favorite solar stocks you might take a look at Invesco Solar ETF (TAN).
I see Hertz coming out of bankruptcy and went from 6 to 9 but this is an area I don't know much about even though their debt was wiped clean. I tend to avoid bankrupt stocks and missed my chance to buy at 8 seeing how used cars are going up in price and renting will be hot for a few years. Poshmark, Inc. (POSH) has been doing ok. I would buy Hertz over Avis because Hertz will have 0 debt coming out of bankruptcy. New management might finally streamline this company to be run better than Avis even.

I like GM and F but they ran so much I took profits. Now everyone I talk to likes KIA. But its Hyundai that owns 34% of KIA. So the best way I found to own KIA is Hyunday (HYMTF)

SoFi Technologies, Inc. (SOFI) lock-up over and insiders are selling driving the price down. This always happens on lock up periods and I agree with analyst. Best buying chance for this stock.
Quoting her. Considering the case for the lock-up expiration of SoFi Technologies (SOFI) shares today (Monday 6/28), Rosenblatt Securities’ Sean Horgan has a clear idea what investors should do. “We see a unique buying opportunity as a result of this recent selling and ahead of a potentially significant upside catalyst."

Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) is still got room to run seeing its market cap is 34 billion and amd is buying it for 35 billion. Why Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) fell to 30 billion earlier this year was just a gift to me. I guess people thought the deal wouldn't go through but now they believe it will. If you do 34/35 you get 9% gain for Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) to hit 35 billion market cap. Unless I just don't get something but I am going in for the extra 5% to 9% I get before the buyout in a few months. Yes I will be buying right after this post goes live.

Those that bought Pelaton at 85 might want to sell half and lock in some profits.

**Notice Zillow Group, Inc. (Z) is on the move up.

Solar stocks could be in play with Biden angry at China for dumping solar panels on the USA.

Moderate risky stocks. I will post some of Jim Cramers picks since he steals mine to. AppLovin Corporation (APP) which I also found by chance. Now his list is Poshmark, Inc. (POSH) and two that we are both researching at the moment are Five Below, Inc. (FIVE) and Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN)

Jim Cramer has done his infrastructure list. It is a lot like mine. Eli Lilly, Tesla, Align, Caterpillar, Qorvo, Darden, United Rentals, Skyworks, and Wells Fargo. He chose alot of mine and to that I say stay off my website Jim or give me credit. I like his list as I know all these companies and I have no trouble with any of these picks. I like Tesla and Eli Lilly the best but they have moved. United Rentals should do well this year like Caterpillar and never count out Qorvo and Wells Fargo has hired the best CEO so good job Wells Fargo. According to charts the best chance for a breakout are Qorvo, Inc. (QRVO) and Tesla, Inc. (TSLA). So these two are the ones I will be buying but the others look good. I don't own any of Align or United Rentals and with my luck those will be the big winners. None of us have a crystal ball.

How come nobody on CNBC ever mentions HASBRO INC (HAS). Great dividend and its a pretty good growth stock to. Consider doing research on it. Good leadership and I see blue skies for this company.

Selling 60% of 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) because of its big run and I think people will take profits like I am and then I can buy it again at a lower price.

Darn I knew gun stocks go up when democrats come to power and I chose Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO) but it was Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (SWBI) thar jumped from 22 to 28 and I should have owned them both. Oh well.. I don't like to chase but I read articles that say Smith & Wesson will run more but I have my doubts. The chart shows it is topping out. Right now I still like will buy Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO) as its not run yet and its my favorite outdoor play.

Risky play post here. The data I show has Tesla rising in price every time it reports how many cars it has delivered. Everyone buys Tesla and on the day they report everyone sells before 4 pm est. Nobody holds for the announcement of the actual numbers because people tend to sell on the news. I forgot to get into Tesla yesterday but there may be more price running until Tesla reports. This is why I want to follow and research fewer stocks and know them in and out. I feel I missed an easy 7% gain here. Do I want to try to make another 5% or 10% hoping people keep running the stock up until they report car sales. If I was on my game more I would have been in Tesla a week ago knowing this always runs before they release car sales. So knowing your stocks and their patterns will definitely make you money.

The market is running good but I am already thinking of when will it top out. I don't like real estate as I don't know that market. I don't like trading stocks involved in futures as they all come down in price to fast; soybeans, corn, lumber etc. The only one I think can hold is copper if they pass an infrastructure bill which now I don't know if they have the votes for. So re-opening stocks for the back to work businesses and the back to school stocks are currently my favorite for the next months. Use your own experience and think about the companies you visit and love and then see if they have little debt, and what their future products or services will be and the competition.. It really is not easy to research and I am gravitating to the bigger companies myself out of safety like Amazon, Facebook, Google. I think Facebook has moved the most for me and I will not buy more but will hold what I have as they seem solid.

Value stocks will still do good. American Express Company (AXP) and XPO Logistics, Inc. (XPO) are the ones I stil like but I could have got in cheaper. Ross Stores, Inc. (ROST) and Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF (CGW) and, Inc. (AMZN) and Microsoft Corporation (MSFT). I think most people know great stocks that they see everyday. Then you spend more time checking out their debt, figuring out what their future looks like.

Risky stock alert. 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) is up 23% on breaking news that helps end animal testing even. Well read for yourself. The news is already out and stock up 23% but is this just the beginning or will everyone sell and take profits... Bioprinting

Risky stock alert. Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) has settled the problems with some errors in accounting and they are now starting to move on and they look halfway real. They are worth a look being down 50% from their all time high.

Listening to everyone saying the sky is falling made me stop and not buy Federal Express and XPO Logistics, Inc. (XPO) on their dips and they already moved 5% and I lost my chance. This is why I watch the FED and only the FED. Learn to watch what the FED says and stance they take on the economy. So many people are screaming inflation is coming and the FED is saying minimal inflation. So I will focus on back to school socks for now and the economy re-opening plays and biden infrastructure stocks. American Express Company (AXP) is a great re-opening play because of all the business clients it has but I want a good price to enter. I missed my chance at opening yesterday and it ran on me.

I said buy NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) at $600 and now it is $740. 1 month until the huge stock split so I am just curious how high the stock will go. I think it may hit $1000 but I can't say buy it here because this is now chasing and I don't chase stocks. The desire to jump in is real because after it splits many people will buy it just because it is cheaper and that is no reason to buy a stock. I know one thing I will sell all the shares after it splits and runs because it will be over priced at that point. So you can play this as a risky stock knowing there is a good chance it hits $1000 but then I would sell it. Only use your risk money.

Good Value Stock, Hasbro, Inc. (HAS) has dipped to 91. I was waiting for the dip and here it is, buying it for its great management and Movies are back which Hasbro makes much money off of.

For those that were in the riskiest stocks I hope you sold them when they ran 60% and more. They have dont the usual and dropped like a rock and now could be a good time to buy if you have money you can risk. This is money you can afford to lose and not need it for food, rent etc. Just because 2 of these made good money doesn't mean they will again. Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) is an AI company helping banks save money with loans on houses and soon cars. Roblox Corporation (RBLX) is a child friendly game company that everyone , even Jim Cramer, loves and is dipping. Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) fixed its manufacturing problem and will have the only protein based vaccine which is a huge deal since it is as safe as a flu shot.

Stocks I prefer today. Yes I notice people are selling value stocks like banks and rotating back into tech. And in a few months after the value stocks sell off everyone will buy them again. In the meantime I am sticking with my old tech stocks like Microsoft , Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Facebook, and these below that I will list.

American Express Company (AXP) from the dip and Twilio Inc. (TWLO) since they power companies like Uber and I still like Square, Inc. (SQ) and PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) because they know how to make money.

Cars. What Electric car stock do you like best? Ford, GM, Tesla, Google is doing cars even, and NVidia is doing the AI for many stocks and Twilio is powering Uber and then their is Volkswagon also. Who will be the winner or just biggest gainer?

I am considering computer stocks that make great products like Razer Inc. (RAZFF) and Corsair Gaming, Inc. (CRSR) as they should have a good future and make good money. But then you got winners like DELL and many others to choose from. This is why it is a stock pickers game. I use Razer and know they make good products and Corsair is always rated high by the blogs that rate the best products.

Might sell some Marvell Technology, Inc. (MRVL) and take some profits. Move profits to a stock that has dipped.

Taylor Morrison Home Corporation (TMHC) does built to rent homes. Barrons gives them mostly buy ratings. I think this will take off. I want to get in now, early. So I am buying!

Doubling down on Back to School stocks and Retail. I just just noticed I had Ross as symbol Ross and it is Ross Stores, Inc. (ROST). So please sell ROSS stock and buy Ross Stores, Inc. (ROST) yes ROST is the right symbol.

Amazon chooses AMD and don't forget Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) is valued at 32 billion and AMD will buy them out at 35 billion so you are getting a nice discount on Xilinx, Inc. (XLNX) .

Ford might get huge fine but I bet they get out of it somehow. This is why I prefer GM until I what happens with Ford and this potential billion dollar fine. And my research shows more and more people don't like ride in Tesla. I think GM will make a better car that people like to drive. Even Scotty in this video says he didn't like riding in the Tesla.

Safer value stocks here. Coca Cola got horrible press by a soccer star. But I think this is a good value stock. Chevron Corporation (CVX) is a good value dividend oil stock.

Medium risk stocks here. MP Materials Corp. (MP) might finally be ready to move back up as the best rare earth metals stock. And NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) showing strength heading into its 4 for 1 stock split. NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) is also the best semi so its very high priced.

Safer value stocks.Banks look like good value. The usual big ones, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citi Bank, and even Wells Fargo are good. But, I like and just bought the more risky Signature Bank (SBNY) and SVB Financial Group (SIVB) as they are smaller and firing on all cylinders. I will the bigger banks at the end of next week to see which one of them holds up after the FED meeting we just had.

Risky stock post. My risky stocks have dropped big. Roblox Corporation (RBLX) and Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) and I have purchased some of these back on the dip. These are on fire but risky. The stock that burnt me is Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) and I'm still down on that one and I am still holding but won't buy anymore. If Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) gets their vaccine out this may double but very risky.

Analyst I talked to agreed with me that people love Farfetch Limited (FTCH) and it is still on a dip. I think it will get 15% and back into the 60's as people get used to buying high end luxery online.

That was a lot to say for a Thursday. End of my 6-17-2021 posts. Yes I have trimmed my stocks and I am 90% in cash. I want to sit out a few weeks to see if inflation causes a selloff. Oil and other stocks like Coca-Cola Company (KO) should be fine but most stocks could fall. I tell people login to your 401k and go into cash until the end of June.

We are destroying all competition this year with our picks and we can easily make over 50% if we keep this up. I am watching our two biggest winners Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) and Roblox Corporation (RBLX) falling back down which will let me buy them again! I have a gut feeling I will have to say when I am selling because people might not know when to sell a stock. For example when Upstart hit $190 you should have sold 50% or even 75%. I sold at $180 if you want to know. Know as it falls I will watch the FED moves today because they may cause a selloff in stocks. After the FED meeting I will have an idea of what stocks to buy. Right now the only play seems to be oil which I find sad because it means the economy is starting to go deeper into a bear market and I can't buy stocks in a bear market.

The one company I love to hate that I own is Novavax, Inc. (NVAX). I watched it drop to $120 and it has maybe the best covid vaccine. I held and watched it rise to 200 and then one day open at $230 and immediately sell off back to $207. I've seen this before and now it fell back to $187. This is the riskiest stock I've ever seen and I want to buy it at the lows. But with a range of $120 to $300 is $187 a buy? Well I know it is falling and the rule is do not catch a falling knife. My research shows it was a normal selloff on no news so I will be watching to see if it falls more. The vaccine should be out in 4 months and then it will really make money unless another mishap occurs. Once this selloff is done I will put $3000 into Novavax. I am able to keep an eye on stocks all day long so I will be watching this stock today and if it comes down today I will wait until I see the price start to come back up and that means institutions are buying. Once the selloff is done the price will rise 2 points and I will buy then. That could be a fools ralley and more sellers come in but the stock is low enough I see it as a buy anyways and plan to hold it for the rest of the year. Some experts predict they can combine their vaccine with the flu vaccine in 1 shot and that will mean huge profits
My favorite risky stocks are Upstart Holdings (UPST) and Roblox Corporation (RBLX) but the Federal reserve gives guidance today so I am worried about what they will say. I wonder if people know and even can sell a stock that rises sharply. Take for example our Vista that went from $37 to $44. Now I would have sold 50% or even 75% and let the rest ride. I would never risk it falling back to $37. I never tell people when to sell but I hope people learn to take profits and cut losers quick. I had some stocks I fell in love with fall 50% and I should have sold them after they lost 15%. Vista was what I call a Peter Lynch pick in that I know what the company makes and these products are in high demand.

The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is a winner no matter what. Inflation? People will still want their coke. I will wait for the FED meeting to end and then if all looks good economy wise I will buy me some Coca Cola stock.

Fed meeting the next 2 days. I just got done trimming my stocks so I am only 10% in stocks just in case the FED meeting scares the market into a selloff. Many prudent investors are locking in profits I guess in case they say something about inflation. Even now I don't see many pros that scared of what they will say. I'm going down to 20% in stocks and 80% cash unitl the meeting is over which is probably late Wendsday or Thursday.

I am thinking oil will go up as more people go back to work so Chevron Corporation (CVX) is a good value stock with dividend and I will buy some Chevron. Then I see on the news inflation is here and will stick around a while so banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs should do good but they have already run so much I can't see buying them! Inflation shouldn't make bank stocks double. They are value stocks. I won't be chasing these bank stocks. I own enough banks.
I still like PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) , Square, Inc. (SQ) , American Express Company (AXP) , and one stock that will dip from poor timing of a 500 million is SVB Financial Group (SIVB) and I will watch to see how far it dips. I will try to let it dip more but if the dip ends I will buy in quick before it rises back to 600. So be careful with what you buy due to inflation not yet under control.

**Risky stock alert. Just noticed Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) will let insiders sell after the Lockup Expiration on 06/14/2021. The price of the stock should go down as insiders sell and then investors will flock back in days later. The insiders hold many shares and they just want to sell at any price since they got their shares for free basically. I plan to buy some after the insiders sell but I will be careful to make sure they sell which means we should see lots of volume in trades on June 14.

Cramer steals my info on Peter Lynch and now says Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON) is a sell. I posted on why I actually like Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON) and bought it at 95 and 105 backing up my mouth. Now Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON) is hitting 112. If the economy wasn't scared of inflation it would be up more. I listen to Jim Cramer but I don't buy many of the stocks he likes. Funny we both chose UPSTART holdings as I posted below and it hit $200 and I sold most of my UPSTART at 190. Now it is falling and will oversell letting me get back into it at around 110 I hope. The hardest part of risky stocks is knowing when to sell and how much to sell. Cramer has an expert on retail stocks on his show so I tune in because I want to hear his stock picks and they are the same ones I have been looking to buy and now have as I posted them just under this post.

Retail stocks to own now. Ross Stores, Inc. (ROST) , The TJX Companies, Inc. (TJX) , Burlington Stores, Inc. (BURL) , American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. (AEO) , L Brands, Inc. (LB) . Retail is still strong even with inflation. These may do good in inflation being name brands and just run so good they can raise prices a little. I also found and like BSET . Yes little furniture maker Bassett Furniture Industries, Incorporated (BSET) is trading at a discount although I see it is up today.

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) could be a buy on the dip stock right now. Under Bidens infrastructure bill they should make good money.

You have to buy the best tech stocks now. Knowing the best stocks takes lots of research. ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) is good and NVDA is good as we posted to buy that at 600 and it is now 700 but it is still a good buy even now. NVDA is a rare one that I buy and hold knowing it like ASML will just keep going up and in 5 years be worth a lot more.

All technicals look good for Amazon. Plus Amazon has been stalled out while other stocks have moved so usually a rotation does occur into the big stocks. Amazon is doing great and now their advertising revenue is up so a run is possible with very little down risk. I am a buyer here.

Selling Desktop Metal, Inc. (DM) and just keeping the 3 other 3d printer stocks. I didn not realized the lockup period will be ending and insiders will dump all their shares and then may be a good time to buy DM. I still like Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS) , 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) , Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM) I will take the quick loss on DM and chalk it up to failure in research when I looked at it.

I wonder if people will keep piling into NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) as it will soon split 1 for 4 stock shares. Price will be under $200 but the same value. But people always buy more at lower priced from psychology. That is why NVDA went from 600 to 700 in weeks. Easiest money ever. My number was 700 so now it gets harder to decide what to do. I can see a spike to 800 and then I will sell 75% of my shares if that happens.

Nice reopening stocks to me and they are off their highs and have dipped. Red Rock Resorts, Inc. (RRR) , Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (MLCO) , Penn National Gaming, Inc. (PENN). It is after hours but some can buy stock in after hours. The other one I just saw on CNBC was

If you bought Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON) at 85 do you sell now or do you try to ride it back to 140? Tough call to make. Here is where the rich investors win as they can buy a huge chunk and sell half and let the other half ride. When you only have $2000 in PTON that doesn't look work so good but that is how you build your money up. As for me I think we can get to 115 or 120 but I know this is a risky stock.

3d printing stocks. These 4 I bought 2k of each as history shows they move together or one will take off like Tesla. I think the future is in 3d printing. Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS) , 3D Systems Corporation (DDD) , Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM) , Desktop Metal, Inc. (DM) . Now these are longer term holds but I think I will be rewarded.

All my stocks taking off. Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) because of Biogen's approval for a drug. Bought this one with Bristol Meyers weeks ago and its a pleasant surprise. Great stock.
Now see I was right about Fortinet, Inc. (FTNT) as is Unified Threat Management Software . Consider how many companies are getting nailed like Colonial and have their computer system taken over and they pay millions in ransom to get their computers back online. Yes hackers take over their system and shut them down until they pay. Fortinet is right in the middle of this key area called UMF. Got in this 40 points ago and why can't it go higher? This company doesn't get much press but the pros have bought it.

Common sense says Amazon will make less after raising the minimum wage they pay which is great for workers and bad for investors. So this is why I've leaned towards Google and other companies that don't have to employ tens of thousands of workers.

My gut tells me these stocks will keep going up under Biden. Ammo manufactures Olin Corporation (OLN) and Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO). Much better than having your money sit in a bank because they pay dividend also.

If I played the lotto and spent $500 or even $1000 a year I would instead buy super risky Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (ADMP) . Why? For those that like risk I spot the news heading 'Adamis Pharma climbs as NIH highlights TEMPOL as potential COVID-19 therapy' and I remember how Moderno and the NIH had a patent that became the vaccine. So when the NIH says anything I pay attention. As super risky as this is I say its much better risk than lotto tickets. The news just came out today so I bought a chunk immediately and if I see profit taking I will buy a second small chunk. That will leave me with a risk of $1000 if I buy both chunks. If it goes up I win and if it goes down I lose but that is the super risk I am taking.

Looks like people are loading up on on NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) ahead of the 4 for 1 stock split. I was expecting the usually selloff but people remember Tesla stock split and how it went way up in price I guess. NVDA is thebe chip stock but with chip shortages they produce less chips so this run is based only on the coming stock split.

Why I like Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON). I don't like the name but the company is strong. The recall scared every investor but think about it. Single people won't do the recall because of the hassle and they have no kids so they won't bother with the recall. So I believe there will be less of these bikes sent back for recall then investors think. If I had thought of this sooner I would have loaded up at 85. I think this will head back into the 130s once others figure this out to. It is a hybrid play and not a tech stock so it should do fine as people will keep using this product for years.

Today in about 30 minutes CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (CRWD) reports. I like it because a cyber security play when many critical operations are being hacked. Also reporting in 30 minutes is Broadcom Inc. (AVGO) which should beat because of inflation. It can charge Cisco more for Broadcom chips.

Farfetch Limited (FTCH) has dipped from the 60's to the 40's and is a re-opening play as it supplies high fashion clothing and the billionaire Soros bought into it. It is worth a look. Risky tech stock? Riskey for sure , but Paysafe Limited (PSFE) has bounced off a super low of $10 and the CEO is total class. They are the biggest gaming payment platform in the world. Caesars uses them and Spotify and Fortnite. This tech stock is still in a dip and a buy to me. It is a rare tech stock I would buy right now in the low 12's.

Selling most of Camping World Holdings, Inc. (CWH) until it stabilizes. Most sell offs go for a week.

Economy is generally bad. Only current strength I see is GM and Ford. I wouldn't be surprised if these even cool down since this market kills off most hot stocks. I tend to get in and if a stock runs 10% or 15% I just sell 75% of it and take the profits. It is just a bad market that could be ready for a selloff before it goes higher later this year and that is what most analysts are predicting.
Could be time to trim every stock and go 15% in stocks and 85% in cash.

I am looking at my more risky stocks. Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. (HYFM) is showing strength but how much more will it run. Gores Holdings VI, Inc. (GHVI) is used by Redfin the online site similar to Zillow and it is a strong stock right now. Paysafe Limited (PSFE) was a Jim Cramer stock and it was 17 or 18 and now 12 and I like to buy stocks on the dip and this is a fine stock worth about 14 or 15. Then the one I missed was Porsche Automobil Holding SE (POAHY) as I delayed this stock soared. I won't chase Porsche but it is forming a cup and handle. If you buy Porsche make sure you have a limit sell around 11 or even 10.75 so if it breaks down you get out without to much loss.
3D Systems Corporation (DDD) has made me good money from the lows and it still powering forward back to 40 and its all time high. That is my hope in this risky 3d printer stock play.
I find articles on beaten down stocks and they give me great stocks to research and buy them while they are way down. Example is this article I on Ouster (NYSE:OUST), Desktop Metal (NYSE:DM), and Romeo Power (NYSE:RMO)

Take your lumps. Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) doubled for us and Roblox Corporation (RBLX) went from 85 to 100 and many analysts and Jim Cramer still love it to go higher. But these are the risky stocks. Which is where it turned ugly with Novavax completely missing and delaying the vaccine. This is why I don't use margin and won't tell people to. This one fell to an unreal 120 and only now is making its way back to 200 plus range where I was a buyer. But this stock has lost my trust even though analysts say it will go to 250 to 350. I am holding and it looks like it will get back to where I purchased it. I do like Jim Cramer saying Roblox is the real deal. I have hopes that will keep going up to 120 or 130. So in the end I didn't panic and sell and will make good money off the risky stocks. Most people should stick to safe stocks that I will focus on more.

Value stocks are still in favor and with a shortage of everything out there what stocks will this help. Caterpillar / CAT , Deere / DE , HoneywelL International / HON , Old Dominion Freight Line / ODFL , Oshkosh / OSK , Rockwell Automation / ROK , Saia / SAIA , Wesco International / WCC , XPO Logistics / XPO
You can also consider chip makers ASML Holding N.V. (ASML) , Applied Materials, Inc. (AMAT) , Lam Research Corporation (LRCX)
Starwood Property Trust, Inc. (STWD) , Welltower Inc. (WELL) are good real estate stocks but I prefer WELL.

Planning ahead. Nvidia will split the stock 4 for 1 like a dividend. The new shares will be disseminated after the market close on July 19 and will begin trading on a split-adjusted basis on July 20. I also read July 21. So I will make sure I am in NVDA a week or two before July 20.

Sold 30% of my Roblox as its up big from where I bought. Using that money to buy Redfin Corporation (RDFN) because it was $100 and now $58 and the 200 day moving average is nearing the 50 day moving average and that is very bullish.
Safe Stocks in this post. Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (FNF) is dipped a bit and good stock like Prudential and worth looking into. A slow good grower. Then two great pharma stocks to own are Eli Lilly and Company (LLY) and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY). Good safe dividend stocks and with pharma currently out of favor this tells me it will be in favor and moving up from here. These are stocks you can buy and hold.
PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL) dipped and is moving back up. I like that enough to buy Paypal plus I use and love their service.

Risky stocks in this post. Tough bear market. Looking for big dips to buy on on. MercadoLibre, Inc. (MELI) the Latin America Amazon dropped $1800 to $1360 ish today so I bought on this huge dip. And Pinterest, Inc. (PINS) is down from 85 to 64 so I picked some up today. Pins is a nice website that uses Ads to make money and will find other ways to help users sell products like Etsy. This dip makes me buy some shares as most pros see how Facebook did it and Pinterest should be able to make money the same way and more.

I can sell in after hours. So I sold 75% of Nvda shares to bet it drops tomorrow on just an average earnings beat. Then I should be able to buy back for the 4 for 1 stock split in NVDA.
Snowflake earnings were just blah. Time to sell Snowflake (Snow) and move into Disney (DIS).

if you like buying on the dips Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc. (CLF) has dipped to 18 with analysts saying 1 year target is $24.

Currently I wondering why Zillow (Z) is down to 114 from its high of 200. Correction did it in but is this the bottom for Zillow? Will it head back to 170 lets say.. Others I am looking at you might consider are Romeo Power, Inc. (RMO) , Desktop Metal, Inc. (DM). Chip shortage hurt Romeo and Desktop Metal is a risky 3d play for the future. Also Welltower Inc. (WELL) for inflation hedge so I bought double of WELL. Yes I've ended up buying all of these just now because my research says these small stocks will do just fine.

5-26-2021 All the momentum stocks I just talked about have stalled. So I am out to find low stocks that can move up. Every low stock I was looking at just moved big. NNDM VUZI PTON DDD GRWG. We saw PTON and those that chose the risk are at 108 and good job. VUZI was 15 and now 19. DDD was 55 and is buyable as it heads up I think. GRWG ie Grow Generation is way down and could find its way intot he 50's. I would think DDD and GRWG move but if everyone thinks the way I do then theory say the others will move. This is why I diversify. IPOE looks topped so I can sell half of that and put that indo these stocks. This is a bear market no matter what CNBC says. So be careful.

5-25-2021 the bear market rolls on. Thing could get ugly after Memorial day and pick up in July and August. Why does this pattern happen. Everyone tends to just sell off thinking they are selling off before everyone else. It is that simple...People have money now so I like Visa and Mastercard.

5-25-2021 Some nice stocks to buy on the dip. Disney, Wix, and Paypal. Strong stocks that are down and will make a comeback with patience.

5-25-2021 Strongest stocks going right now that I see are Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. (MLM) biggest cement and construction materials supplier. Then we have Roblox Corporation (RBLX) which 8 year olds love and Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. V (IPOE) who wants to be the next Robin Hood brokerage. Will they cool down or go another 10%, tough call.

5-25-2021 I am diversified to have a balanced portfolio that goes up slow and sure. Mix of growth and value stocks is best. I got to listen to top financial advisors/managers this weekend for free and they charge a huge fee to manage your money. They told me Monday would be down and wanted me to sell Microsoft and said it three times. They had expensive suits on and not a hair out of place. Probably spend 3 hours in front of the mirror. They stared are me when I mentioned Nvidia and so I asked them if not Nvidia what stock should I buy. They were so proud to say Bassett Furniture and now I look today and its down while all my stocks are up. Microsoft is up and Nvidia is up and maybe Pelaton is not up but overall my stocks are up a nice amount. Every stock they mentioned is down. So I try to call them today and guess what? No answer. I will turn on the auto dialer software to keep calling them because I do not like them. The stock market is not rigged. Sure there is major insider trading in the hedge funds as proven by all the arrests over the years. But the Peter Lynch method does me just fine.
Buy your own stocks. Know why your buying the stock. The reason you do research on every stock you buy is the same reason you get a title search when you buy a house and use an inspector. When I found out car stocks couldn't get silicon chips they needed I refused to buy Ford. Then after the stock dropped 10% I decided to buy even with a chip shortage because more chips will come online in June. So it is temporary shortage and I played the other investors. I rarely play a stock. I play the other investors. I know investors will panic if they hear inflation and I quickly sell half my positions in growth stocks. So you can't give advice in the stock market this way. You have to hope people know when to sell. All I can do is here is help point out good stocks and people have to decide when to buy and sell on their own. I have learned to buy on dips and this month I got great dips to buy into.
I had everyone tell me buy Coinbase and Snowflake when they first came out and now look how much those stocks have fallen. I bought Snowflake now because the CEO is the best there is and the stock is still high priced but the company makes a real product where Coinbase is just like a leech off of Bitcoin.
People that bought Norwegian Cruise Line last week are happy now to as that stock will gain on re-opening as people flock to the cruises. At least that is how I think it will play out.
Always research your stock to see if there is any reason that is bad news and you will find Google is your best friend. This is why I also like Google. Then I read youtube has 2 billion users and I see a bright future for Google. Sure I read about anti trust and should I let people get scared and sell Google on that news or should I buy Google knowing it is a great stock. I think the scared people have already sold Google so I am a buyer. Their ad revenue will go up with re-opening as more companies advertise again.

5-23-2021 My first super safe picks are still my best. The fit into Bidens infrastructure bill. Symbols are PHO , FIW , PAVE , CGW and they are up 5%. Seem strong and solid. I also still like Verizon as my telecom stock.

5-23-2021 Here is a quick video showing charts of some stocks. If this was not a bear market all these stocks would be up. Yes Nvidia has earnings this week and a stock split so this is a risky stock. Only young investors with risk money should consider buying Nvidia. Video showing Nvidia chart details along with some other stocks.
Right now I am buying Nvidia because of the 4 for 1 stock split. Plus it is #1 semi stock. 4 for 1 stock split is going to bring in more young buyers.

Sold Ford just because I made 15% off it and sold Fireeye that was up 10%. In this market I will take those profits as it is still bear market.

5-21-2021 With inflation still hanging around I want to be careful. Two strong stocks I like are Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) because Youtube is turning into a big cash cow with 2 billion users!
I should have waited to buy Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. (WFG) have both dipped back into the buy zones.
3D Systems Corporation (DDD) is showing strength as it passed its moving average.
Visa Inc. (V) is will do good with stimulus and my safe tech pick is Adobe Inc. (ADBE) as it has millions of users and is the leader in its sector.

5-21-2021 Here is an example of what I see when I look for the dips and patterns.
3D Systems Corporation (DDD) is crossing the moving average and headed up imo. The other two stocks showing here are dipping and they have a pattern of bouncing off their moving average and headed up. I think they will bounce up because lumber is cheaper so WFG should bounce and Whirlpool has a good price to its earnings and Barrons loves this stock.

5-20-21 Insitutions are buying tech stocks. Those that noticed the lows and bought I applaud. I am focusing on the best tech stocks that are way down. They will move back up fast is why I am buying now. The inflation scare seems to be fading so you have to get in before everyone else does. My picks thus are Snowflake Inc. (SNOW) , Etsy, Inc. (ETSY) , Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON) , Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (ZM) , and Square, Inc. (SQ)
and Microsoft is another great stock. I have my special four that my gut tells me, The Trade Desk, Inc. (TTD), Roku, Inc. (ROKU) , and the risky Magnite, Inc. (MGNI) isn't so much of a risk so I split my risky money into these three.
Yes I sold some of my value stocks that were up around 7% or more so they don't fall on me like American Eagle Outfitters did, uhg.
Snowflake has the best CEO. Etsy is now a brand name that makes stuff others can't. Peloton is branded and free advertising by news just helps them and people will use it all year long. Zoom is still best video but Microsoft is really good. For advertising I know the Trade Desk is great and so is new come Magnite. Roku stock is a huge dip and Square is a huge dip buying opportunity. My gut tells me the Institutions have seen this to and are quickly gobbling up the crushed tech stocks. These are the ones my research shows me to buy.

5-19-2021 Everything is topping off. Trimming all stocks and then holding what I have. I will be 90% cash and 10% stocks at that point. This is why I told people to put 401k and Roth accounts into cash weeks ago. Play it safe with retirement money. Again 401k and Roths should login to their accounts and go into CASH. You don't want to be in stocks right now. I am a trader and I see nothing right now so I am just trimming down to 10% of my money in stocks. Mining and lumber even took a hit which means companies are choosing not to buy lumber at this high price and now lumber has fallen 35% or more and is still falling. This is why I am holding as anti inflation stocks are falling.
If I make 10% on a stock right now I will sell it. Right now I am looking at Pelaton buyers who bought at 85. I would sell and not risk my profits in this market. Great company but horrible market right now. I want to look at Disney but I can't because this stock market , economy, is not good. Time to sit on our cash.

5-17-2021 My value stocks with experts giving long term buys. Tyson Foods, Inc. (TSN) , Whirlpool Corporation (WHR) , Camping World Holdings, Inc. (CWH) , Alphabet Inc. (GOOG) and the police to me gun ammo is getting scarce so maybe Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO)

5-14-2001 Our GM and Ford stock are off to a good stock. I am thinking of value stocks like everyone else right now. Let me explain what a good value stock is. One that pays a great dividend. This is why I like Verizon and others like Att but I like Verizon.
You get value stocks with no dividend like Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (CZR) which I never bought and people like it so I feel it was low enough to buy but it just popped 5% so I missed out on the dip. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc. (WH) offers 1% dividend and is also a re opening play.
I like travel stocks as people will travel alot once the economy re-opens. Cruise lines, vacation spots like Vegas. Expedia Group, Inc. (EXPE) and Booking Holdings Inc. (BKNG) should also do nicely. Avis Budget Group, Inc. (CAR) and Disney (Dis) I like but these don't pay dividends. So once again I diversify. Once again the bears point out inflation and the FED says it is temporary so now is a good time to buy these stocks. The #1 indicator I look at is what the FED says.

Selling more than half of my nucor because its run hot and up 20%. Well above its moving average.
5-13-2021 My buys today. There is chip shortage so I want Lam Research Corporation (LRCX) and then I bought Walmart, Target, and more Costco since my Peter Lynch theory tells me they are winners. I also like The Sherwin-Williams Company (SHW), I have plenty of NUCOR CORPORATION but I want more XPO Logistics, Inc. (XPO) and Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU). Then I need to get into cars that have good value and I list those below. I never thought they would be low enough to be such a good value to make me buy them but they are. Plus a Ford F150 EV, wow, and boy will they sell a ton of those.
Congrats to those that bought Peloton at 85 but in this market I would dump it and take profits. I see people buying Xoom, Tesla, but I am avoiding growth stocks like those. They also will have much more competition now.
Value stocks will be starting today because Volkswagen AG (VWAGY) reports today. Value plays for EV cars are ok in my book such as General Motors Company (GM) and Ford Motor Company (F) and my favorite on cnbc reminded me that even Porsche Automobil Holding SE (POAHY) is going EV. I have my EV car money split between those four for the value.
To remain diversified I also own the banks like Citigroup Inc. (C) so own your favorite bank. Some people go I like PROGRESSIVE CRP OHIO (PGR) or Ally Financial Inc. (ALLY) bank and that is fine for this market.

I will start off saying I hope ROTH, 401k, pensions are in cash. I've been saying that a week for you own good. I always made sure I could login to my ROTH and 401k and had my login ready to go to get into cash fast.
Higher than expected inflation have scared the pros and a market selloff is underway, This is where they say 'Do not catch a falling knife'. I was watching TV and a pro was asked when the selling would stop and he got angry and lost it. That doesn't happen to pros often. I know what the FED and Yellen said but I see the market selling off anyways.
There is margin calls probably going on today.
I am in 50% cash and the buying opportunities in this market may give me the chance to buy super deals. I am in no hurry but so many stocks have lost 20% or 60% and I hear people looking at Pelaton at 85 but I don't dare get involved in this marktet. I know the risk takers will take this time to jump on Pelaton or Tesla and I can't stop them but be careful. As for me I sitting on my 50% cash for now.

We also crushed on Upstart Holdings that was as low as 81 today and now 105 after reporting huge earnings. We crushed it on Roblox Corporation (RBLX). Bought 65 now 75 and in this market sadly I am selling 40% of it. This market is so bad I don't want to lose my profits. Vuzix Corporation (VUZI) didn't do so good but I think it is a long term winner so holding my shares.

We, well I hope we all got our Roth, 401k, Pensions into cash. My company had a website I could choose where to put my money and I chose cash. Perfect timing to go into cash for retirement. This is why I never sit it out when I know there is a chance for the market to go down. That is for my retirement money. Hopefully you all got into cash yesterday or last week when I first mentioned it.

I would be putting my roth and pension into cash right now. Market is to over heated to pensions are horribly slow in these markets. Sit it out for months in cash. The rest of the people who can trade on their own and get in and out in 1 day are the only ones who should be in the stock market and I am rotating into anti inflation stocks!!

Selling alert. Sold AMAT and LRCX have turned bad.
They below moving average and that means institutions are selling. Bad news for tech stocks.
Moving money into inflation safe ETFs because Biden has lost control of the economy:
Invesco DB Agriculture Fund (DBA) , United States Gasoline Fund, LP (UGA) , Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF (BDRY) , United States Brent Oil Fund, LP (BNO)

Simon Property Group, Inc. (SPG) is the biggest mall owner and a re-opening play. Roblox Corporation (RBLX) is a game play. Both report earnings today so you have to buy them buy close , 4 pm est today. Jim Cramer also likes them and Roblox is 12 points lower than when he said buy it. Good entry points but if you think the market is headed down don't buy. If the FED is right and inflation comes under control these should be long term winners.

Copper is super hot right now. But these copper stocks will over heat. Southern Copper Corporation (SCCO) is smaller and thus moved more than other copper stocks. But will it keep going up or cool off. I kick myself for buying 4 other mining stocks and not this one to. The chart shows it is to risky now but with copper prices rising to all time highs its not a bad risky play. To risky for me though. I am keeping my other copper/mining stocks and not chasing this one.
I use Charles Schwab to trade as they offer $0 commissions on online trades so you can trade for free. Your money is safe with Schwab.

About me. I was taught by Peter Lynch and so far this year I am doing better than Jim Cramer, Cathie Wood, Warren Buffet. I love my users and just as I taught other programmers how to code a word unscrambler / SCRABBLE cheat website ( who now compete verse me ) I will show how you, yes you, have everything you need to beat the pros. Peter Lynch showed me and I will show you. We will find the winners and make excellent returns on our investments.

5-10-2021 Applied Materials, Inc. (AMAT) and Lam Research Corporation (LRCX) are at their 50 day moving average. Pros win because they can watch these numbers all day. If these two companies fall below the moving average its huge weakness and I dump them. For such strong companies they should rebound and go up. Exact opposite is true as well. If they bounce and go up its a good time to buy more stock in these two.

5-9-2021 Simple listing of what I own. I change stocks daily and right now re-opening, inflation, and banks are what I am looking at this week. Every week and every month a new sector could become hot and then we sell fast and buy fast (Pros call this rotation).

These are listed in order of risk. The less risky are listed first and you can look at just those. The next part are more risky and you can avoid those if you are over 45 years old.

This week I want to buy ANSS. They help car makers and I see the stock has dipped. Mining still looks good as does banks for a hedge. So Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX), Rio Tinto Group (RIO) and Citigroup Inc. (C)


This next group is my higher risk stocks

These next 4 a much higher risk

I know FTNT ran from 196 to 211 so that is one I should trim

Stocks I just bought. Dow Inc. (DOW), Moderna, Inc. (MRNA) a great Covid play and it has dipped this week, and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (SMG)
May 8 2021 - Yes I sold Kellogs yesterday as I tend to sell on the news and I made 7 1/2%. People that paid attention got another chance to buy Fortinet at 196 and its now 210. Now I start to look ahead at when the inflation due to scarcity will end. Most say 2 to 4 months but I think the scarcity will go for the rest of the year. Problem is these stocks are up 10% for us already. At 20% they start to get more than fully valued. So I will keep my eyes open. At some point people will want to buy Zoom and Teledoc and AMD and Nvidia again and the money will rotate back into them but I just don't know when. Note those buying Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, I love these stocks to and think they are great buys right now. I notice T mobile shining more than my pick Verizon. Buy both I say.
I've researched 3 stocks. These are for young investors who like the risky high reward stocks. I know they can go down as well that is why its for the young who can afford to be risky. First is my favorite, Vuzix Corporation (VUZI) as it keeps falling from 32 to 19 and its a great company that makes smart glasses that will help doctors, engineers, almost everyone. I finally bought a starter position in Vuzi and if it falls I will probably buy more. Next is smart door Latch that will be a spac and trades right now as TS Innovation Acquisitions Corp. (TSIA) Corp. (TSIA). It has smart locks the Air BnB and home delivery. TS Innovation Acquisitions Corp has a smart lock that will enable groceries to come inside and drop off the groceries and leave. AirBnB uses them to digitally change the lock when people check out of a house and just like that the house is ready for the next renter. If they can pull it off they will have good earnings. Young investors take a look at these two companies.

I still believe in Novax at this 174 price range. The trees used to harvest agent M as I call it is to hard so no company will be able to use their Intellectual Property and copy them. President Biden drove this stock down and its a gift I believe. I think it will head back to 238 in coming months. May 7 2021 - Looking at 2 to 4 or more months of inflation. Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) supplies copper, Westlake Chemicals (WLK) supplies chemicals and plastics, FedEx (FDX) is raising prices. Other inflation stocks to look at are Lululemon Athletica (LULU),NIKE, Inc. (NKE) , Starbucks (SBUX), Procter & Gamble (PG), and Altria Group (MO).

Higher risk stocks are still Novavax which has dipped even more and I see as a great buy. Also Upstart Holdings has great potential based on their last earnings this dip is nice to buy on.

May 4 I trimmed alot of my positions so todays sell off wasn't to bad for me. We timed it right. Safe stocks like Verizon, Prudential, Nucor, Cleveland Cliffs, US Steel and West Fraser Timber have been great safe stocks for older investors. And the safe ETF's PHO ,FIW , PAVE , CGW have returned a very good 5%. SHERWIN WILLIAMS is a favorite of mine as Citibank the symbol C. Yes we are making good money with these safe stocks. Much better than sitting your money in a bank at low interest rates. MUCH BETTER.

Now for younger investors you have the chance to buy on dips of some good risk stocks. This is why the fast nimble investor can win. I missed buying Fortinet when it dipped again as its my favorite cybersecurity. I am watching these stocks dip and wondering what price I want to buy, Dynatrace, Inc. (DT) and Palo Alto Networks, Inc. (PANW). I was waiting to buy my super risky stocks that could return a lot or lose a lot. Roblox Corporation (RBLX) and Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST). I should have had a limit buy order in for Upstart at $100.50 but it has rebounded to $105 now and I am not to hot on it now. Anyone that got in at $100 good job. Roblox has so many children playing it that it wins with inflation or without and re opening won't effect it much. If the CEO is good Roblox will double in price.
Then the Big one, Novavax. Those that knew to wait even longer saw a chance to buy at $172 today. It is already $183 now. For thos that knew to wait for bought more on the dip congrats and you are better than me. Novavax at $170 is a gift. I've spent years talking to the best covid analysts and Novavax is #1 as its a mere flu shot and not the Moderna RNA untested method. Government holding back materials from Novavax is almost treason to me. Novavax should be approved and producing vaccines right now and I wish I knew who in government took the ingredients from Novavax and gave them to J and J who produced a horrible vaccine. I have never been so disgusted with government in my life. Disgusted by Trump and Biden and the people working under them. I would hope money didn't exchange hands to bribe government officials into pulling ingredients from Novavax but it sure looks this way. Disgusting.
May 3 2021

Will inflation roar

This weeks picks are Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU) , The Progressive Corporation (PGR) , Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST), and Citigroup Inc. (C). Costco has great deals and people will flock their to save money. Financials do good during inflation and so should banks. The simple Peter Lynch method.

Also, I am adding these two cyclicals stocks to own for the next months as their products will be in strong demand. LyondellBasell Industries N.V. (LYB) and Atkore Inc. (ATKR). They moved up in recent weeks so you may want to pass on buying them right now but I feel they got room to run.
Amazon, Facebook, and Google had huge earnings and yet the market just sold off. If I had a Roth or Pension I would log in and change it to all cash right now. People in an S&P index fund should be ok. I talked to professionals and I got no answers. When this happens I sell off half or more of my stocks and wait for dips to get back in. I will be 20% of my savings in stocks and 80% in cash.

I did do my research and I think I found anti inflation stocks. First, The Sherwin-Williams Company (SHW) the paint maker should do good in inflation as it can just raise its prices and more profits. Second, The Progressive Corporation (PGR) benefits from rising interest rates and will over take Geico and be the second biggest insurance company this year. Third you can consider Kellogg Company (K) as it gets costs under control and has a nice dividend like Verizon does. I am also looking at Rio Tinto Group (RIO) as a great mining stock like BHP and I know many people like GM and F but I want them to fall more because they have pensions they have to pay into. Plus Tesla is a monster that seems unstoppable and may take even more market share.
Once I see inflation level off I will jump back into my favorite stocks I have listed below. Being a small investor I can get in and out of my stocks in 15 minutes and I pay no commissions on my trades.

Below are past stocks I have bought and the prices have changed so do your own research before buying as the prices will have changed.

April 30 2021
My Latest picks and why

Time to stop buying stocks and hold. The only buy on dip stocks I am buying RIGHT NOW are Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (SWKS) and Qorvo, Inc. (QRVO) as these stocks are excellent and this dip I love and will buy right now.

Stocks I am buying a small starter position in today after finishing my research just now. Yes in about 10 minutes I will be buying these.
I will buy car based stocks. Ally Financial Inc. (ALLY) that does car loans. Car parts makers Advance Auto Parts, Inc. (AAP ) and AutoZone, Inc. (AZO). I also do need banks stocks because their book value is so good. Wells Fargo, Citibank, and JP Morgan. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH) is my risky stock I want to own a little of as people can't wait to take cruise vacations.

No other stocks interest me right now with inflation fears and the stock market selling off the next 3 to 4 weeks. I will just hold the stocks I have and may trim a bit but I am ready to buy back in once the market finishes selling off. Cash is king right now.

Market is correcting lower due to inflation scares that could make the FED raise interest rates. The FED has said they have no plans to raise interest rates. I do monitor many indicators and don't see any huge sell signals.
Facebook, Amazon, Google, all had record revenues and the stocks barely moved. Now is the time to just hold or trim and buy back in a few weeks. Let these great stocks sell off and make a list of other great stocks to buy after the market sells off.

This chip shortage is hitting tech stocks but from what I see this is a general sell off probably due to inflation fears..
This is why pros have 40% of their money in stocks and when the market sells off it gives you a great time to buy deals at super low prices. There is nothing wrong in going 20% of your savings in stocks now and letting the market sell off and then buying back in. The key is to remain diversified.
Note the winners are the people that can watch the stocks a few times a day and spot a nice dip. I noticed Fortinet sold off the other day and bought at 196 and today it is at 200 and it moved back up already into the no buy zone. I was watching my stock list and saw the sell off and bought even in this down market. The more you know about your stock the more you know when a buy price hits.
What are good buys right now.
Stocks that have sold off that I am watching and when they finish selling off I will buy. These stocks I now list below.
Car stocks for sure as the temporary chip shortage are driving them down. GM and Ford and Tesla.
Cruise lines will do good on re-opening. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NCLH)
Banks have good book value. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) , Citigroup Inc. (C), The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS) , Wells Fargo & Company (WFC)
Pharma that is selling off, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY)
Housing, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. (SWK)
Risky stocks I am watching and researching and they are dipping and may dip more are Roblox Corporation (RBLX) , Illumina, Inc. (ILMN), Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. (PACB).

April 28 2021
My Latest picks and why

I love sharing my 20 years of stock knowledge with you freely. I take this very serious because we are talking money here. These stocks I buy for myself and I want to you to control your savings and make money to. The stock market is at an all time high so we have to watch the signals on when to sell and I mean sell fast if the indicators turn bad. The S&P moving average is what the pros are watching right now and so far it shows it is safe to buy the *right* stocks.

My last weeks stocks made me alot of money. This is why I wanted you in last week before they moved and now might be to high to buy. I don't like to chase stocks and have them fall bakc on me. Skyworks did great and SIVB soared.

Here I name some safe stocks. I still love Biden stocks like PHO FIW PAVE CGW that I still own. Mining stocks will be great during inflation so I bought BHP. BHP mines copper, silver, zinc, molybdenum, uranium, gold, iron ore, and metallurgical and energy coal. Plus some mining, smelting, and refining of nickel. I think BHP will do good in this market. I also own some Nucor Corporation (NUE) and Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. (CLF) for the steel that Biden will need lots of in his infrastructure bill.

Here I name some safe stocks. Some safe stocks I found and bought this week are next. I looked for good safe value stocks. Johnson Controls International plc (JCI) As Yahoo profile states; JCI designs, sells, installs, and services heating, ventilating, air conditioning, controls, refrigeration, integrated electronic security, and integrated fire detection and suppression systems for commercial, industrial, retail, small business, institutional, and governmental customers; and energy efficiency solutions and technical services, including inspection. JCI company is setup great for this year.
Next I like Prudential Financial, Inc. (PRU) as it helps me diversify into Finance and it is a great value stock with a dividend.

Here I name some risky stocks. Next is lumber, yes trees. Houses are being built at record pace and lumber is scarce. There is 11% lack in inventory so even with sky high prices I think lumber can move 10% or more. So I split my money between them all. I put $2500 in Weyerhaeuser Company (WY) , Rayonier Inc. (RYN) , Interfor Corporation (IFSPF) , and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. (WFG) . Once timber scarcity ends and prices fall I will sell these stocks. But with the lumber scarcity I feel there is good profit to be made here. Some of these compaies are in the USA and some in Canada but that shouldn't stop profits.

Here I name some medium risky stocks. Facebook symbol FB and Amazon symbol AMZN are good stocks. I own them both. Facebook will do great with Ads. Amazon is into so much everyone should own it and now that I think Amazon will do a stock split I really like it. Even without a stock split amazon should make 10% but with a stock split it will make much more as more people will buy it at the lower price just like what happened with Tesla. Apple I like as well. Apple reports today so I would buy some today and some tomorrow to reduce the risk. Apple might have trouble as the world and every company has trouble getting chips due to a global shortage. Apple wearables and other divisions of Apple are growing great so I do like Apple. Google (Goog)is another one I like because of ads but remember they do spend alot on Youtube storage but it makes even more off Youtube so its a long term buy and hold.

Here I name a very risky stock. For those young kids who like to be risky. Well if you like risk and have a little bit of money left then I will give you my risk stock I bought. Upstart Holdings, Inc. (UPST) as it helps banks do loans by using Artificial Intelligence. And if they can get into the car loan business they will make even more money. And After falling way off its high I got to buy it at $110 and I love buying on huge dips. I feel this is a good chance to get in on a company that is risky but the rewards are just as big.

April 21 2021
My best medium risk stock picks.

Stocks to own for summer of 2021. My opinions. Retailers and construction are looking good. I grew up reading Peter Lynch and I have never found a better strategy. Twenty years of watching stocks and all I do is find companies in the public view and research them. I don't trust other people with my money so I open an account at a big brokerage like Schwab or any brokerage with free, yes free trades that cost you 0 to buy and sell stocks. The stock market is very high right now and value stocks are hot and some people are sitting on the sidelines which is ok. The rule is never lose money and in my other tip I gave my safest stock picks.

My biggest tip right now is the companies that have to pay into pensions. Those companies that don't have to pay pensions will win. So I avoid companies that pay pensions. Now onto my picks.

First, many people buy Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class A which is very expensive so call your brokerage and see if they offer selling slices so you can buy $10,000 worth of a share. This is a very good stock run by Warren Buffet. There is also a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B that is much cheaper. Remember Berkshire Hathaway are is for long term investors who buy and hold and do not sell for many years. Also note construction like Deere & Company symbol DE is in play for Biden trillion bill as is Caterpillar symbol CAT. I own these two stocks.

Second is retail. Retail should be king in the coming months. I see retail being strong and stimulus checks going into retail. I split my $10,000 for retail stocks into GAP, American Eagle Outfitters, Levi, and L Brands. These 4 retailers are just hot right now and I see 20% gains coming in the future months. Once they move I will sell them as I rarely try to buy and hold. I am not Warren Buffet.

Third is Disney. I am big on waiting for dips to buy. Many stocks I love like Disney are dipping right now so how long do I wait to buy Disney. That is the hardest question. Disney is a great stock and I see a great future so I am trying to figure out when is a good time to buy Disney before it runs into the 200's. Disney is much safer stock to own than tech stocks and EV stocks.

Fourth. The EV market is risky. So I read Barrons and other people to see what they like and to see if it matches what I like. Biden has hundreds of billions ready to spend on charging stations and EV research. The EV play is hard . The two I look at are Tesla and it is very high priced. The other stock is coming down but still will be valued around 30 billion and it is the SPAC Churchill Capital Corp IV which also Jim Cramer likes. It is merging with Lucid Motors to make . Lucid shot to $56 and now now is $18.45. Still pricey but this is for young kids wanting a medium risk stock. The symbol is CCIV and make sure to type it in right, copy and page it. So I like Tesla and CCIV (Churchill Capital Corp IV) but I know they are to risky for most people. Reading Barrons they also like my pick for charging stations, EVBox which is merging with TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp and trades under the symbol TPYG and is now only $15. Yes TPYG is the symbol for EvBox. It is risky but for me I will take the risk. I make sure people know EV stocks are risky but I like the future of EV and think I will make good money with these stocks.

Fifth is bank stocks. SVB Financial Group, symbol SIVB deals with silicon valley startups and is more risky than most banks but more profitable. JP Morgan is my other choice but many people like Goldman Sachs and Warren Buffet likes Citibank and Jim Cramer likes Wells Fargo as a comeback play. Banks are good value stocks and are much safer than the other stocks I have mentioned in this post. SIVB is the more risky bank for sure.

Last is tech and yes tech is risky. The best of the year is Applied Materials, AMAT and Lam Research Corporation, LRCX as they make the machines to make the chips and there is a massive chip shortage. I also like Micron, symbol MU because they make memory chips and other chips that are in demand and the stock is dipping. Other tech stocks I like are the 5g tech stocks. Crown Castle International Corp symbol CCI and Skyworks Solutions symbol SWKS. I also like Marvell Technology Group symbol MRVL and no this is not the comic book Marvel (which Disney owns). Crown Castle owns antennas it leases to ATT , Verizon, T mobile. Skyworks makes chips for Apple and others. Marvell makes chips for 5g. Also look into Xilinx which AMD is buying as it is dipping. It is currently valued under the 35 billion AMD is offering to buy them out. Older investors I would steer to Verizon as my favorite pick.

Note. Everyone loves Twilio and Zoom but they are so high priced only risky investors should play these two stocks. Even after the dip they are still price pretty high because they are the best of the best in Voice communication and video.

Renember to do your own research and if you get advice remember its your choice on what stocks to buy because it is your money. I do a lot of research but in the end these are just my opinions. The best opinions I can make and I hope my opinions help you in your stock research.

PS. Those that wonder about Hasbro. Yes a great stock that I am waiting for a dip to buy. But since it is not dipping I may have to just buy it now.

April 9 2021
Stock Tip. Biden bill helps PHO FIW PAVE CGW . Why I like them.

These Funds are safe, low risk, that should do good under Biden's trillion infrastructure bill. These funds are made up of many stocks so I like this diversity and lower risk. For those people that have no idea what to do with their money in the stock market feel free to use this as a start point and research more on your own. As of today I do like these stocks as they stand to make money from Biden's trillion spending.

I have $20,000 saved so I have put $5000 into each of these stocks. Yes I own an equal amount in all four.

CGW is the symbol for Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF. It is multiple stocks in the S&P Global Water Index. Focus is on water utilities, infrastructure, equipment, instruments, and materials. This does well in Bidens trillion infrastructure bill.

PHO , Invesco Water Resources tracks the NASDAQ OMX US Water Index. The Fund invests at least 90% of its total assets in securities of companies in the water industry. Good because Bidens trillion infrastructure aims at products designed to conserve and purify water for homes, businesses and industries.

PAVE , Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF. Deals with stocks involved in the production of raw materials, heavy equipment, engineering, and construction. Another Biden stock play.

FIW , First Trust Water ETF. Combination of small, mid and large capitalization companies that derive a substantial portion of their revenues from the potable water and wastewater industry. Another Biden play.

These Biden stocks can make you good money under Biden. Most pros say use 25% to 35% of your savings to invest in stocks. These are my favorites right now.