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Scrabble Word Finder is our tool to find the perfect word that uses our Scrabble cheat engine. You may not remember the word and it is on the tip of your tongue. Our Word finder tool finds all possible words made up of the letters you input. People use Scrabble Word Finder to find the highest point word in Scrabble or Words with Friends but as time goes on we find users just enjoy entering letters and viewing the words. A great way to increase your vocabulary.

Scrabble Word Finder

I created Scrabble Word Finder because I got tired of losing to my friend who was an expert SCRABBLE® player. It was around 2006 and I told him I had created a word finder website that takes letters and outputs all the Scrabble words. I wanted to make it a website to learn how to make websites as I had made database budget systems but had limited skills in creating websites. He actually loved it and challenged me. He played strategically and kept me in the corner where I couldn't use my big words. Finally I got out of the corner and started playing monster words worth huge points and beat him. After using SCRABBLE® cheat for a week I told him my vocabulary was getting better to.

If you love words you will love this tool. On a car trip start entering letters and finding new words. Also click the word to see the definition. If you don't love words you soon will. I was in this category until months later when I kept going back to the site ten times a day to just look up words. This is not just a SCRABBLE ® cheat tool but an educational tool if you let it be. Don't forgot a SCRABBLE® word finder works great for crossword puzzles as well!

Your brain needs exercise and what better way then learning a randon word a day.

What a Word Finder can't do

A word finder can't envision how the game will play out. Try to think of the layout and where your words will go. Sometimes you will want to play lower scoring word to keep your opponent from a key square. As you play you will get better at making wise moves.

It also can't pick what dictionary to use. Make sure you select the appropriate dictionary from the dropdown before you start playing.

Scrabble word finder will quickly find you the highest scoring word. Use optional features to reduce the amount of words returned. The fewer words returned helps find the right word faster. We provide a video showing how to use all these features.

Word Finder for other games

Any word game is perfect for a tool like SCRABBLE word finder. Crossword puzzles are one example and also Hangman. It doesn't matter what game you are playing in that a word is a word. If you need and know the length or some of the letters a word finder can be used.

Finding the right opponent

Some people won't like you using a word finder. They want to play the game without assistance from a computer. In those cases you should respect their wish and just play the game and not use word finder to find the best word. But you can use word finder after you have made your move to see what words you missed out on. You can even select the words while it is your opponents turn to see the definition and learn new words. This is how I used the word finder back in 2006. I was testing the website and bringing up words after I played my move and kept doing a Homer saying 'Doh! How did I miss that word!' and my friend would laugh. He said I don't care if you use that word finder. I would ask my opponent if it was ok for me to use my website and they would want to know the website. I would tell them scrabblecheat.com and they started using it to! So that is how word finders got started way back in 2006. There might have been other word finding websites but as far as I knew scrabble cheat was the first. I did go on Facebook and the users in the forum did not like my tool and I could see my word finder was the first to go main stream. They did get me banned from facebook and not just the forum. It was a different time back then.

What dictionary do I use

We use the Oxford dictionary. If a word is not found in the Oxford dictionary we try other dictionaries but we find Oxford has most of the words. I want to give a fast exact definition and Oxford is perfect for my needs.

I was trying for years to show a popup with the definition to save time going to another page. A friend I met online doing the same type of stuff told me how. Now we work together to make all our websites the best. So he fixed my popup and now you just have to click the word and the definition pops up. To see another word just click it and a new popup will show with the proper definition. Again we were the first to create and implement this and all other websites have copied us. We have more features planned for the future as well.

We started out wanting to use every letter and score giant words and see how many points we could get. So many people had the same desire. In 15 years we have come a long way and I turn to my new friend and go we can go further because you are a better programmer. Let us see what we can come up with next!

Word Finder Examples

You get a blank tile with the others being MPLQRTS and it is hard to think of what words you can make. This is perfect for the SCRABBLE word finder. Enter 'MPLQRTS?' into the textbox and press Submit. Very fast you see the word Qats displayed. The word finder uses the blank to represent any single letter in our word finder engine. That is the power of our engine and you can use multiple wildcards like 'ASDFGQ??'. Our engine was downloaded thousands of times and powers around 64 other websites run by other people that could not code their own engine.

Set the correct Dictionary

Still the most setting is the dictionary. Some words are acceptable in Words with Friends but not acceptable in SCRABBLE. If you delete your cookies you will need to reset the dictionary as this website uses cookies to store selections.