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May 17 2017

I wish people would become world aware and care about what is happening in the world around them. In my career all I saw was people caring about themselves only. We let the banks ruin the country just to make profits on houses and then run to the government for a bailout. Then I watched President Obama bragging about giving for example, GM, money and how he saved millions of jobs. First, GM could have just sold to Ford or Warren Buffet and that is the capitalist way. But we know Obama is a Socialist and there is no reason to interfere with our system like this. Why. Because millions of small businesses have been spit on by the banks and refused loans and insulted and had to listen to the You are a bad risk and telling us the capitalist model of how if you lose everything you have to DEAL WITH IT. Then they showed me the door. Now they have to DEAL WITH IT and they run to Bush, Obama, everybody on Capital Hill. And they get trillions! I wanted $20,000 and they want trillions and they got it. Now how to do you think I will feel about all these scumbags everywhere for the rest of my life?
Second, why the hell was Obama smiling when he said he saved millions of jobs? Why not focus on the fact that the TAX Payer saved millions of SELECTED jobs. Even though IT IS GREAT he saved millions of jobs there is nothing to smile about because it is a BAILOUT at taxpayer expense. Smiling while giving away other peoples money showed me Obama wasn't a good president. Bush was not a good president. And nobody even knows all this banking corruption started under BILL CLINTON and so he is awful to.
Nobody cares. It is painful to watch. You have to care about others. You can not let companies like Apple use slave labor so they can make every last dollar for shareholders. It makes me sick. Look at 100 articles on the subject and here is one example.
Apple low pay for Chinese workers
People don't even try to gain wisdom and become worldly anymore. We should not allow our companies to take advantage of slave labor. Yes SLAVE LABOR basically. If you like this pay then you go to China and apply for this job. They make them work 12 hours a day and teach them no future skills. It is a total dead end job at a non livable wage. Apple you have much to answer for. I knew Steve Jobs and he was a total miser and cheap SOB and he was someone I did not therefore want to talk to. He even refused to admit his daughter was his when shown the DNA proof. Thank god for good people like the person who wrote this article. They are so right if only people would listen. I have 0% belief that President Trump will do anything wise seeing who his advisors are. The Bible teaches treat people as you want to be treated and definitely says don't take advantage of people and Trump says he is a God fearing Christian but I don't see it. He will probably show China how they can pay their employees even less if I had to guess. Yes I have never seen a good USA President in my years on this planet. I have hated them all.

March 30 2017

Just watching another show where a couple is sitting together and the woman says 'Not now I have a headache.' I've also seen the shows where it is 'Not tonight I have a headache.' If guys actually believed this then by midnight tonight Congress would pass a 3 trillion bill to cure headaches.

Feb 28 2017
All graphs seem to show most people are equal in skill. But there always seems to be the one guy who is leagues above everyone else. And one guy who is way in the back and as for SCRABBLE must never win. Which is usually me and thus why Scrabblecheat.com was born. Just because I kept losing over and over. This graph shows the best player in the world and how far from the median players he is. Amazing.

Feb 28 2017
I hope Trump comes to the realization that Wall Street is the problem and not the Mexicans or illegals or what ever you call them. Even the Federal Reserve is more to blame with the unending printing of money. So I have 100 dollars and the total money in the world is 10,000 dollars and the FED prints 1 trillion. Now my money is worthless so why did I save it. FU FED. Your a joke. Obama you were a joke. Bush you were a stupid joke. Trump you are heading fast towards a jerk in just months. Wake up. WE knew 20 years ago foreigners were just coming in and nobody cared. I know they took my job and I told people and they said 'FU , you are paid to much anyways.' Wow, now its happening to all of them and they want to kick them out now after turning a blind eye. Hypocrits SOB's. Do VET them and do get rid of those that don't meet the requirements. But I suspect around 80% will meet the requirements and want to make American better. Bush and obama sank our country and we lost Factories, businesses to other countries at a record pace. Jobs gone. I'll say it again. Bush and Obama, the BO factor. Screw them. They were so damn stupid it makes me want to jump off a bridge. Ross Perot had it right, a giant woooooooooshing sound has ocurred. Time to redo these trade deals. Focus on that Trump.

Feb 5 2017 - Backwards thought of the day
If you have progress that leads to our destruction then the graph would be like so:

~---time and progress--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Doom~
Meaning how much work people do. We work and increase technology and boom, our Doom via technology.

So the unemployed and those that don't work are helping us slow down and we will survive longer with less people working. Unless other people work harder to make up for them. Soon we will have robots and reach our doomsday very fast after that. We will be living on the pin of a needle. We need more tech workers to stop working and keep us from progressing to our doom.

And the annual Superbowl prediction. Patriots will win since 53% of the people think Atlanta will win and people are notoriously wrong in these predictions. It is an easy prediction that the Patriots will make a 4th quarter comeback and win.

Jan 19 2017 - Facebook's Zuckerberg the two faced jerk
I remember when I first launched my word website years and years ago. It was the same time Facebook launched and I liked it. I created an account and went into the forums to talk about my site and on the new was Zuckerberg himself talking about how Facebook will never profile and ban users for their content and like America it is free speech. Then the next day the bastard bans me. I get why cussing and adult rated sites would be banned from facebook but mine is just a word website. I wonder if I was the first website trying to be social that got banned. But then I get mad and look into Zuckerberg. He is a total piece of garbage. Not only the allegations he stole the code for Facebook which was settled for 50 million. Wow did those 3 kids have a bad lawyer to settle that cheap. He goes on to bad mouth Trump or anyone he doesn't like for any reason when he himself is a piece of garbage. He wants open borders but he buys all the houses surrounding his house and has them destroyed. Now I get to read about his home in Hawaii and how he constructs a brick wall to block everyone else's view of the ocean. And then sues people who have a legitimate right to the land he thinks should be his. I do hope Trump raises taxes on the super wealthy. People making over 100 million and the super wealthy who make 1 billion a year. Reading how they can pay almost no taxes is disgusting. I find it funny Obama didn't close this loophole. But every president I can remember has been awful. 90% of my friends are now unemployed after going through Bush and Obama. The two worst presidents I've ever seen. I don't know where you live but here people are very angry and you can see it how they drive and talk to each other. It is bad.
Zuckerberg article

Donald Trump - 1-16-2017
The way Donald Trump takes the bait over and over does concern me. He doesn't show much patience or temperment. I'm no psychiatrist but it is easy to see he gets troubled easily. He has billions and yet is on twitter like a teenager. I spent this weekend meeting some homeless and helping them out and so many just want a job. So I hope Trump does bring jobs back to the USA. Talking to them today we concluded we would ask him to take some sociology courses at night while he is president. They would definitely help. There are people with sociology degrees writing about Trump, he racism, sexism , whatever. The list goes on and on. Yet everyone I meet of every color is like give the guy a chance. So at the homless, poor level, these people don't see it that way and most actually still like him. Will they in 4 years, check back then.

January 3, 2017 - https://www.betonline.ag is rigged or I am super unlucky.

With no vacation I used a few hundred to once again try my poker skills on a new site, https://www.betonline.ag and I went on with my string of just plain horrible luck. I made some mistakes and got lucky once and none of that made sense. So the next days I got back to playing very good poker and I lost with AA,KK, QQ , no matter what I got I lost. So then I played very focused and couldn't make much money. The cards after 3 days just were going bad for me and I had enough. Then I got AK and the guy I was against was at the table a while and I knew that he knew that I was always losing and would probably fold. So I just examined and thought everything out and was sure he was bluffing me. His play style told me was loose and I just wasn't going to fold into someone I was sure was bluffing. That is until the last card when I was like no way. He rolled right into 4 spades giving him Ace high flush. What makes this even worse is I had the King of spades and King high flush. I just can't believe sites like https://www.betonline.ag are legit. Nothing about the way the cards fall seems balanced. But I should go into world records as the unluckiest poker player to ever live. I'm sure my opponent was cheering and smiling his butt off.

Dec 23, The Wine Experiment

So another year with no vacation. I decide to try a rare wine to see if the expensive wines really are better. At least once before I die. So I buy one and got 15% off from the nice lady and all I have to do is go home and drink it. The reviews show text like "sensational, inky/purple-tinged 2003 exhibits a stunningly sweet nose of blackberries, blueberries, litchi nuts, smoked meats, and a hint of apricots" so how could I resist. The only part they left out of the review is the taste of cork. How in the world I failed on the cork is beyond me. But now I have an expensive wine with a unique taste.

December 8 2016 - Grocery At the grocery store getting hot food at deli area I was standing there with a black gentleman. They put out watermellon and chicken right out of the oven. I took both and standing there I asked the gentleman if he was going to take any and he said no. So of course I start think of those old food rascist jokes and how even Tiger Woods had the joke told to him ruining the other golfers career. So I am wondering if that is what this guy is thinking but hell I love watermellon and chicken, who doesn't. Then they brought out fresh cheese pizza and I took 2 slices. I asked the gentleman if he was going to take some of that awesome looking pizza. Surely he wasn't going to pass on fresh baked pizza but he said No. So I asked him what the heck are you waiting on and he replied 'brown rice'. Brown rice??? Who the hell waits on rice but he said he and his wife loved brown rice. So I just gave him a strange look and low and behold out they came with brown rice. So I stepped in front of him and helped myself. Just kidding, he went first of course and he took 3/4 of the brown rice. So I took the rest of course and checked out. My bill was for $37.42 for just the grocery hot food. That is as much a good restaurant! So your probably asking is there is anything I didn't take. Nope. But I sure had a stomache ache after eating all of that.

Oct 19 2016 - Trump as Voldemort and Clinton as Umbridge
Your two favorite candidates as your two least liked Harry Potter characters.

Aug 15 2015 - Best TV
I think the LG has taken first sport awy from Sony and Samsung. The LG OLED55E6P and cheaper LG OLED55B6P are very nice. You just find a tv that you like and make sure the lighting in your room works. Some tv's do better in dark rooms and some in sunlight.

Aug 3 2016 - Funniest post I read in a while
I have no idea how I ended up on a page but I started reading the posts and this one about a boxer vs a tiger made me laugh.

Only possiable way a man could beat a wild animal like a tiger..... is if he s insanely fast and jabed both there eyes out with a 2 fingure poke and the lion was unable to see.... Then.... He would then have to deliver some type of very heavy ko strike that tempararely knocks the tiger out long enough for the man to sink in a reer naked choke and suffocate it to death..... So its not impossiable but i mean the odds if that happening is pure luck, the ko strike would have to be a huge knee to the animals nose or something..... or a huge muay thai kick, using your shin as a bat swining as hard as you can to the tigers temple/skull.

I don't know any man or boxer who would fight a tiger and think they had any chance of surviving. But at least this kid has a plan for it.

July 11 2016 - Good fix for transmission problems
I rarely see a product work but this product seems to work. If you got a used old clunker of a car and the transmission is acting up then give this a try. I have it set so I make no money off these links.
transmission fix

June 19 - Best Mattresses
Back sleepers might want to splurge for the Sleep Number i8 bed mattress. Try the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Elite Kelburn mattress and the Costco Nova foam as well. Serta makes a good mattress. If you have a Healthy Back store near you then try those mattresses out.

June 19 - Game of Thrones. Just another writer ripping off the Bible?
Just like when I saw Star Wars and the idea of the Force. It makes me wonder how many of these writers were inspired from the Bible. Game of Thrones is no different. Just some quick similarities. Jaqen says 'Only death can pay for life.' That comes from the Bible. Jesus was sacrificed so we wouldn't have to pay for our sins. One just has to accept Jesus lived and died for your sins and Jesus will forgive everything in your life and enter your life. Nothing like what is going on now in Game of Thrones where they mention how sinful the queen is and makes her walk 2 miles saying Shame Shame. That part is nothing like the Bible where you just confess your sins in private to God and tell him you won't do it again and thats it. But he can bend it any way he wants I guess.
Then you have the part where he calls Arthur Dayne 'Sword of the Morning'. Funny because Lucifer was Son of the Morning.
You can make 10% of your income to charity please George Martin.

May 16 2016 Walmart -Why I hate them and How to help them

Who hasn't heard of how Walmart won't provide medical benefits to their employees. And then the employees go to the hospital and the tax payers get stuck with $25,000 bills. Walmart could easily stop this but they refuse to pay their fair share. This is a scumbag company. They can brag about their great inventory system but their ethics and morals are lower than a snake. They don't care about their image because people go there because they have the lowest prices. So people in general put dollar as the king. I like to think about everything in the world and as you form a vision of the future world it doesn't look so good. Everyone is betting on technology to save us. And I think technology will ruin us because human bad traits such as greed, lust, envy, price combined with technology just doesn't end good. Walmart could simply open doctors offices at the front of the store with its own doors. And provide the community with a doctor while letting the employees use the doctor as well with a 20% copay. But Walmart thinks they got the genius play of just shoving off employees onto the hospitals and spitting on all the taxpayers. Scumbags.

May 19 - Bovada Poker is totally rigged or just the worst luck ever.
I haven't played poker in years. Slots are more fun. But to me online anything is rigged. But I decidely instead of bringing my money back home I would play another night. Right off the bat I get lucky with four 9's. The other guy was sitting on four kings apparently. The rest of the night goes the same way. I remember doing their tournaments and having just as bad luck constantly. It happens so much I should be in the genuis book of world records as the unluckiest poker player ever. With so many four of kinds happening and knowing the odds of getting 4 of a kind is so rare I just can't believe it. It seems like 50-50 for my opponent to have 4 of a kind. If they were cheating wouldn't it be less obvious unless it was the worst programmer in the world rigging it. So I have to be the unluckiest person. I will say the worst was 2 days in a row I entered the big tournament and got to the final table to lose with Ace Ace to his King King on each nights. So I will bring my poker to an end knowing I have to be the unluckiest player ever.

May 14, 2016 Ghandi was right.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. You can customize it, First they ingore you, then laugh, then get jeolous, then try to ruin you, then try to join you. At the end you have the option of retaliating and hurting them or just ignoring them and forget who they are. They of course will see it in their own eyes as I quote 'You only succeeded because of me' or 'I did everything, its all due to me'. That just makes my head spin that could think that way. My friend Kenneth did send me a link to one of them writing about personal responsibility and I was just like 'really, no way.' I wonder how one person can write that. The truth will come out at the end. I will go it alone and do fine. They will probably fail, fall down, and end up at the bottom of the hill and then they will blame me somehow for their failure. There is something wrong with thier thinking and how they twist truth and live in lies. Now I can see why I left all those companies. My gut was right. They were liars. I've told Kenneth to make sure they don't call us, ask us for stuff, ask us for anything, bother us, and I'm shocked we are still having to deal with this. I doubt I will ever hire another person unless I vet them for 6 monhts.

April 22, 2016
Probably the only time I will agree with Michelle Obama. That her favorite food is pizza. Well I do like universal health care for all if it is affordable and letting minor felons wipe the charge from their record after 10 years. I mean dangit everyone in Congress takes bribes and bags full of money and they don't even get charged with a felony.
pizza rules

Feb 25, 2016 - Drudge Poll for Republican Debate.
Drudge had his usual poll on his website after the debate tonight. So I am deciding who to vote for. All candidates did good. Carson got screwed over on time as usual. He needs to speak up more and just take some control because these moderators are losing control. So I roll the dice and choose Rubio and select him. I think he was a 4 way tie and I just want to see the results. All I can say is what kind of poll are you running Drudge ?? See for yourself at the results I saw.

Drudge debate poll results.

Feb 19, 2016 - Climb Every Mountain.
Update: First, at least 5 people have told me how their boss had them sign a document. Now if the boss won't sign a document then Never Ever sign that document yourself. Read it, but don't sign it. If they insist or order you to sign it go to human resources. Probably the only time I will ever tell you to go to human resources. Demand a transfer to another boss as well. Many employees later have their careers ruined by signing these horrible documents that put your name on the line. The document might be an order that was never fulfilled and the boss is covering his butt and needs someone to sign it and be the scapegoat if someone notices this and you will be blamed because you signed the document. Have high regard for yourself and watchout for yourself and don't take any $##@$ from a bad boss. 50% of these bosses have mental issues so take care of yourself. Make the boss sign it as well. This is the #1 gotcha I see this year. Refuse to sign, tell the boss you have nothing to do with it and look for another job. Only sign documents you worked on and stand by.

So you can make money for people to steal. Last year I closed 3 deals out of probably 40. And one only one was able to weasel me out of money. You just cut your losses and learn from it. A year ago, I had Ken with me and a guy from DomainGang and both trust nobody in business. The thought that everyone is out to get stuff for nothing. And I am in disbelief of that and Ken goes 'Remember Duane, when he got your ads canceled and then said why not put the domain in his name so you can get ads again. And you correctly just said no thanks.' And I was like you think he planned that? I could tell they both thought yes. Its maddening to know people like that are out there. Now we have gone to a closed shop and have good earnings year after year. We write code for companies we trust and will pay us and we have a future with. After meeting top notch, honorable people, I can see how and why I misjudged these people by seeing the differences from these two types of people. I can now spot the lazy, self absorbed, did I say lazy? I don't need communication skills or people skills now because we are a Closed Shop but I wish I had them 20 years ago and I can't stress how important they are if your business deals with people and you don't have the option to go Closed Shop. I don't expect any of these scoundrel pieces of garbage to come and tell me all the things they did and want forgiveness. I already know how much money they cost me and its alot. I trusted the wrong people and I don't think I could hold my temper 5 seconds if I ever saw them again. I do remember interviewing for a top job up North and this Indian entered and I assume was thier highly regarded super tech CTO and he asked me all kinds of weird questions. The only funny part was he got every one of his own questions wrong. Then he said my answer was wrong as there was no such thing as a read/write lock. Then went to his next question, 'What is a read/write lock?' I should have said its the last question you are going to ask me and left. Their product was this new invention called a 'Tablet'. Now I laugh because Apple and Google went all in that industry and I don't think that company made a dime. Thank God that interview went bad. Looking back I do remember that whole interview. This Indian came across as super aggressive and living for this job and so impressed this companies management. The fact he was an idiot got past them because they knew nothing about tech. The fact he made up questions for a tech interview and got them wrong and then told them I was not a good candidate...which was obvious seeing how stupid he made himself look. Imagine if you knew latin. You could stand up in court and SCREAM something in latin that sounded awesome and nobody would know you said 'Aspririn 3 times a day.' That is what this Indian was doing except I knew latin. His tech skills were poor and everyone at that company is probably working as middle management at Samsung or Apple. I wish I could remember that companies name to look into them now.

Then you need a break of mindset, so watch something funny to break the tide. This guy is hilarious.

Feb 16, 2016 - Ramblings on Charity
Well first we got hacked 2 times last year. It is always devastating to see your servers go down. But these hackers targeted our ad servers. So at least the site was running but the ads weren't. Even worse they took control of the ad servers and showed pop up ads and audio ads. Ad types we never show. If they hadn't done this they would have gotten away with it for months. But angry user emailed in and I looked into it and found the ad server was not serving our ads but the hackers. Yes he was getting the money. I will pay closer attention from now on. Second, I can tell few people give money. Every month I take all add money and donate 25% to a charity of my choice. But every time the bank declines it and then I spend 20 minutes on the phone with them proving its a valid charge. Yes they are nice but its almost 30 minutes of my time. Thenthe IRS gets mad because I paid to much in estimated taxes. The deuctions brought down my taxes to where I got a pretty big refund. So they sent me a letter on doing that and a $150 fine notice that they took out already so need for me to pay. How nice of them. But they did pay me interest on my overpayment and it was a very nice rate. So thanks Treasury! I wouldn't call this a sound business plan but I really wish I got that rate from my bank! When I die I can tell God I didn't let money hypnotize me and control me. I did pretty good.

November 27, 2015 - The simple advice is the best if it hits the bullseye
Sallie hit the bullseye and for once and I see greatness in her. Someone who wraps up alot with striaght to the point truth. I can tell you she is right. All these dirtball scum I see up on Wall Street. Well let me tell you I grew up knowing them because my dad led a bank. I went to be a programmer and went to work for governement contractors and always ended up working with an Undersecretary or a General. While they were very nice and real and sincere everyone under them was a backstabbing dirtball looking for money. I got so sick I quit and walked away and didn't even want a transfer. I will pick my fights and I will fight till the death. But its easier to not fight as its just money and I can get that anywhere. My life isn't on the line. I am so happy to be away from the scum I know I made the right choice. But .........But how did they get these jobs. They weren't the geniuses they thought they were. They did it by NETWORKING. Yes Networking. and Sallie has it right. Study, Study, Study, learn, find a mentor and learn more, be good, but don't forget to Network. You can't just go home and work the next day. You have to meet people and have them know you so they can contact you. That is why LinkedIn.com is so powerful. Now I know I am lost. Everyone I talk to nowadays ends up with a fight. I will not be controlled and I see because now I am fulfilled with vast amounts of skill and I don't give 1 inch in business. No longer will I be Charlie Brown and have lucy pulling the football away. The only part Sallie left out and I don't blame her for this. Is that she didn't mention all the gall these guys have in not shutting their mouth, and leaving. They don't get what they want or they get pushed out the door and like George from seinfeld they come right on back. Yes, they have huge amounts of GALL. And this cost them dearly because them their job, money, etc in the end. I guess they thought they had nothing to lose. They were wrong. They got exactly what they deserved and they did it to themselves. It was not me either. I had to keep quoting my Bible verses like 'I am the lord, vengeance is mine. I will repay.' and that is how I withstood these scum. Am I glad they lost everything, yes. I know that is wrong to feel that way but I am glad. I am not Jesus, just a human. I see how many people they hurt for their greed and I am glad it boomeranged back into their face. Sallie says a lot more than just Networking when I read her story. Women need to network more in the business level. Talk and say what you have to say and just listen after that and decide what you want to do after listening. Its just that simple. Don't bring emotions into it. Try to read them and see if they don't like you, don't like women, don't like whatever, and if you can rule that out then you can continue to see if you can connect on some business level.

Women in business need to know this

November 23, 2015 - Best Water purifiers
There are all kinds of water purifiers. Some cost more and remove more elements from the water. Here are the best in my opinion.
And you can also go for reverse osmosis like Kinetico

November 20, 2015 - First person ever banned from Facebook
I remmeber when facebook came out. I went right to it and advertised my site in the game forum and got blasted by 9/10 users. There was always that one user who said leave him alone he can do what he wants and its a free world. But like the commie bastards they are they came back the next day and so did I. Then out of the blue on the 3rd day I was gone, deleted, never existed. Now the funny part is the commie bastard Mark Zuckerberg was on TV at the same time preaching that no matter what Facebook is a free atmosphere where nobody gets banned for any thoughts or opinions. I figure he was probably talking to the gay or minority or whoever he was referring to. All I know is the dirtball is a liar. I had so many people call me a liar and that Facebook doesn't ban people and wouldn't ban you because you are a nobody. But then they got smart and looked at their friends list and I was not there, gone, deleted, did I say gone? Was I the first person ever banned, who knows, but its possible.
So the reason for the story. Facebook is banning a vietnamese guy because his name is, well read it for yourself.
Facebook deletes person because of his real name

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