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Make sure you select the correction dictionary such as TWL 2006 or Words With Friends so you get the most accurate words from our SCRABBLE® Cheat tool.
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I start my day with SCRABBLE® Cheat by putting in random letters and clicking on the definition of words as to increase my vocabulary. I come across many words that I have been using often.

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Inside SCRABBLE® Cheat

Our engine has two steps. First, words are found in the database based on letters submitted. A second step is required if blanks have been used. Yes sometimes we have our manual code we originally called SCRABBLE® word finder go over every singl word. The code decideds to use a database query or the SCRABBLE® word finder hand written code based and which is more accurate and faster.
Yes we have removed the link to the source code for SCRABBLE® word finder core that enabled others to make their own word finder website. Thousands of people downloaded and used the code and only two followed our directions to put a link to us that said code provided free by SCRABBLE® cheat. Now they compete against us and therefore I have chosen to remove the source code so you won't see the SCRABBLE® word finder link here anymore or the file. This site started as a fun hobby in coding to demonstrate and teach how to code a dynamic website and all I asked was a link back to my site. There are many websites that teach coding nowadays. When we started SCRABBLE® cheat it was hard to find source code that had a purpose to demonstrate how you do it.

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Word Finder for Vocabulary

I use our word finder to enter random letters and click on words and study the definition. Watch your vocabulary grow. I got in the habit of doing this every day and it works. This word finder practice will have your writing better letters, emails, and aid you in your professional career. Nothing beats a strong vocabulary.

Software to fit inc.5 stars
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SCRABBLE ® Cheat runs faster by setting 'Sort Words by Length' instead of Sort Words by Value. Also, setting a Minimum Length lets SCRABBLE ® Cheat process fewer words and run faster.

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