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[pʌf], (Noun)

- a short, explosive burst of breath or wind
(e.g: a puff of wind swung the weathercock round)

- a light pastry case, typically one made of puff pastry, containing a sweet or savoury filling
(e.g: a jam puff)

- a review of a work of art, book, or theatrical production, especially an excessively complimentary one
(e.g: the publishers sent him a copy of the book hoping for a puff)

- a gathered mass of material in a dress or other garment.

- a powder puff
(e.g: she sent her a box of dusting powder with a swansdown puff)

- in all one's puff
- puff and blow

Middle English: imitative of the sound of a breath, perhaps from Old English pyf (noun), pyffan (verb)

[pʌf], (Verb)

- breathe in repeated short gasps
(e.g: exercises that make you puff)

- swell or become swollen
(e.g: he suddenly sucked his stomach in and puffed his chest out)

- advertise with exaggerated or false praise
(e.g: publishers have puffed the book on the grounds that it contains new discoveries)

- in all one's puff
- puff and blow


definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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