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July 30 , 2015 - Don't get down on yourself
Plenty of 'smart' people have made big mistakes. Failure is just a path to success. If you research, analyze your failures that is. Learn from the burn. Just remember many people made much bigger mistakes.
Bad choices

July 30 , 2015 - Beloved Cecil the lion killed
Hunters kill Tourist favorite Cecil

July 30 , 2015 - Who am I voting for
Nobody yet. I will listen to all debates and then decide. The republicans have 20 candidates so how can they even have a debate. It would have to be 3 debates with different candidates. Linda Tripp just came out today totally against Hillary. Do I detect a winner with my keen sense of judgement. Not yet. If Trump wasn't a total clone of Ross Perot I would love for him to start a third party. But I think he is all bluff and totally about himself. He will Ross Perot everyone around him. Rubio, Bush, Walker seem to be the ones to beat right now and Hillary along with Bernie Sanders for the Democrats. Trump might be at the end of his patience with incompetent leaders. His frustration, spite, and patriotism may kick in to see this third party through. But will he part with his precious money so other people can succeed. While I say his legacy would be as the found of the third party that has a good chance of going places I still feel Trump wants to be president or he will go home and forget everyone else, ie. Ross Perot.

July 30 , 2015 - Could Hillary Clinton be blackmailed
What if the Chinese got emails that would destroy Hillary's presidential bid. Who knows how they would be blackmailing her right now. Maybe they got something on Bhengazi or who knows. She seems to be hiding alot instead of coming clean or just turning everything over. What is she hiding. This is not how you win a presidential bid. The press will keep this in the news as long as she holds out.

July 29 , 2015 - House of Pancakes
Eating breakfast at a diner can be fun. Hearing all the lastest rumors. Like how Obama plans to let everyone into the USA to end the white majority. It sounds ok until you remember Obama said he would do this. Congress failed to come up with any plan at all. So we get one of the worst plans, Obama's plan. Why Congress failed to reach any sort of plan is beyond me. Any plan to let immigrants get a card so they could work, get a bank account, house, and later on citizenship. I don't believe um now that I think on it. But its fun to listen to them and their rumors.

July 28 , 2015 - House of Cards
Finally canceled Direct TV and went the Netflix route. Also get HBO Now on my iPad when its new. But the main point is I watched House of Cards. The power hungry back stabbing, back room dealing show. I think of the time I brought a friend I worked with at Naval Yard some contracts worth $30,000. And he was like thanks a lot! Ya but what about the finders fee that I figure at 8%. He made it simple, no. So this is why you have contracts and everything goes slow. He to is no longer my friend but the other point is I am thinking of House of Cards. Do I dismantle the contract and sabotage / submarine it so nobody makes any money. I decided that wasn't my style. But every now and then I think about it. Like today. But I'm sure I did the right thing by just walking away from him, the money, and cut my losses.

July 28 , 2015 - Food oh pitiful food
Now that the USA will let in all food from the third world countries in the just passed treaty many people predict mass sicknee. Food sickness galore. I know food experts and they got calls from other countries asking him about the USA food system. But more important they told us how many people get sick from the food over there. Yes, this is the same food now heading over here. You heard it here folks. Get ready for some nasty food viruses.

July 25 , 2015 - I watched politicians all week
The one thing I noticed is how none of them give a bleep anymore. They seem to have lost anything close to care, love, desire. They act more like lobbyists than Congressmen and women. If Trump was smart he would start a third party but I feel he would just pull a Ross Peror. After not winning the presidency he would just pull the rug out from under the party. I never liked Ross Perot and thought he was petty and warned people not to get tied up with him or he would just leave them in the desert to die when he left. We couldn't do bad by electing Billy Grahams to Congress even though he is 95. This country is in bad shape.

July 25 , 2015 - I sit here and think
Our Congress and President are just stupid. We are going to pay more money to government for healthcare , not preventative healthcare which I thought was the aim. Why not just low mattress costs with subsidies so people can buy a great mattress for little cost. You spend 8 hours a day on the mattress and talk about getting bang for the buck. Imagine people sleeping on a good bed and waking up feeling good. But not our leaders. And can you believe the healthcare companies they were going after are going to make even more money now. Yes, with affordable healthcare act and government payouts to the healthcare companies which to me is illegal and could be called a bribe. Great job guys! Criminals and I will call them on it. This is my country. I have 100 questions I want to ask them but they won't answer them.

July 24 , 2015 - Obama is just a dumb as Bush
Yes after 8 years and reading plenty ( why I do I have no idea ) I can say Obama is just as inept as Bush was. Horrible leader with no clue. One example of many. Since he doesn't now how to get food to people and especially the poor they lower the food standards. Yes , now any food can get into this country. And even worse they don't have to put a label on the food of where it came from. This is horrible as I went to Giant food and bought some of their nuts and got salmonella. And the corporate office of Giant didn't even care because I had plenty of complaints. Like why not pull down every batch that shipped even remotely close in time to this one. They just gave me the finger basically. So now I just buy Planters nuts. My friend tells me they do the best inspections and have really high standards. I know Plantars costs more but not when you put in the cost of me almost dieing. Sorry Giant your 'guarantee' means nothing and your quality is a giant can of manure. So expect Obama to make everyone plenty sick in the next decade as his answer to how to feed his people is a simple 'let all the cr-p in because I don't know how to lead. Why bother figuring out how to keep our high food standards and top quality food when we can just lower our standards. Genius Obama, genius. Two worst presidents in the history of this country...one right after the other. I am now starting my own garden. I will grow my own food. I recommend you do the same.

July 24 , 2015 - Weird disease called Money
Company I was dealing with and hammering me for business and spending alot of money on lawyers just told me they changed their mind. The only part that makes this a story is how many of their people called and told me they could cancel the deal. Over and over I got berated by many people. When they could have just asked me to cancel the deal and I would have said yes. So I canceled the deal and let them out of the deal. I guess they thought I would fight the cancel because of the money. They were wrong. But they do look like idiots.

July 23 , 2015 - Glasses
So today I got my eyes checked and went to the glasses department that they have. A guy was getting his two kids glasses and they were in front of me. So I just sat there and waited while they found glasses they liked. I didn't want to interupt because they will have these glasses a long time and I want them to find the right pair without being rushed. So 20 minutes go by and they are set and have picked their glasses out. They leave the store. Now the lady turns to me and apolagizes and this and that. You shouldn't have to apolagize. You should have a store that is managed properly so this doesn't happen. Any of the front desk people should be trained to come help when you are this busy. Plus, yes plus! I had already picked out the glasses I wanted so I could have been checked out in 30 seconds. I knew exactly what I wanted yet I had to wait 30 minutes. Sigh.

July 22 , 2015 - Breakfast with Ken

Having breakfast with Ken. My friend and life coach. He is now divorced so maybe he needs a life coach or I should find a new one. Just kidding. As we were leaving some word struck and reminded me again of so many past failings. They just stream through my mind as I had so many. But one memory popped in that just really angered me where we sat back down. I was in a car going to a soccer game with a friend whose son was playing in that game. I had worked at the same company with this guy and that is how I knew him. Never ever make friends with people at work by the way. So on the car ride there we chatted and somehow got onto one of the owners of this company I know longer worked for. I was talking about how much I disliked him and how he lied to me and I just can't stand him and thus I quit that job. But I mentioned he did have a kid about Duane's sons age. Yes, Duane was the friend driving the car. And then I say he might be playing soccer to. Duane just keeps saying 'yea'. So I say they would probably be in the same league since you live near each other. Again yea. So I say they could be playing against each other tonight. And he says yea they are. So I say Dave might actually leave work to come watch the game. And he says yea Dave is gonna be here. And now that I am older, own my own companies, etc etc here is where I should have said then why the hell are you taking me to the game when you know how much I dislike Dave you blowhard piece of bleep bleep bleeping bleep bleep. You could take 10 minutes to drop me off at my car and let me go home. You could have even told me in advance that Dave would be at this game but you didn't care. Mind you this is the same guy that got fired by the other owner Chris for being a total piece of garbage. Trying to oust Chris and become a partner. So the guy has major problems. It cost him a chance to get top secret clearance because he lost the job and that went away to. How would I handle this situation today? Instead of going to the soccer game. I would have gotten out in the parking lot and told Duane what a total Piece of #$@# he is and get the hell out of my life. Then I would have gone to a phone and called a cab to drop me off at my car and been gone. I try not to let my feelings for the pieces of trash effect my feelings towards other people but its hard. And the one thing I remember is that garbage eating grin these people all have like they are having fun doint this stuff to people. Just wondering if he was doing that on purpose makes me very mad. But, are you smiling now? Find the jackasses in your life and get rid of them.

July 20, 2015 - The Worst President Ever?

Really. One of the users emailed me this for some reason. To me it was a no brainer. George W Bush wins hands down. The same way Secretariet won the triple crown, with ease. They left out this president started the biggest waste of money ever. Homeland Security. I lost both my jobs I had with the government because this moron couldn't run a lemonade stand much less a country. Twice I got pink slipped because their mismanagement made them pull money from every other department to give to Homeland who just wasted it again. This guy is dumber than dirt. So I had to sell my house because I have no money because I did a great job and wanted to help the country and use my skills for my country. Instead of trying a third time with a government job I just started my own company with a loan from my mother. But if you ask me who the worst president of all time is I won't even think for 1 second.
Worst President Ever.

June 15, 2015 - I don't care people

People that review their days do better. Waking up each morning asking what did I screw up yesterday does help. I notice the people that say 'I don't care' turn out to fail. It is like doing research and development. Spend time making yourself wiser.

June 1, 2015 - Money is not the problem

If people are making money that is a good thing. If nobody made any money we would all be poor and have no technology or inventions. I wish Obama wasn't stifling creativity and yes I saw George Bush do it to. We have had 2 non business presidents and you can see it in the poor economy. People either get jealous at others making 'to much' money or not sharing the money they make. From the other end the business owner sees it as he worked his whole life struggling to become successful with no help from anyone. Now everyone wants his money. Focusing on money is the absolute worst thing a person can do. I would rather there be a federal holiday called The Great American Businessman or something. Where everyone gets the day off and is encouraged to thank a company owner for using his life to create something for us all. Sure there are those few bad, greedy, kick you in the teeth business owners that are just nasty. Forget them. There are a lot more businessmen that work hard every day and pay taxes and help this country stay afloat. They really do work hard for what they earn.

May 26, 2015 - Learn to spot liars

This skill, if you are not blessed with it naturally, must be learned for your own good. It will serve you well through out your life many times over. How you ask? Simple, by asking questions. Lots of questions. Does the person pause to think after you ask a simple question? That is a bad sign and points to high probability the person is thinking of a lie. So ask questions that are easy to answer and if they pause you must wonder why. Sometimes people are lazy and don't want to work so they just lie about whatever. Sometimes people are greedy so they lie. Once you spot a liar never ever talk to them again. The names might be Duane, Minh, Ben, just to name a few. They will never do anything for you and at best just waste your time. I noticed other traits like they want you to fail while they succeed. It is disgusting. Also , like me, if you go get a very hard to pass certification and score a 74% they will say something stupid like 'Well Dave got a 100%' and ruin the joy of the moment. They will never start a business. They will claim to be entrepreneurs when they can't even spell it. What they want is for you to do 100% of the work and 100% of the investment. Then after three years step aside so they can be the CEO. I am not even kidding. This is what they did to me and while laughable it is very angering. This is what you get from liars.

May 26, 2015 - Get more Sun

I noticed the sun is nice and cozy this time of year. I hope everyone can get outside for 15 minutes of sun each day. Your body gets important vitamins from the sun. It really does. The sun has 1500 wavelengths and nothing does your body good like sunlight and water. Especially your neck if your long haired. Lift your hair and stand with your back to the sun. Don't get extra sun in your face as it gets enough.

May 25, 2015 - Advertisements at intersections

I had a friend who saw an advert on a street post. So he called the guy and was impressed so he took his car over to have the guy work on it. They went to the auto store and my friend bought lots of parts. Come to find out all the guy did was take the parts back and ask for cash refund. This is why I stay with reputable stores, dealers, businesses. Yes it does make it very hard on the small guy trying to startup. I hope this guy gets arrested and has to pay a nice price for his crime.

July 30 , 2015 - Funny friend
At the end of last week I was fed up with all the bad business people I had run into. Months of work down the drain and I lost all my fees, about $20,000. Hard work turned into $0. I felt stupid to. I couldn't take any more errors in judgement, greed, just plain stupid people. My friend sent me this picture which made me laugh.

August 21, 2014 - Rush Hour Traffic

Sitting in rush hour traffic someone on the radio says "One more day until a 3 day weekend." With the amount of traffic on the road today I think everyone is going to be taking a 4 day weekend. I was coming home and I can say I've never seen that many cars on the road all year. Every turn lane was backup up into the normal lanes. I think I could have walked home just as fast. Two hours to get home, cripes.

August 16, 2014 - Backup problems

Just noticed this week our backup script is not working. Thankfully it is now fixed and all files are backed up weekly. Huzzah!

July 30, 2014 - Always Log OUt of Websites

Yes I know there is no login for our but this is for all websites. If you login to a website make sure you logout. There is always a link that says Logout. Click it! Hackers can steal your session and then pretend to be you. Its even worse if you are logged into multiple websites at the same time. So use a website and then logout for you safety.

July 29, 2014 - The Hard Choice

Why do we people get the Hard Choice so wrong. When I worked and the manager came in and said "This is a hard choice but we have to let you go." Oh well it isn't so hard, just don't lay me off. There, solved. Why not take a pay cut to while your at it so I can have even more job safety. Thanks pal! But they made the hard choice anyways and I went home. To bad they went bankrupt and I went on to make a very successful company. Yes I am calling them liars. They know what they are doing and its the easy choice for them. Now if I was running Apple or any company and as CEO said I have to make the hard choice. I will forego my 50 million salary so we can get bonuses to all the employees or upgrade the iPhone glass to be even better that is the Hard Choice! The Hard Choice implies sacrifice on the person saying it. Not on others. Now when I see George Bush screw up our country and go back to Texas. Then see Obama go buy a four million dollar house Rancho Mirage or Palm Springs then this is an example of the Easy Choice. Yes everything I see shows me these are two horrible presidents. It disgusts me when I think about our leaders in all branches. They only think about the Easy Choice and then claim they made the Hard Choice. Our system is getting twisted and starting to go backwards and it is starting to scare me. They need to work together or resign and leave.

July 23, 2014 - Giving brings blessing

I give some kids $50 to buy fruit because they don't have much money. But I always seem to get my money back. It always reminds me to pay great care to the little things and I always find something I am doing wrong and fix it which is actually worth more than the $50. Funny how it always works out.

July 22, 2014 - The Crazy DMV

Went to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I walk in and look around. Place is basically empty so I am very happy. Not even a person at the clerk/front desk. So I go right up and see you need a number. So I take a ticket and see its number 32. I see a sign that just changed to "'Serving #4". Then I read another sign that says "Each person has 5 minutes to appear before losing your place." Something like that on the sign. So they wait 5 minutes and then go to "Serving #5" on the sign. So now I am worried. If they plan to do this all the way to #32 I will be here for an hour. And believe it or not they do it, #6, #7, #8. So I keep staring at them and I have been staring at them this whole time. They don't seem to care or even want to recognize me. I feel like Israel. So I go up to them and say I am #32 and nobody else is in here so please let me go next. They just say "Wait for your ticket to be called." So I sit and then see someone has come in. He is filling out some forms in back and he has ticket #10. How did he get #10 when he came in just a few minutes ago? So I go over and say would you mind switching with me and he says "sure". He gives me his ticket and I give him mine. When I turn around I see the "manager" just staring at me. So I walk up and by now the sign does show "Serving #10" and say I'm #10. She has her arms crossed and just won't recognize me. Then walks away. Then one of the others explains I broke the rules and won't be serviced. I can't even take another number. Now I know this is just me and it can't be them. But I am still in the black about this process. I see lots of room for efficiency. Maybe "The Profit" can help them.

July 21, 2014 - The #1 Determining Factor of Success

Willingness to move! Yes! Not money, skill, education, but the plain old desire to do what it takes. Now you probably will have the desire for education as well as the desire to move. Not so fast!!! I have checked this out. Few people of education are open to the idea of moving. They couldn't even answer my question. Now you understand why people willing to travel are promoted faster than others in the company. So while you sit there complaining and telling everyone how much better you are then the guy who just got promoted, think about how much he is doing for the company. Now if he doesn't travel or go beyond his duty then I would say start looking for a new job because you aren't going anywhere in your current company.

July 12, 2014 - The Miami Charlie Browns, I mean Heat

How dumb the Miami Heat must feel. They drafted the person who Lebron James wanted them to draft and then Lebron signs with Cleveland! Ouch. The point isn't if the draft is good or bad as we have to wait and see. It is that they figured drafting the person Lebron wanted would make Lebron stay in Miami. Remember, do not chase money. All you will do is be a yes man in the end and probably not make any money and end up bitter or turn to crime. Be yourself. Make your choices and be happy. To bad Miami didn't understand this. It is free advice and invaluable.

July 2, 2014 - ARG. People at work

  To many boneheads are in software engineering. Few have the proper certifications and the hiring process leaves a lot to be desired. After three weeks of tracking down a bug I find out the 'consulting' company had corrupted data in the database. They had stored words with blanks at the end of some of the words making the core api supplied fail. We can not trim out spaces as the engine does all the filtering and they own the engine and we can't touch it. For example they store the word 'cars ' with a space at the end. We can't even do a call to remove-spaces() because its all their code and they don't supply that ability. So they tell me there is nothing they can do. So you build a 3 million dollar worthless system and expect not to get sued? I told them to reload the data correctly and they said no. So I go to my manager and explain this and he says 'Maybe that is what the users want.' And thus this is my last day working there. Let them find another programmer to build thier system. I won't consult for them anymore that is for sure. Talk about a stress heart attack. Maybe it is me but I just don't think it is.

July 1, 2014 - Leonardo of squirrels

 Almost all squirrel nests are the same size and look. But this one squirrel broke the mold. He designed a nest not twice as big but three times as big as the other nests. He probably had electricity in it with a tv, couch and bed. I'm a human and I was impressed. It belonged in a museum. But alas, the other day the squirrel must have miscalculated his load balancing and the nest started crumbling. Then it just exploded and fell to the ground in a thousand pieces. The noise it made was extremely loud. He must have stored 10000 nuts inside of that 5 story nest. It took a full minute to crash entirely to the ground. What a shame. But in interviews when they ask me what inspires me I tell them a squirrel.

June 27, 2014 - Making money vs Money

 Everyone has heard the sayings, Do what you love and money will find you. But how many people even bother to think about it. Every scumbag I've met has told me all about making money and how it is different from just money. But then they just go for the money. Making Money has many sub items such as going to college, finding a mentor, thinking and researching, and coming up with processes to test. Money is just money. People have their eyes mainly on the dollar. They think about a boat they will buy, a car, house, etc. They always seem to fail like a lead balloon. The question is why do they think they are 'making money' when they are just 'money'. And why are they unable to spot the people who are all about 'making money' for real. This doesn't hold 100% true but it holds firm for most. We have tests for math, english, everything except creativity and imagination. The most valuable gifts we have. Steve Jobs, fired from Apple. What genius couldn't spot Steve Jobs abiltiy. Life is stranger than any fiction book.

May 15, 2014 - Be Careful Who You Befriend

 I will start out with my entrepreneur tip. Money. Look how people treat money. Do they save it by using coupons, live modestly, share with people that don't have much money. Or do they buy new cars, laugh at people using coupons, don't save their money, buy big houses. It takes a year to get to know someone and see how they treat money. An entrepreneur will hate spending money because he knows every penny should go to the business. Entrepreneurs will start from nothing and build up while a non entrepreneur will never do that or will soon quit. People realize they have one life and will try to maximize it. Most end up minimizing it while trying to maximize it. That is the twisted part of money. The people you swear couldn't make a dime will surprise you.

May 14, 2014

The people in D.C. are out to get money in their pocket, period. They don't care about quality, other people, the environment, just themselves. Yes, I left D.C. very very bitter and I know why the government has no good programmers. I watched every good or even great programmers leave. I suppose they went to Google or some commercial company. No matter how well you code to the government you are an insignificant, replaceable cog. They couldn't spot talent if God came down and told them. I am not surprised that Healthcare.gov is a total failure. I would never sign up for it knowing every hacker in the world will steal all the data and have my identity and all my information while the government denies it. So the point is do not sign up for healthcare.gov until they do a total rewrite of the whole system. Patching the system is the worst thing they could do at this point and it looks to be what they have chosen to do, sigh.

April 16, 2014

We made some changes to the site in the last year. Most importantly we fixed some major bugs that caused crashes and other problems. After months and months of debugging and searching we came up empty. Like Jack Sparrow stranded in the high seas. Then we did something stupid and then had to undo the stupid thing and we stumbled into the bug by accident. We will take it any way we get it. This happened more than once which makes us laugh every time we think of it. Oh yea, and thank you for using our site and supporting us.

April 8, 2014

Some may wonder where we spend our advertising money we make on this site. This post can answer that. We ran for two years on a shared server. We didn't even think of advertising until Godaddy kicked us off the shared server and we had to buy a dedicated server. So we put ads up to cover the cost of the server. We knew we might have left over money. And over the years we have supported many charities. We started working with nursing homes but they really wanted nothing to do to us. Makes you wonder what they want to hide when they don't want your money. We did choose the nursing homes in the most need and in the poorest part of the city. Just driving there and more over driving home made you happy to get out alive. I did hear after our many visits changes were made which is good. We give to the troops by sending care packages with food, clothes, socks, as they protect our freedom. We then ran into Sarah Symons who runs a charity to help kids. We are helping her get a school up to help kids and yes that is expensive so we were pleased to help someone who devotes her whole life to helping kids. Our money is nothing compared to her hard work. She even wrote a book,

She send pictures, updates, and personal messages from the kids. In the image below we blotted out the actual kid names of course. For this next year we are contributing to children charities in the USA. If you contribute on great tool is Charity Navigator

December 27, 2012

New feature added to SCRABBLE® Cheat. For users wanting a simple way to find words conatining letters not adjacent we added a textbox labeled "Contain separated letters:" which is currently colored green to show its a new feature. Use the + letter to mean any letter will do for matching; T+++S or A+B or M++++Y. Now you can find two letters in a word that are not next to each other. For example, a user wants words that have a B then any two letters and then a R. So just like normal you put your letters in the main textbox at the top and in the textbos for "Contain separated letters:" B++R is what you would put. So try it, put REDABOIL in the main textbox and B++R in the green "Contain separated letters:" textbox and submit. You should get a few words like BEDRAIL for incstance. See how it has a B then the user doesn't care about the next two letters. So any letters will do for the next two which is ED. Then a R must come and this fits BEDRAIL perfectly. Notice the match can come anywhere in the word and not just at the beginning since it found the word ABLER where B is the second letter. We hope this makes your seaching faster and easier. We do know a short coming is if there are multiple same letters as currently this filter stops on the first match and doesn't continue searching for other matches if the word is long. We will find a way to handle this if this feature is liked and gets a lot of use.

August 10, 2011

At Werribee Open Range Zoo in Victoria Australia and only the hood of the car is outside the glass cage with lions.
lion scare
lion scare

lion scare

August 10, 2011

Nice pictures of Europe. I scanned this for viruses and its clean.
Enjoy the scenery from up high in his plane.
Fly Over Europe

August 9, 2011

Be sure to listen to the experts. lion scare

November 3, 2010

Google Maps need some work.
Check out item 43 on this picture. In Google Maps if you choose directions from Japan to China you get this map. Google Maps Funny Directions.

March 21, 2010

Oracle sues Google over Java use in Android.
Oracle has filed for money damages from Google for allegedly infringing on seven patents and copyrights relating to Java. Clamining that Google had ignored Sun's patent portfolio since the middle of last decade and had even hired ppeople from Sun's Java team in the years before Oracle's buyout of Sun. The patent fringing damages allegedly Oracle as Android competes directly with Java as a phone platform, usings apps and as a phone OS itself. The suit calls for an unmentioned amount of damages and would also force Google to have any violating software "impounded and destroyed."
Problem is Sun open-sourced Java in 2006 and may have effectively passed on a valid license to Google by extension. Any lawyer will tell you the same. How can you sue for patents in use by Java when it is free for public use. An interesting side note. Apple's iphone does not use any Java based software at all.

March 21, 2010

Amazing nature pictures following a train around. Shows all kinds of nature scenes, amazing.

March 14, 2010

This camper has a unique feature for sure.

March 11, 2010

Most beautiful river in the world

Febuary 22, 2010

Safari and Internet Explorer are the two most popular web browsers. Google tracks our visitors non personal data and this is one bit they report. I tried Safari browser and it isn't bad. I don't have a preference myself. Third place goes to Firefox by Mozilla.

December 2, 2009

What are the top 10 SCRABBLE® Cheat states. Here is a list of the states with the most SCRABBLE® Cheat players. This is for the week ending November 28, 2009. This is just for the United States.

California , Texas, New York, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, New Jersey.
London would be #1 if it was included.
Sydney, Melbourne would be 5 and 6 if included.

October 5, 2009
Abe Lincoln SCRABBLE® board

Check out this cool board. Abe Lincoln SCRABBLE® board

September 1, 2009
SCRABBLE® Cheat update. *Update 8-31-2011 - We now provide open source Dictionaries.

One smaller one we call Standard for tournament players that USA and Canada will like best. A second dictionary called Largest which has every word we could find.

August 18, 2009
SCRABBLE® cheat update. More features added to our SCRABBLE® Solver engine.

We have added word values to SCRABBLE® Cheat. A checkbox labeled 'show word values' next to the input textbox toggles showing word values on and off for SCRABBLE® Cheat.

The other feature for searching for specific letters in a specific position. There is a checkbox corresponding to each position in the word, up to the tenth position. Checking a specific checkbox binds that letter to that position and any search will only output words with that letter in that position. Try out the new features, here.

August 6, 2009
Anagram solver same functionality as SCRABBLE® Cheat

SCRABBLE® Cheat is the perfect anagram solver. Any person needing an can be sent here. An anagram is the ability to come up with words based on specific letters, exactly what SCRABBLE® cheat does. It is the perfect anagram solver. We will do our best to market SCRABBLE® cheat as an anagram solver so people can find anagrams faster. We will add anagram solver to all the search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo. Smaller search engines like aol already have us as an anagram solver for some reason. So next time a friend needs an anagram solver send them to our site SCRABBLE® Cheat and save them time.

SCRABBLE® Cheat launch was successful. We wanted a program to decode SCRABBLE® letters and we couldn't find one. After one month we had a website that did just that. We put the application in our website so others could use SCRABBLE® Cheat as well. SCRABBLE® Cheat is up 24-7 365 days a week.

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