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[pleɪt], (Noun)

- a flat dish, typically circular and made of china, from which food is eaten or served
(e.g: he pushed his empty plate to one side and sipped his wine)

- dishes, bowls, cups, and other utensils made of gold, silver, or other metal
(e.g: an exhibition of the plate belonging to the college)

- a thin, flat sheet or strip of metal or other material, typically one used to join or strengthen things or forming part of a machine
(e.g: he underwent surgery to have a steel plate put into his leg)

- a thin, flat organic structure or formation
(e.g: the fused bony plates protect the tortoise's soft parts)

- each of the several rigid pieces of the earth's lithosphere which together make up the earth's surface.
(e.g: the Pacific Ocean plate)

- a sheet of metal, plastic, or other material bearing an image of type or illustrations from which multiple copies are printed
(e.g: the correct alignment of the plates in four-colour printing)

- a thin piece of plastic moulded to the shape of a person's mouth and gums, to which artificial teeth or another orthodontic appliance are attached.

- a thin piece of metal that acts as an electrode in a capacitor, battery, or cell.

- on a plate
- on one's plate
- plates of meat

Middle English (denoting a flat, thin sheet, usually of metal): from Old French, from medieval Latin plata ‘plate armour’, based on Greek platus ‘flat’. plate (sense 1 of the noun) represents Old French plat ‘platter, large dish’, also ‘dish of meat’, noun use of Old French plat ‘flat’

[pleɪt], (Verb)

- cover (a metal object) with a thin coating of a different metal.

- serve or arrange (food) on a plate or plates
(e.g: overcooked vegetables won't look appetizing, no matter how they are plated)

- score or cause to score (a run or runs)
(e.g: Matt Wignot plated two of Clarkson's runs)

- inoculate (cells or infective material) on to a culture plate, especially with the object of isolating a particular strain of microorganisms or estimating viable cell numbers.

- on a plate
- on one's plate
- plates of meat


definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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