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We have found lemma(root) word of plugging : plug.


[plʌɡ], (Noun)

- a piece of solid material fitting tightly into a hole and blocking it up
(e.g: somewhere in the pipes there is a plug of ice blocking the flow)

- a device for making an electrical connection between an appliance and the mains, consisting of an insulated casing with metal pins that fit into holes in a socket
(e.g: the cable is fitted with a two-pin plug)

- a piece of publicity promoting a product, event, or establishment
(e.g: he threw in a plug, boasting that the restaurant offered many entrées for under £5)

- a piece of tobacco cut from a larger cake for chewing
(e.g: they sold chewing tobacco in bars and plugs)

- a lure with one or more hooks attached.

- a tired or old horse.

- plug the gap

early 17th century: from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German plugge, of unknown ultimate origin

[plʌɡ], (Verb)

- block or fill in (a hole or cavity)
(e.g: trucks arrived loaded with gravel to plug the hole and clear the road)

- mention (a product, event, or establishment) publicly in order to promote it
(e.g: during the show he plugged his new record)

- shoot or hit (someone or something)
(e.g: he got plugged in the head while he was taking a nap)

- plug the gap


definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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