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[kriːp], (Verb)

- move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed
(e.g: he crept downstairs, hardly making any noise)

- (of a plant) grow along the ground or other surface by means of extending stems or branches
(e.g: thorny roses crept up the dull gray walls)

- (of a plastic solid) undergo gradual deformation under stress.

- give someone the creeps

Old English crēopan ‘move with the body close to the ground’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch kruipen. Sense 1 of the verb dates from Middle English

[kriːp], (Noun)

- a detestable person
(e.g: I thought he was a nasty little creep)

- slow steady movement, especially when imperceptible
(e.g: an attempt to prevent this slow creep of costs)

- an opening in a hedge or wall for an animal to pass through
(e.g: low in the wall are creeps, through which ewes gain access to grazing from the pastures behind)

- solid food given to young farm animals in order to wean them
(e.g: we've started to wean the lambs earlier and to keep them on creep)

- give someone the creeps


definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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