Stories of all sorts (Part 1)

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Octoboer 28 2021 - Ships crashing and giant turtle

March 20 - 2019
A classic done magnificently

Feb 3 - 2019
Just playing a friendly game of chess and my opponent appears and I see his name is Piece Shredder. Ok some killer name isn't going to scare me. Then I see his picture and I am put further at ease. Moral of the story is don't let appearances fool you. My pieces got shredded and I lost. If you see this guy beware!

December 31 2018 - Last day of 2018

I remember years ago when other websites would contact me and ask for source code. I wouldn't share source code unless except a rare set of circumstances but I would always answer their questions and tell them how to solve their problem. They could then have a programmer do it for them. I must have helped 5 websites that are all doing well now and good for them. Now times have changed and everyone seems to be cut throat and I know I have to put in security code to keep hackers out. It has been some journey on this Internet and now we are heading into a new year. I hope you all have a good year to come.

October 2 2018 - Free Help
They wanted to help out. Help gone wrong right off the bat. They didn't know to make sure the bottom was locked I guess. Sometimes you have to politely tell people No Thanks for the help offer. This is proof.

August 31 2018
Worst Drivers
Baltimore, MD: 3.8 years between accidents
Boston, MA: 3.9 years between accidents
Washington, DC: 3.9 years between accidents
Worcester, MA: 4.4 years between accidents
Glendale, CA: 5.1years between accidents
Springfield, MA: 5.3 years between accidents
Los Angeles, CA: 5.5 years between accidents
Providence, RI: 5.5 years between accidents
Alexandria, VA: 5.7 years between accidents
Philadelphia, PA: 5.9 years between accidents

August 24 2018 - Blind elephant
Friday videos

August 2 2018 - Most people are to greedy to be leaders
It is just that simple. I went around this week dealing with businesses and all I could think of to say is wow. These people aren't going to work with me. I don't want to work with them. They are to greedy. They think I am to greedy is my guess. I suspect they will all be out of business in 2 years because of this greed. You can not be a leader if you are to greedy. Leaders know when to hold, fold, walk away, I mean they know when to spend money, save money, invest money, and risk money. Most don't even know research is the most expensive and most profitable arm of a company. And now a video.

July 24 - 2018 Google is going crazy
Google now requires every site use ssl for the users protection. I don't even have a login or any private data. Nor we do we collect any personal information. There must be a valid reason why Google has every website use ssl and not just bank and other money websites. I tried to put ssl on for months and then just broke down and paid the $50 bucks to the host to install it.

July 20 2018 - To many liars in Congress
25 years ago I remember bringing up all the illegals coming into the country. And these fools just go 'shhhhhhh We need them to pick crops.' So many things wrong with that. But you listen to the campaigns during election year and they spout off against it all the time and then once again 'shhhhhhhhhhh we need them to pick the crops.' So your ok with turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants because you want the labor and it is very inexpensive. But now you want me to think you are serious and you have these hypocrits because they are scared of being voted out of office. You just can't have businesses running government and telling them to let the illegals in and then turn on them because you think you might get voted out.
That is called being a hypocrit. First come clean. Then resign your office under the bad choices you have made as a Congressman. Then let the new Congress handle it how they see fit. But first you have to go because you have been corrupted by business for 25 years. So the reasons you do this are evil and corrupt. I have watched it. Trying to say anything different just makes youa liar as well. Before we make any decisions on how to handle illegal immigrants I want to handle Congress for its corruption. The most corrupt place on Earth probably. All that power and all those liars. You turned a blind on on purpose for 25 years to appease big business and now you say otherwise. Lies.

July 12 2018 - The 10k mistake
This is what I see so often. People getting that new job that pays an extra $10,000 a year. Is it really worth it? Do you have to drive an extra hour each day? Do you like the people at the new job? Will you be putting in extra hours of work? I know I made every possible mistake when I started my first of many companies. The one thing I got from it all is the fact I would never try to start another company again seeing how much it took out of me. And second, I will never give in to anyone even if it costs me everything I own. I fight every fight and to the end. That is just my personality. Don't let people push you around.

I dedicate these 2 videos to those people on my website this cool July 12 of 2018.

SCRABBLE® Cheat launch was successful. We wanted a program to decode SCRABBLE® letters and we couldn't find one. After one month we had a website that did just that. We put the application in our website so others could use SCRABBLE® Cheat as well. SCRABBLE® Cheat is up 24-7 365 days a week.

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