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Scrabble Helper is like a big soft bed with a down feather pillow like John Denver sang about. Scrabble helper is there to make your Scrabble life more enjoyable and comfortable. Putting your head on the soft pillow is like hitting the submit button after you put your letters in the textbox. Scrabble helper is with you for the entire Scrabble game. You can find the exact word that fits the board. Scrabble helper is here to make sure you have sweet dreams!

5 reasons you are losing Scrabble games

1) You are watching tv and not concentrating.
2) You ate to much, passed out, and missed your turn.
3) You are playing Nigel Richards.
4) You refuse to use the letter S.
5) You don't get enough sleep.
6) You aren't using our Scrabble Helper!
7) You aren't using our Scrabble Helper!
8) You aren't using our Scrabble Helper!

Scrabble helper - Hooks

The best scrabble help is tips such as these. Know as many hooks as possible. A hook is a letter that can be added to the front or end of a word to form a new word. Scrabble cheat knows these from the dictionary but its beneficial to memorize them.
arc o      kin o      pun a      e quid      j nana      liar d      wit e      red d      pint o      coat i      robust a      tru g      both y      vat u      lavas h      s cry      monster a      k etch      tartan a      low e      veer y      far d      e pact      must h      t okay      get a      b alas      pare u      hog g      v entail      gram a      sense i      lung i      o gee      pedal o      tab i      jug a      e land      z ill      eat h      s amp      g oral      volt i      t hill      lip a      jot a      bitter n      cube b      g rivet      gala x      d zo       a zo      rot l      g host      stamped e      flaming o     

Wordle Tips and News

Wordle , the new game on the block is a quick, fun, word game. We even have our Wordle fan page . In Wordle you must guess the correct word in six guesses. As you guess a word the letters turn into colors that give you information about the word. Green for a correct letter in the correct spot. Yellow letters mean the letter is in the word but the spot is wrong. Gray means the letter is not in the word anywhere. But people are developing strategies on how to guess the Wordle in the fewest tries. Most Artifical intelligence use the frequency of the letters combined with Linguistics. Of interest is some letters appear much more often in one spot than the other four spots being Wordle only uses 5 letter words. For example the letter Y is 20 times as likely to appear in the last, fifth spot, of the word than any of the other four spots. The more information we gather the better are chances of guessing the Wordle in three tries. The Scrabble cheat wordfind engine searches for all possible wordle answers for you to consider. The wordfind engine enables you to search any letters to find words using the most common letters after a guess. Our wordle page displays the most used letters in all possible Wordle answers for people using a unique strategy. We cover more Wordle strategy and tips and stories on our Wordle News page .
When you are ready use our free Wordle Solver

Playing Wordle with SCRABBLE® cheat lets you examine all the words and the most common letters in the answer set of returned words. Using those letters you can make a word and keep repeating this until the answer is found or no word can be made and a change of strategy is needed. Our SCRABBLE® wordfinder engine is a perfect use for Wordle as you can see in this video.


Words that Start With & End With

Adjectives that Start With


Word Finder for Vocabulary

I use our SCRABBLE ® word finder to enter random letters and click on words and study the definition from a SCRABBLE ® Dictionary. Watch your vocabulary grow. I got in the habit of doing this every day and it works. This wordfinder engine returns words from your chosen dictionary. Practicing will have your writing better letters, emails, and aid you in your professional career. Nothing beats a strong vocabulary.

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