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We have found lemma(root) word of cutup : cut up.


[], (Verb)

- divide something into pieces with a sharp implement
(e.g: I sat in the kitchen and peeled and cut up potatoes)

- drive aggressively into the path of another driver while overtaking
(e.g: he was threatened with a baseball bat after cutting up another driver)

- criticize someone severely
(e.g: my kids cut him up about his appetite all the time)

- behave in a naughty or unruly way
(e.g: where I was raised, when somebody saw you cutting up, they went to you and disciplined you, and then told your parents)

- (of a racecourse or sports pitch) become churned up
(e.g: the course cut up badly)

- (of a horse race) have a particular selection of runners
(e.g: the race has cut up badly with no other opposition from England)



[], (Adjective)

- (of soft ground) rutted and uneven after the passage of heavy vehicles or animals.

- (of a person) very distressed
(e.g: she was pretty cut up about them leaving)



[], (Noun)

- a film or sound recording made by cutting and editing material from pre-existing recordings
(e.g: the band use old movie and televangelist cut ups and rap-influenced vocals)

- a person who is fond of making jokes or playing the fool
(e.g: she insists she was ‘never a class cut-up’, but her sister was always pretty funny)



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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