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We have found lemma(root) word of ribs : rib.


[rɪb], (Noun)

- each of a series of slender curved bones articulated in pairs to the spine (twelve pairs in humans), protecting the thoracic cavity and its organs
(e.g: he had several broken ribs)

- a long raised piece of strengthening or supporting material.

- a vein of a leaf or an insect's wing
(e.g: a spinach-type leaf with red ribs)

- a combination of alternate plain and purl stitches producing a ridged, slightly elastic fabric
(e.g: knit twenty rows of rib)


Old English rib, ribb (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rib(be) and German Rippe. Sense 1 of the verb dates from the mid 16th century; the sense ‘tease’ was originally a US slang usage meaning ‘to fool, dupe’ (1930s)

[rɪb], (Verb)

- mark with or form into ridges
(e.g: the road was ribbed with furrows of slush)

- tease good-naturedly
(e.g: the first time I appeared in the outfit I was ribbed mercilessly)



[], (Noun)

- a small open boat with a fibreglass hull and inflatable rubber sides.


acronym from rigid inflatable boat

definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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