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What is Scrabble Cheat?

Unscrambles letters into words. Allows you to cheat in word games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordle, and other word games. Play the highest point words always.

5 reasons you are losing Scrabble games

1) You are watching tv and not concentrating.
2) You ate to much, passed out, and missed your turn.
3) You are playing Nigel Richards.
4) You refuse to use the letter S.
5) You don't get enough sleep.
6) To busy laughing at your opponents bad moves.
7) Star Wars latest film trailer released.
8) Dog ate the tiles
9) Keep trying to play Scrabble in the car.
10) You just like to lose.
11) You keep trying to play the word zxelqtia.
12) You are still waiting on chat gpt for a good word.
13) Trying to play 20 Scrabble games at the same time.
14) You aren't using our Scrabble Cheat!

One hell of a Scrabble Game

This game reminds me of playing Byrdman. My first game using my Scrabble Cheat program and Byrdman knew I was using a cheat. But he kept playing words next to mine and prevented me from making many moves. These guys are Scrabble pros and I loved watching this game.

Scrabble Cheat jokes

Why did the Scrabble player bring a ladder to the game?
Because he wanted to get a high score!

Why was the Scrabble player great at baseball?
Because he always knew how to make a triple play!

Why did the Scrabble player bring a pencil to the game?
In case he needed to draw some "tiles"!

Why did the Scrabble player go to the beach?
To find some "shore" points!

Why do Scrabble players make terrible comedians?
Because their jokes are always too wordy!

What did the Scrabble player say after losing a game?
"I was completely at a loss for words!"

6-30-2024 Scrabble News

The ultimate scrabble showdown between Will Anderson and Wellington Jighere is on Wednesday, July 3rd, at 2:30 PM ET. Best of seven head-to-head match between these two Scrabble titans, 2017 North American Champion and YouTube Superstar Will Anderson versus 2015 World Scrabble Champion and 2024 North American Champion Wellington Jighere.
Let’s Play Scrabble will host and air these games on their Youtube channel on July 3rd, 2024 starting at 2:30 pm.

How Many Squares Are on a Scrabble Board?
A Scrabble board has 15x15 or 225 squares which is the same for Words With Friends.

How Many Bonus Squares are on a Scrabble Board?
Scrabble has 61 bonus spaces. There are different bonuses.

8 Triple Word
12 Triple Letter Score
17 Double Word Score
24 Double Letter Score

High scoring two and three letter words

Scrabble hooks

The best scrabble help is tips such as these. Know as many hooks as possible. A hook is a letter that can be added to the front or end of a word to form a new word. Scrabble cheat knows these from the dictionary but its beneficial to memorize them.
arc o      kin o      pun a      e quid      j nana      liar d      wit e      red d      pint o      coat i      robust a      tru g      both y      vat u      lavas h      s cry      monster a      k etch      tartan a      low e      veer y      far d      e pact      must h      t okay      get a      b alas      pare u      hog g      v entail      gram a      sense i      lung i      o gee      pedal o      tab i      jug a      e land      z ill      eat h      s amp      g oral      volt i      t hill      lip a      jot a      bitter n      cube b      g rivet      gala x      d zo       a zo      rot l      g host      stamped e      flaming o     
A bigger list created with Scrabble Helper engine will be coming soon.

Words every Scrabble Cheat should know

Definition: A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
Points: Potentially 1,782 points if placed optimally across three triple word score squares.
Definition: Plural of "quetzal," a type of bird and also a currency unit in Guatemala.
Points: 78 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: Plural of "cazique," a native chief in regions colonized by Spain.
Points: 75 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: Plural of "muzjik," a Russian peasant.
Points: 79 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: To quiz or question.
Points: 81 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: A medication used to treat anxiety and alcohol withdrawal.
Points: 77 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: Plural of "quiz."
Points: 73 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: A machine that plays selected music recordings when a coin is inserted.
Points: 62 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: A sweet, flat cake made from oats and syrup.
Points: 58 points if placed on a triple word score.
Definition: A brand name often used to refer to a whirlpool bath or hot tub.
Points: 76 points if placed on a triple word score.

History of the letter A

Ancient Origins
Proto-Sinaitic Alphabet (c. 1850 BCE): The earliest known ancestor of "A" can be traced back to the Proto-Sinaitic script, which was used by Semitic-speaking peoples in the Sinai Peninsula. The character representing "A" was derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph that depicted an ox head and was called "aleph."

Phoenician Alphabet (c. 1050 BCE): The Proto-Sinaitic script evolved into the Phoenician alphabet, a more standardized system of writing. The Phoenician letter "aleph" still resembled an ox head and was the first letter in their alphabet.

Greek Adaptation
Greek Alphabet (c. 800 BCE): The Greeks adopted the Phoenician alphabet and adapted it to their own language. They turned the Phoenician "aleph" into "alpha," which became the first letter of the Greek alphabet. The shape of "alpha" began to resemble the modern "A."

Roman Influence
Etruscan and Latin Alphabets (c. 700-100 BCE): The Etruscans, who inhabited Italy before the rise of Rome, adopted the Greek alphabet and modified it. The Romans then adopted the Etruscan version and further refined it into what we recognize as the Latin alphabet. The letter "A" in the Roman alphabet took on the familiar triangular shape we use today.

Modern Usage
Evolution and Standardization (Middle Ages to Present): Over the centuries, the shape of the letter "A" was standardized in various fonts and typefaces, from medieval manuscripts to modern digital typography. Its form has remained relatively stable since Roman times, ensuring its recognizable triangular structure.

Cultural and Linguistic Significance
Numerical Value: In addition to its role as a letter, "A" has been used as a symbol for the number one or as a marker of excellence (e.g., "A grade" in educational grading systems).
Linguistic Versatility: "A" is a common vowel in many languages and often represents a range of sounds, from the open front vowel /a/ in languages like Spanish and Italian to the more varied sounds in English.

History of the letter B

Ancient Origins
Proto-Sinaitic Alphabet (circa 1900–1700 BCE)

The earliest known ancestor of "B" is found in the Proto-Sinaitic script, an early form of alphabetic writing used in the Sinai Peninsula. The symbol that evolved into "B" originally represented the sound /b/ and was derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a house or shelter.
Phoenician Alphabet (circa 1050 BCE)

The Phoenicians, a Semitic-speaking people from the region of modern-day Lebanon, further developed this script. The Phoenician letter "Bet" (𐤁) represented the sound /b/ and looked like a simplified house plan. The name "Bet" means "house" in Phoenician, reflecting its pictographic origins.
Greek and Latin Adaptations
Greek Alphabet (circa 800 BCE)

The Greeks adopted the Phoenician alphabet, modifying it to suit their language. The Phoenician "Bet" became the Greek letter "Beta" (Β, β). While retaining the /b/ sound, its shape was slightly altered to fit Greek writing styles.
Etruscan and Latin Alphabets (circa 700 BCE)

The Etruscans, who inhabited ancient Italy, borrowed the Greek alphabet and passed it on to the Romans. The Romans further adapted the letter into what we recognize as the modern "B" in the Latin alphabet. The uppercase "B" maintained a similar form to the Greek "Beta," but the lowercase "b" evolved into a distinct shape with a vertical stem and a single loop.
Modern Usage
Development and Standardization
Over centuries, the Latin alphabet spread throughout Europe, carried by the expansion of the Roman Empire and later by the spread of Christianity and the advent of printing technology. The letter "B" remained relatively consistent in form and function, representing the /b/ sound in various languages that use the Latin script.
The letter "B" originated from a Proto-Sinaitic symbol representing a house.
It evolved through the Phoenician "Bet," which influenced the Greek "Beta."
The Etruscans and Romans adapted it into the Latin alphabet, where it became the "B" we use today.

History of the letter C

Proto-Sinaitic Alphabet (c. 1800-1500 BCE)

The letter "C" can trace its origins back to the Proto-Sinaitic script, an early alphabet used in the Sinai Peninsula. This script was a direct predecessor of the Phoenician alphabet and itself derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Phoenician Alphabet (c. 1050 BCE)

The Phoenician letter "Gimel" (𐤂) is the direct ancestor of "C." Gimel represented a sound similar to the English "g."
Greek Adaptation
Greek Alphabet (c. 8th century BCE)
The Greeks adopted the Phoenician alphabet and modified it for their language. The Phoenician "Gimel" became the Greek letter "Gamma" (Γ, γ), representing the "g" sound.
The Greeks introduced a new character for the "k" sound, Kappa (Κ, κ), because their language distinguished between the "k" and "g" sounds.
Etruscan and Latin
Etruscan Alphabet (c. 8th century BCE)

The Etruscans, who inhabited what is now Italy, borrowed the Greek alphabet. In their writing system, the Gamma (Γ) was adapted to represent the "k" sound because their language lacked the "g" sound.
Latin Alphabet (c. 7th century BCE)

The Romans adopted the Etruscan alphabet, including the letter adapted from Gamma for the "k" sound. This letter became "C" in the Latin alphabet.
Initially, "C" was used for both the "k" and "g" sounds in early Latin. Around the 3rd century BCE, the Romans introduced the letter "G" (a modified "C") to represent the "g" sound specifically, leaving "C" to represent the "k" sound.
Medieval and Modern Usage
Medieval Developments

In the medieval period, "C" took on various roles in different languages. In Old English, "C" could represent both "k" and "ch" sounds (as in "cild" for "child").
With the influence of the Norman Conquest, English spelling and pronunciation began to shift, and "C" was used for the "s" sound before front vowels (e.g., "cent," "city").
Modern English

Today, "C" represents a "k" sound before back vowels (e.g., "cat," "cut") and an "s" sound before front vowels (e.g., "cent," "city"). It also appears in digraphs like "ch" (e.g., "chase") and "ck" (e.g., "back").

An Ode to Scrabble

Ode to Q, in Scrabble's land,
A letter bold, a letter grand.
With just ten points, you stand so tall,
A mighty force within our hall.

Quietly you bide your time,
Till the board aligns in rhyme.
With U beside, your loyal friend,
Together, you both transcend.

QUAINT words, a charming sight,
QUIZZES, shining in the night.
QUORUM forms, decisions made,
Quality in each crusade.

QOPH and QAT, exotic flair,
You take us places rare and fair.
In quantum realms, you guide us through.

Without you, QUEEN would lose her might,
QUESTS would fade into the night.
QUIET realms would loudly call,
For Scrabble’s game would miss it all.

Q, you’re more than just a score,
You bring the game to life, and more.
In each round, you stand apart,
A treasured gem, a Scrabble heart.

So here’s to Q, our letter dear,
In every game, you bring us cheer.
With every play, you shine anew,
In Scrabble's world, we honor you.

Scrabble Cheat Poem

In the world of Scrabble, where words are king,
There’s a sneaky secret to everything.
When you’re stuck with letters that make no sense,
Here’s a playful guide, a sly defense.

First, keep a list of those two-letter cheats,
“Qi,” “Za,” and “Xu,” oh, what feats!
“Jo,” “Ax,” and “Ex” are quick to play,
For when you need to save the day.

When a “Q” comes up without a 'U,'
Remember “Qi” and “Qat,” they’ll see you through.
And if you have a “J” that doesn’t fit,
“Jo” and “Ja” can work a bit.

Don’t forget the power of the 'S,'
To make those plurals, it’s simply the best.
Attach it here, append it there,
Boost your score with flair and care.

Now, let’s talk about the blank tile,
It’s the cheater’s friend, it makes you smile.
Place it wisely, like a magic spell,
Turn your game from a loss to swell.

Study the board, and use your sight,
Find open spots, and take delight.
Parallel plays can earn you gold,
Stack those words, be brave and bold.

And when you’re really in a tight spot,
Pretend to check the rules, why not?
A quick glance at your phone or book,
Just a little peek, not a long look.

But here’s the secret, pure and true,
Practice hard, and you won’t need to.
For knowing words both big and small,
Is the greatest Scrabble cheat of all.

So have your fun, and play the game,
With or without a bit of shame.
In the end, it’s all about the joy,
Of playing words, and clever ploys.

Remembering the Scrabble tiles still available is tough. Especially when you don't know what Scrabble tiles your opponent has. Scrabble helper can give you many options but strategy is not one. Here is one such game in this video.

Who can beat Nigel Richards? Barely no one. Who can beat Nigel Richards three times? Someone using our Scrabble cheat? Well maybe. But Rik Kennedy might be able to also. He wasn't using our Scrabble Helper either.

Scrabble world champion verse four guys. Do they get to use a Scrabble Helper like Scrabble cheat? No. So you can predict the outcome.

6-6-2024 We found the man with a winning record verse Nigel Richards! No it wasn't a Scrabble helper or Scrabble cheat or a bot.

6-5-2024 - Scrabble cheat takes a look back at the 2023 World Scrabble Championship Finals. David Eldar and Harshan Lamabadusuriya clash in this epic final battle. I would definitely need a Scrabble helper to beat them.

There are Scrabble bingos and then there are SCRABBLE bingos. These are some of the longest bingos ever. Scrabble cheat's wordfind engine is great at finding bingos like these.

Starts with, Ends with and Contains are powerful filters. You can enter letters and then further limit the words returned by using one of these three filters. Enter letters in any or all to find specific word(s) quickly. What if the help you need is to search the entire dictionary? Simple, just leave the main textbox blank and for example enter 'STI' in the Starts with filter. Now the word finder engine will search the selected dictionary in its entirety for words starting with STI. The same goes for Ends with and Contains. Yes, these are extremely powerful filters for Scrabble cheating.

The question of the month for our SCRABBLE® cheat gure is, 'Are there any one letter words in Scrabble?'. The answer is, No. The Scrabble dictionary has 0 one letter words. There are plenty of two letter words as can be seen by searching for ?? and letting our Scrabble cheat engine return them to your browser.

Blanks/Wildcards in Scrabble are valuable. In Scrabble, blank tiles are essentially wildcards that can represent any letter you choose. When you draw a blank tile, you can assign it any letter you need to form a word. However, once you've placed it on the board, it represents that specific letter for the remainder of the game. Strategically using blanks can significantly enhance your scoring potential and help you control the board. Scrabble cheat lets a person use 10 wildcards so you can do abts?????????? or just abts?? or use * as Scrabble cheat treats ? and * the same. Being the original Scrabble word finder we have leveraged our programming to enable use of 10 wildcards. Our wordfind engine scours the whole dictionary to retrieve playable words. Wordfind is our own custom engine. While everyone has copied us to the hilt none have been able to offer 10 wildcards as Scrabble help goes!

What is a SCRABBLE Helper
A Scrabble Helper continues the game by helping you find words. Our wordfind engine unscrambles letters into all possible words. The SCRABBLE Helper lets you input Starts with, Ends with, contains, blanks, max and min length of words desired, and many other options. The wordfind engine processes all of this in the background as it retrieves the words. Our Scrabble Helper displays many dictionaries to choose from. For examele the TWL for USA and Sowpods for the UK. Then Scrabble Helper waits for your next submission.

Scrabble clubs are coming back after Covid forced many to shut down. Southern Connecticut Scrabble Club started this February. The Yale-New Haven Scrabble Club is working to reestablish a local Scrabble club.

Using Scrabble Cheat to solve Wordle

The 2024 Scrabble Players Championship will take place in South Bend Indiana at the Century Center Convention Center from July 20 to 24, 2024. SCRABBLE® tournaments always bring together a diverse group of players, from casual enthusiasts to serious competitors, all showcasing their word skills and strategic prowess. I can imagine the intense matches and the thrill of seeing who will emerge as the champion.

4-14-2024 - This Saturday, April 13, marks the 76th year since the game Criss-Cross Words was renamed to Scrabble. A fun fact.

Mattel launches Scrabble Together for Gen Z. It is less competitive and created for groups hanging out. While Mattel owns the rights to the game in Europe, Hasbro owns the rights in other countries. Our SCRABBLE® word finder will definitely find you the best words for Scrabble Together.

National Scrabble Day is on April 13th. It was created in the midst of the Great Depression. I spent the day using SCRABBLE® Cheat to beat my friends at SCRABBLE®. They are so good they don't need SCRABBLE® cheat for its word finder.

SCRABBLE® Cheat News and Cool Stuff

Read the latest Scrabble Cheat news

Need to feel happy. Our Happy Page

Mattel's new double-sided Scrabble Together board will still feature the original game for those who want to play the traditional version. But the new game on the flip side will include helper cards, use a simpler scoring system and be quicker to play. Scrabble Together will also allow people to compete in teams.

5-9-2024 The highest recorded score for a single game of Scrabble is 830 points, achieved by Dr. Karl Khoshnaw in 2016. He played the word "CAZIQUES" across two triple-word score squares, using all seven of his tiles as well as one previously played tile.
Scrabble has appeared in movies, TV shows, and literature. It has been featured in films like "The Joy Luck Club" and "Star Trek," and it even has its own documentary called "Word Wars."
Notable Scrabble world records include the longest game ever played (168 hours) and the most games played simultaneously by one person (up to 612 games).

4-14-2024 - This Saturday, April 13, marks the 76th year since the game Criss-Cross Words was renamed to Scrabble. A fun fact.

Here is our original verion of SCRABBLE® cheat

Slim fastest SCRABBLE ® Cheat here

Boost speed by setting the dropdown 'Return the top' setting by pressing the Options button and a panel will show that you can select it in. Choosing 2000 is significantly faster than 5000 and lightning speed compared to 15,000.
Also, setting a minimum length lets SCRABBLE ® Cheat process fewer words and run faster.

Choosing the correct SCRABBLE ® Dictionary is a must. TWL is used in the United States, Canada, and Thailand. Sowpods is used in other countries especially Europe. We provide very accurate words so use the proper dictionary. There is a dropdown box labeled Dictionary to set your choice.
Cookies must be on in order to save settings and have SCRABBLE® Cheat reload them on your next visit here. Many users wonder why they have to keep setting the options when they come back to and it is probably because they have cookies turned off.

SCRABBLE® Video Corner

6-4-2024 - Three seven lette bingos stacked upon each other, wow. As a SCRABBLE® cheat I am impressed.

People see huge Bingos, amazing triple letter plays, and create rivalries using Scrabble cheat. Then there is Nigel Richards who rarely makes a mistake. Until today. In a funny twist, well you have to watch the video. Our wordfind engine couldn't help him in this case.

Good Scrabble Helper advice. How can you handle the first word? Our Scrabble helper gets you the word but you must plot your strategy. Our wordfind engine will give you all the playable words to choose from

Wordle Tips and News

Wordle , the new game on the block is a quick, fun, word game. We even have our Wordle fan page . In Wordle you must guess the correct word in six guesses. As you guess a word the letters turn into colors that give you information about the word. Green for a correct letter in the correct spot. Yellow letters mean the letter is in the word but the spot is wrong. Gray means the letter is not in the word anywhere. But people are developing strategies on how to guess the Wordle in the fewest tries. Most Artifical intelligence use the frequency of the letters combined with Linguistics. Of interest is some letters appear much more often in one spot than the other four spots being Wordle only uses 5 letter words. For example the letter Y is 20 times as likely to appear in the last, fifth spot, of the word than any of the other four spots. The more information we gather the better are chances of guessing the Wordle in three tries. The Scrabble cheat wordfind engine searches for all possible wordle answers for you to consider. The wordfind engine enables you to search any letters to find words using the most common letters after a guess. Our wordle page displays the most used letters in all possible Wordle answers for people using a unique strategy. We cover more Wordle strategy and tips and stories on our Wordle News page .
When you are ready use our free Wordle Solver

Playing Wordle with SCRABBLE® cheat lets you examine all the words and the most common letters in the answer set of returned words. Using those letters you can make a word and keep repeating this until the answer is found or no word can be made and a change of strategy is needed. Our SCRABBLE® wordfinder engine is a perfect use for Wordle as you can see in this video.


I start my day with SCRABBLE® Cheat by putting in random letters and clicking on the definition of words to help increase my vocabulary. I come across many new words that I now use often. All words come out of our SCRABBLE ® Dictionary.

Start your day with a laugh - Andertoons is back, here
My AI story about Trump and Biden
iPhone Microphone fix(maybe)

Our Fox Videos
2-27-2024 Foxx finds chicken!
2-22-2024 Fox finds a slice of pizza!
12-28-2023 Did we catch Santa's Reindeer on our Video
12-21-2023 Fox vs Muffin
11-30-2023 Fox comes out during daytime, rare.

3-25-2022 Cash seems to be king now
3-2-2022 Crypto Winter is painful
4-24-2024 We give 25% of SCRABBLE® cheat earnings to food banks and charities. Yes, yup same charities this month. Orphan Grain Train and Sarah's Her Future Coaltion and charities to help Ukraine. What is pretty cool is Michelle Obama supports Sarah's charity and even did interview with one of Sarah's girls, Sonali(Starts at 14 minute mark). Sarah sent us a pre edition of her book. Sarah has now saved and educated over 150 girls. Missed my chance to meet the Obama's as I was feeling bad. oh and Sarah sent us this book and some personal videos, Sarah talking video 1 and Sarah talking video 2 .
It has been a joy to use SCRABBLE cheat revenue wisely to help others and it is great to be part of kids lives. One day I promise I will meet you Sarah and Michelle, once I lose a hundred pounds and get a haircut.

Health tip. Wearing glasses, sunglasses, goggles cut chances of Covid by 40% as your eyes are protected!

**SCRABBLE® Cheat has a new security layer we created that blocks nastiest malware that sneak past virus checkers. We strive to have a very safe SCRABBLE ® Dictionary.
Free good adware remover
Internet optimizer for Windows and a free CCleaner

** NEW - Smaller Basic version of SCRABBLE® Cheat here

Inside SCRABBLE® Cheat

Our wordfind engine has two steps. First, words are found in the SCRABBLE ® Dictionary database based on letters submitted. A second step is required if blanks have been used. Every single word is analyzed by the wordfind engine and makes use of the whole cpu. The code decides to use a database query or the SCRABBLE® word finder hand written code based and which is more accurate and faster. This is how our Scrabble Helper works.
Yes we have removed the link to the source code for SCRABBLE® word finder core that enabled others to make their own word finder website. Thousands of people downloaded and used the code and only two followed our directions to put a link to us that said code provided free by SCRABBLE® cheat. Now they compete against us and therefore I have chosen to remove the source code so you won't see the SCRABBLE® word finder link here anymore or the file. This site started as a fun hobby in coding to demonstrate and teach how to code a dynamic website and all I asked was a link back to my site. There are many websites that teach coding nowadays. When we started SCRABBLE® cheat it was hard to find source code that had a purpose to demonstrate how you do it. Now there is other source code and SCRABBLE dictionaries to freely use.

Words that Start With & End With

Adjectives that Start With


Word Finder for Vocabulary

I use our SCRABBLE ® word finder to enter random letters and click on words and study the definition from a SCRABBLE ® Dictionary. Watch your vocabulary grow. I got in the habit of doing this every day and it works. This wordfinder engine returns words from your chosen dictionary. Practicing will have your writing better letters, emails, and aid you in your professional career. Nothing beats a strong vocabulary.

Software to fit inc.5 stars
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