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FAQ: How Does SCRABBLE® Dictionary work?
Enter letters (order doesn't matter) in the textbox along with any wildcards (? or *) and hit submit. The letters are turned into all playable words that are in the chosen Scrabble dictionary. SCRABBLE® Dictionary can show the definition of a word by clicking on it. SCRABBLE® Dictionary will make a call to Oxford dictionary via an api and return the definition.

SCRABBLE® Dictionary is a lightning fast word producer tool. It really does scan every word for all combinations of your letters. The SCRABBLE® Dictionary can take wild cards, starts with, ends with, and many more filters to narrow down your search for the perfect word.

Aim of SCRABBLE® Dictionary

The aim is to give you the user complete control of your letters. All the information and related words is pulled from the SCRABBLE® Dictionary and put into your hands. You can play the best word for the most points. Or you can use strategy and play another word to help control the board. SCRABBLE® Dictionary will show you all the words that your Q and V and Z can spell to get you out of trouble. The SCRABBLE® board will never be the same again.

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