Stories of all sorts (Part 1)

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September 24 2022
For 20 years I lived here and I know we had a fox family in the forest back beyond my house. After 10 plus years I would think to myself here we go again with the screeching fox . The snowfall hits and I will have to listen to this fox all night. Then I talk to my neighbor and she is saying something about the fox was screeching at them and their dog and blah blah blah.

One night I was sitting outside thinking and saying to God can you give me something, anything, so I don't feel so stupid as life just pounds away. Then a thought instantly enters my head that the fox ain't screaming for no reason, he is hungry. So I put leftovers back in the woods and that night the screeching didn't happen. Then six other times the fox was screeching I put food out and the screeching stopped and I got a peaceful night sleep. Now I see the fox come around and always checks that spot for food and I swear I can see a happiness on his face as he runs by and quickly checks the spot. I wish schools could teach thinking at a much deeper level than they do because just this easy level thought made me happy. Somebody has to have the original thought just like the guy who thought about the transistor, which is to me the greatest invention of all time. It took three people; John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain to finally create it and was probably inspired by J. E. Lilienfeld whom they did not credit.

We can never forget Albert Einstein who is in a class by himself who opened up the universe to us.

September 19 2022 - Biggest cheating scandal in chess history?
Magnus, the #1 player in the world rage quit the tournament accusing Hanns Niemann of cheating. If so how did Hanns cheat? Hanns either cheated or played a genius game and deserves an apology.

September 14 2022 - Theresa May's enjoyable story of her and the Queen.
My family is military and the Queen loved the military. All my love, RIP.

A great English singer/guitarist. Eric Clapton

Prince shows he can play the guitar, wow.

September 8 2022 - Queen Elizabeth passes
She was a great person and Queen

September 1 2022 - Americas Got Talent Golden Buzzers

August 30 2022
I had some chicken Mcnuggets from Mcdonald and the fox was wondering around my yard so I went inside. But I left five for him. Yea I got the 10 Mcnugget size. I had some pie crust left from the grocery pie I ate and the dipping sauce from Mcdonalds. I left it in his favorite spot and went back hours later to see if he ate any of it. He ate the Mcnuggets and the pie crust but he left the Mcnugget dipping sauce untouched. What sauces you ask? I had sweet and sour and honey mustard. So makes me wonder what Mcdonalds put in them that the fox won't touch.

August 23 2022 - Very kind and brave guy.
The last 2 weeks my back had me in the bed again. But I am up now. My chiropractor says do my exercises in a pool and my mom says back injuries never heal. So I saw this cool video and had to share it. This brave guy helping a scared wolf and its cool how he keeps himself safe as he frees the wolf who looks at him and then takes off. It would be hard for me not to put the trap around the jerks face who set it.

August 23 2022
I also like chess and found this hilarious chess person on Youtube. Here he goes over a low level game by noobs and yes we already know we can expect many bad moves. But I love his commentary as he goes over the game as he is 2200 level chess International Master. I laughed many times while watching him describe the moves and the look on his face. Yes even missed check mates.

August 1 2022 - Welcome to August
Bill Murray was hilarious in Zombieland. As these kids travel they decide to visit Bill Murray's home and he is actually still alive. A great cameo by bill.

July 26 2022 - Me vs Alpha Zero
I got plenty of bed rest after my car accident so why not take on the best chess AI program in the world. Google's Alphazero chess AI program. I wasn't scared at because I am a creative genius and AI's can't handle creative problems and never will. So the game went on and here is how it ended.

July 25 2022 - Dragons
Watching some movies and resting from the car accident. I bring you the dragon in Shrek. My favorite part starts at 3:05

And then you have the Game of Thrones Dragon

July 17 2022 - Bewitched blooper

Still recovering from injuries I was watching bewitched and noticed this funny flub. I should be a detective.

July 18 - 2022 Car Maintenance Tips

1) Use a service like Car Fax
2) Borrow or get a device that reads car codes like Blue Driver
and make sure there are no error codes. Learn how to use the device like a pro.
3) Check oil, transmission oil, other fluids.
4) Check that the tires are not old and worn out and have the correct air pressure.
5) Check the service bulletins. For example I googled my car and the search I used was ' service bulletins hyundai sonata ' and then the first entry on that page was this search. . Now you can see the amount of problems/issues for your car of that year. If there are a lot then find another car to buy.
6) Take it to a mechanic for a final check. It is worth the money.

Now those people that own a car. Read the owners manual. Find out what maintanance is required at so many miles and take it to a reputable mechanic. I find they use synthetic Mobile one oil but they use a cheap oil filter. They don't want to use the mobile one filter? So I will find another mechanic who will. The filter is as important as the oil.
And after winter take the car to a car wash to get salt off. Also when your are driving don't idle the car to long because idling makes the car engine over heat. If you are buying a car from someone don't pay dealer cost because they can't/won't give you a warranty like a dealer will. And remember to change your air cabin filter!

Nobody ever checks the air cabin filter. Yes it clogs and brings mold into the car

July 1 2022

Most expensive toys for collectors

This guy scaring people by staring

June 19 2022 - Real Columbo Crime Discovered

If you love Columbo this video may prove to be to much for you and maybe choose to not watch it.
Proving Columbo , a great tv show with impeccable credentials, is a fraud is tough to deal with. Yet the truth is here.

Carly thought it would be fake and well...

Fun wildlife guide. Note he keeps the wolverine on a leash

April 25 2022 - Sam from iCarly

My favorite moment was #13 starting at around 4:10

April 11 2022 - Pelosi getting Covid

When I was sick I was thinking I don't want anyone to be this sick. Then was I was better I remember a person I didn't like getting sick and I thought about it and I was not thinking good.
These people I heard saying Pelosi has covid and smiling I have to stop them. You should not be smiling. You should think hard and pray she gets better. You want to get the right mindset and then keep going and pray they never get covid and stay healthy and live a long nice life. You can pray they change their stance on issues you don't agree with. So many of you go to church and I know you read Jesus said 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you' and 'Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.' The New Testement is filled with verses similar to this and God means every single person that is living. Every single person. Now two nice videos. An ABBA song and one that is so cool in that we are sending a satellite into the sun to figure out how the sun works.

April 3 2022 - George double dippin

March 16 2022 - Wes Unseld was my favorite basketball player on the Bullets but as an added bonus here is the song used in the video. Now this is Washington D.C. music, enjoy! />

Feb 10 2021 - Pet lobster and a scary shark video />

Jan 13 2021 - Smiling puppy />

Jan 13 2021 - Columbo fans - A Columbo puzzle />

Jan 10 2021 - Warm video

Jan 7 2021 - Timeline

November 25 2021 - What does this guy think of Tesla?

Tesla sticks it to this guy. Way to stand before your cars Tesla, NOT! So after 1500 miles the car goes lemon and Tesla tells him nothing they or will do. So he decides to blow it up. I pay attention and see Lucid and Rivian and think wow they can catch Tesla if they do better customer service than this. Nobody wants to buy a lemon and told tough luck.

Octoboer 28 2021 - Ships crashing and giant turtle

Octoboer 11 2021 - Celine Dion funny video

September 16 2021 - funny video

7-12-2021 More nice vids

4-9-2021 Nice vids

Feb 8 2021
Dedicated UPS driver

Jan 12 2021
A peaceful and lovely video

January 6 - 2021
Very funny humor

July 17 - 2020
Viral moments from the Olympics

June 10 - 2020
Did an African American invent Rock and Roll. Watch for yourself.

May 29 - 2020
When a pro pianist sits down to play

April 4 - 20120 Squirrels

I get it. I put out sunflower seeds for the squirrels and they love them. I just throw them on a tree stump I had to cut down. For those that say corn I can tell you they mostly avoided the corn. Googling I can see on Doorstepzoo.com that squirrels like fruit, berries, vegetables, nuts, bugs, fungi, eggs, and seeds. But mainly I see them ignore everything but sunflower seeds in my first test. They do prefer nuts which I assume is like the dessert. It takes them about 5 to 15 minutes to hit the tree stump of food once I put it down. Usually birds hit it first then the squirrels come and now they are fighting over the tree so I will have to spread food out more it seems. Enjoy this video I found on youtube. Never figured someone would do this.

Sept 12 - 2019 Turtles like watermelon

Who doesn't. But I found someone who does....look

April 4 - 2019 Why Do People call McCain a hero?
Because he was! My whole family served in every War and I understand the military. I do take exception that Trump attacks McCain and after he has passed away. McCain risked his life for his country and President Trump made an excuse to get out of serving. Trump doesn't understand when your are in war and in the front line you are risking your life. Getting shot down over enemy lines means 99% odds you will be captured but he flew the missions anyway. McCain had bravery and did the job his country called him to do. That is a hero. The only hero Trump could spot is the sandwich. He won the presidency and I respect his post but it is a public servant job and he should remember that because the next elections are coming fast. And he is completely out of touch.

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