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[trɪp], (Verb)

- catch one's foot on something and stumble or fall
(e.g: he tripped over his cat)

- walk, run, or dance with quick light steps
(e.g: they tripped up the terrace steps)

- activate (a mechanism), especially by contact with a switch, catch, or other electrical device
(e.g: somebody tripped the alarm)

- release and raise (an anchor) from the seabed by means of a cable.

- experience hallucinations induced by taking a psychedelic drug, especially LSD
(e.g: a couple of boys were tripping)

- go on a short journey
(e.g: when tripping through the Yukon take some time to explore our museums)

- trip the light fantastic

Middle English: from Old French triper, from Middle Dutch trippen ‘to skip, hop’

[trɪp], (Noun)

- a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure
(e.g: Sammy's gone on a school trip)

- a stumble or fall due to catching one's foot on something
(e.g: trips and falls cause nearly half of all accidents)

- a hallucinatory experience caused by taking a psychedelic drug, especially LSD
(e.g: acid trips)

- a device that activates or disconnects a mechanism, circuit, etc.
(e.g: a trip mechanism)

- a light, lively movement of a person's feet
(e.g: yonder comes Dalinda; I know her by her trip)

- trip the light fantastic


[trɪp], (Noun)

- a flock or group of goats, sheep, or other animals
(e.g: she exchanged her cows for a trip of goats)

- a small flock of wildfowl
(e.g: a small trip of dotterel alighted on the cricket field)


Middle English: of unknown origin; perhaps related to troop

definition by Oxford Dictionaries

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