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[ˈprɒpə], (Adjective)

- denoting something that is truly what it is said or regarded to be; genuine
(e.g: she's never had a proper job)

- of the required or correct type or form; suitable or appropriate
(e.g: an artist needs the proper tools)

- belonging or relating exclusively or distinctively to; particular to
(e.g: the two elephant types proper to Africa and to southern Asia)

- in the natural colours.

- (of a person) good-looking
(e.g: he is a proper youth!)

- denoting a subset or subgroup that does not constitute the entire set or group, especially one that has more than one element.


Middle English: from Old French propre, from Latin proprius ‘one's own, special’

[ˈprɒpə], (Adverb)

- satisfactorily or correctly
(e.g: my eyes were all blurry and I couldn't see proper)



[ˈprɒpə], (Noun)

- the part of a church service that varies with the season or feast
(e.g: we go to the High Mass, with plainsong propers sung by the Ritual Choir)



definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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